September 3rd, 2013 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “ravenous”

  1. It’s just like you, almost, to take what I have and eat me up from the inside. Did you want to create me into the same thing that you are? Or was yours simply a cry of reproduction?
    Animalistic and carnal. You’re not a cannibal, but you’re cannabis, addictive, smoky as the haze that runs up my blood ever since I met you. Your sweaters smell like drugs, and your hair smells like fire. When we have sex, it’s like branding you. Branding me. It’s completing us.

    By ereri on 09.03.2013

  2. That was her and I, in the car. That rainy afternoon. Eyes so blue. Lustful. I’ve never had another so exciting. Her lips. Her tastes. Her sounds. Her soul. Her body. Her. I want her.

    By Mercer Frey on 09.03.2013

  3. “Hey,” said Sam, trying to act as suave and as nonchalant as he had been when he practiced in from of the mirror last night. “How ya doin’, babe? You look just smokin’!”

    “Hi to you, too,” Roxxi said, in a bored sort of way. Puffy-eyed and bedheaded, she swept her way over to the kitchen table with a bowl of soggy cereal floating around in it and plopped herself down.

    “Er…” Sam watched Roxxi fetch a spoon and sit down again, disappointed that there had been next to no reaction.. “N-notice anything, er…different about me? In a good way? Er…babe?”

    Sam flexed his arms under his muscle-shirt impressively and straightened his smart-looking red tie. He watched Roxxi, who was staring at her bowl.

    She didn’t respond to his question. “I’m hungry,” she said, as though that settled the matter.


    One minute, Roxxi the night-partier was slumped in her chair, looking more like a Gothic punk than a professional lawwoman, and the next, she was leaping up, dumping milk and cereal down her gaping mouth, wolfing down a piece of toast that Sam didn’t even know she had, and licking her plate with a saliva-dripping tongue.

    Sam rolled his eyes. So much for HIM trying to look suave and dignified. He made a mental note to never try to flirt with a lawyer again.

    By Ariadne on 09.03.2013

  4. I am ravenous for love. My hunger runs deep, a throbbing ache that spreads throughout my entire body. Only you can fill my desire, only you can keep me satisfied.

    By Amanda on 09.03.2013

  5. The heavens must’ve poured deep rain water in you, because you’re as hungry as hungry can climb to, but your thirst is always quenched. You look at me like I’m a fire you want to extinguish, a meal spread out for your pleasure. You take me apart careful, and brand me back together with your own ashes as a tattoo for your sick carnality. You’re animalistic, and starry, and there’s no way you could’ve come anywhere close from heaven or hell, did you know that? By the way you’re put together, I’m guessing you came from purgatory.

    By mia alice on 09.03.2013

  6. Hunger clawed at my insides like so many starving animals. I couldn’t think, just feel that horrible longing in the pit of my stomach.

    By MightyMouse3 on 09.03.2013

  7. My appetite for flesh never ceasing. My hunger for revenge never satisfied. Always hunting for fresh blood, my greed is ravenous. I will search and destroy you piece by piece until nothing remains. You can’t escape my grasp, I’ll keep reaching until I’ve got you where I want you. I’ll rip your heart out of your chest, what a bloody mess. My God, my craving is ravenous.

    By untamedimagination on 09.03.2013

  8. hungry i am man i am hungry no really i am so hungry just from not eating maybe i should have eaten but then i would have puked and then where would we be
    its gross
    i got want it
    its gross man
    dont eat stuff like that but maybe ill eat it in the future. aww man just pushed my ejection button i get extra time? whhhaaaa
    theres not much to say than to say what i want to say and what i want to say is something i do not know what to say of so why?

    By Breeannah on 09.03.2013

  9. ravenous?
    i seem to get that word a bunch
    maybe im just starving
    perhaps i should have eaten but i didnt and its too late now so what can you do about the past but i am really and truly hungry man so feed me lol squash is gross btw.

    By Breeannah on 09.03.2013

  10. she was starving. her belly was completely empty and was devoid of all foodstuffs. she could hardly move. she was so hungry that she wasnt. she could feel every iota of energy being used up with every movement she made. she had to eat

    By akku on 09.03.2013

  11. I don’t know what ravenous means. Please give me another word

    By leah on 09.03.2013

  12. pulling a job like this always awakened lusts and hungers that could scarcely be quenched
    he went to his local, gorged on food, booze, women, life
    and, satiated, crawled out in the wee hours to home and bed,
    a few dollars richer if he was lucky,
    spent, demons appeased,
    get up and do the same tomorrow

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 09.03.2013

  13. The ravenous wolves circled the frightened man. Each wolf taking turns to snipe at him and cause more fear. Finally the Alpha grew weary of the playing. He lunged and bit the human on the back of the neck. Once the human had passed out the wolves sat back and waited. Soon enough the man would be one of them. He would be part of the pack.

    By FairyNiamh on 09.03.2013

  14. My heart is ravenous for comfort. My mind flits about looking for sense and logic where none lies. A friend should be there for you. On a perfectly content day, laughter should be shared, successes celebrated, decisions discussed. But why would a friend pick another apart? Why would a friend dissect every part of you and state you need to be fixed? My hair belongs to me and wanting to change it doesn’t mean your approval is required for me to experiment with me. I like my eyebrows just the way they are. I don’t understand the desire to have them shaved off by a stranger and drawing them back on to look like some plastic doll with cheap paint. My clothes are me, fun, relaxed, comfortable, colorful, my rebellion in a world that threatens to stifle the artist in me with rules and regulations. A friend should not be trying to rip apart and remold me. A friend would have seen the hurt in my spirit, the welling tears in my eyes, the betrayal as you told me how little ‘the me you see’ is valued for me. You may be ravenous for a hobby, but this woman is not your toy, your project, or your friend.

    By JDwrites on 09.03.2013

  15. I was ravenous. Filled with one thought of only food. Food. Food. Where was it and where could I find it. There was a deep boiling pain in m gut that persisted in badgering my brain.

    By Suzanna on 09.03.2013

  16. I lurched forward with ravenous intent. This man was not about to walk away from me. Not this time. We had something unfinished between us. It was time to get this over with.

    By Kim on 09.03.2013

  17. I have huge appetites. You could say I am a ravenous person. I have an appetite for food, clothing, crafts, friends, good times. I think I am the norm. We seem to have created a culture of I need more more more, now now now. Could we change the culture an be ravenous for simplicity?

    By kim on 09.03.2013

  18. you are so beautiful
    i could just eat you up

    (that said, you are not doing wonders
    for this recovering cannibal

    stop that.)

    By h. b. on 09.03.2013

  19. They flocked to her body faster than I’d expected. Their beaks snapped, tearing into still-warm flesh. I turned away.

    By Ann M. Lynn URL on 09.03.2013

  20. Hungry…I haven’t thought of food for at least 7 minutes. It gets easier as I go they all say that. But they lied. I thought this would go more slowly. But. It hasn’t. And now I see that from now on I’ll have to find my own food. It’s not all that hard to find you know, the place is open and unguarded all the time. I like the pink ones with their little cheeks so red. Not like the black ones we had for awhile, much sweeter and not so hard to skin. They are usually pretty hard to catch and I hate to try to ambush them too. They cry when you pull the skin off and are so bloody with cutting. But I do love to watch them just before I cut them in half. Then while I suck the blood and find myself replete with their bodies in my stomach, I start thinking of finding another , sweeter rounder, and more juicy. Ahhh, on to another georgia orchard.

    By sauni on 09.03.2013

  21. There she was, blackened and bloodied but so wonderfully, achingly, alive.
    I tried to move, to speak, to tell her how glad I was, how furious, how in love. But I couldn’t do any of those things, so struck was I by the hunger of her gaze. Because there she stood, undressing me with her eyes as casually as anyone else would talk of the weather or ask after your health. But not her, no, SHE was ravenous; her piercing gaze all but devouring me, piece by piece, as if she’d never laid sight on a woman before.
    I shivered with something akin to anticipation.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.03.2013

  22. She packs extra food so she can give some to her colleagues. She shares her umbrella with a complete stranger. She exchanges 10-dollar bills for loose change on purpose so she could drop a coin in every donation box she encounters. She’s generous like that.

    The only thing she’s greedy about? Him. He belongs to her, and to her alone.

    By eiram on 09.03.2013

  23. When I entered the kitchen I was ravenous. . .not only for food but for everything, creativity, aminal flesh, enjoyment & satisfaction. . I was ravenous for life experiences. . .

    By Salamander on 09.03.2013

  24. asphyxiating on the energy that my soul ravenously ingests hoping that others can digest spreading the seeds of life through the world like misted star filled skys

    By Luchador Lavender on 09.04.2013

  25. I stared at the bun through the frosted windows of the bakery. I could feel the warm air blowing through the cracks underneath the door, which made me even more hungry. People came and people left, but I didn’t notice any of that. They stared and I didn’t even notice.
    I only knew one thing, and that was that I was ravenous.

    By Alya on 09.04.2013

  26. It’s something that eats me up inside daily, something that tears up my heart, and my feelings with a ravenous thirst, that violent hopelessness that gets inside to only take everything else out. It’s terrible.

    By LostAsleep URL on 09.04.2013

  27. sleek black feathers, barely ruffled in the wind. a piercing shriek emitted from its wide open beak. calling to anyone who may be there to listen. it’s hungry. dangerously hungry. and it feeds off your life force.

    By firelight on 09.04.2013

  28. Sunset.

    It’s not a pretty sight, the orange and scarlet dripping into each other over the horizon and half-coagulating into the runny consistency of embryo-embedded yolk.

    It’s a perfect match for the abandoned battlefield below it, through, where battered blades protrude from gaping wounds in soldiers too late to be saved and cracks in the sunbeaten ground, driven into the tough dirt by despairing owners who had sliced themselves open.

    Pools of crimson mark each fall, each departure from this cruel world. Streaks of gore dash the ochre ground, like paint slashed across canvas with a dry brush.

    A raven descends abruptly. It soars downward and lands with unparalleled grace, on top of one who hadn’t escaped the throes of death, the new pastime of rigor mortis.

    Unfazed by the grotesque convulsion, the raven lowers its head.


    By mirror on 09.04.2013

  29. Ravenously it roamed the skies, ignoring our paltry physics to fly through absent air, to move farther and faster than one life should allow, and all in the search of a food. But its food was out of reach, for its food forged the end, for its food was the beginning.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.04.2013

  30. “I am ravenous!” he said through a devilish smile, as I toweled myself off. It was never quite comfortable taking a shower with a talking bear in the room

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.04.2013

  31. How do you feel when you see food in front of you? For me, I have a weak spot for food and I am often ravenous at the mere sight of food displayed right under my very nose. My stomach would rumble like a ravenous wolf, ready to launch at attack at the sumptuous food before me.

    By Brenda on 09.04.2013

  32. There was more than just desire in his eyes. She detected a ravenousness that she was not sure she would ever be able to satiate. She welcomed the chance to try.

    By Minette Tonoli on 09.04.2013

  33. to hungrily desire someone/thing. To find them all in all so delightful you want to more than just see/gaze at it, you want to absorb it.

    By Natalie on 09.04.2013

  34. I don’t know this word but it sounds like it has something to do with dinosaurs. Sometimes it is frustrating to get words I just don’t know, but at the same time it is a great way to improve on my English as it is not my first language. Ravenous sounds like something loud. Like being angry. Like making a lot of noise. Am I close or not at all?

    By Layta on 09.04.2013

  35. i am hungry for words.
    empty promises leave my stomach
    hollow, acids chiseling holes into the linings
    of my insides

    and the memory of a hundred discontinued i love yous
    makes my head hurt and throat grumble
    with the heaviness of grit and salt
    from unshed tears

    to crunch your heart between my teeth
    but still hear it bellowing against my eardrums
    would be a miracle
    if you’d let miracles exist

    so i feed off lines of poetry and film,
    lick my plates clean of ink and blood,
    awaiting my next meal—
    and hoping that one day i won’t end up devouring myself.

    By F URL on 09.04.2013

  36. That is how I felt. Tearing hunger that threatened to burst at the seams of my stomach. The whiff of freshly baked goodies from the bakery pulled me towards impending doom. The need for food was forgotten. It was all I WANTED.

    By Arthi URL on 09.04.2013

  37. Our nieghbour love dogs and would go of her way to find shelter for them in her home. Her kindness for they welfare was rewarded with horror when one of the ravenous dogs attacked her and bite her all over her body.

    By victor URL on 09.04.2013

  38. ravenous is when you crave something and badly want to have it, eat it or cuddle it.

    By whooligan on 09.04.2013

  39. extremely hungry , hunger , very hungry , voracious , insatiable

    By Paridhi Sethi on 09.04.2013

  40. as table overstuffed as the table seemed,
    so indeed did the two gentlemen.
    Plopped, devoid of any apparent life
    on each side of the table,
    waiting for nature to free them from the bonds formed.
    Sloth through exertion.
    Rest after cleansing.

    By Philip URL on 09.04.2013