September 4th, 2013 | 97 Entries

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97 Entries for “intrigue”

  1. Sherlock Holmes. Irene Adler. Oddly enough, they fit. Two opposites, yet so similar. One creates the mystery, the other solves it. Two pieces of the same puzzle. She, so smart and coniving, and he, a genius too smart to really feel. She the emotion. He the reason. It’s strange, new, but wonderful.

    By Mary on 09.05.2013

  2. Mystery and intrigue abound in this city: a modern embodiment of 50s noir, composed of tall, sharp-angled buildings and the pitch-black shadows that cluster around their bases…

    By John Doe on 09.05.2013

  3. It smelled like butter. Memories of warm Saturday mornings filled with unhealthy globs of butter piled onto stacks of pancakes made his eyes sting. Nothing here had changed, except for

    By Soft URL on 09.05.2013

  4. i think that intrigue means to severely interest somebody or something.
    like “the deer was intrigued by the cube of salt in the middle of the woods.

    By Grace Peace A on 09.05.2013

  5. you dont need mystery
    to keep me interested

    but you do have to be
    a little (a lot) mad

    By h. b. on 09.05.2013

  6. we didn’t know who he was. we didn’t know where he came from. one day he was just there, sitting in the chair near the tree, smoking his pipe and reading the paper. he was oldish,but not

    By Lee on 09.05.2013

  7. he didn’t intrigue me when i first saw him. i chalked him up to another stupid college freshman boy. he was drunk. he’d been long boarding and had ripped both his shorts and boxers. which he showed us. it was a spectacular first impression. at four in the morning i didnt care. but six months later, i loved four a.m’s with him.

    By Colleen on 09.05.2013

  8. It felt different than usual. There was some sort of pull. Invisible magnetic. But not forced. It slowly dragged me toward him as if I were being hypnotized. I’d never been so intrigued by a man before.

    By hailey rose on 09.05.2013

  9. I see your face every morning and still discover it anew. Curl up your lips and give me a smile, so simple, so subtle.

    By Angie on 09.05.2013

  10. Looking into the glass, I couldn’t help but think about how it would feel to touch the contents. What would it feel like? I could only imagine, fear winning out over curiosity.

    By Cole Taylor on 09.05.2013

  11. Gossip followed her everywhere she went.

    She learned to just shrug it off – maybe even laugh at some of the wilder versions of the story.

    She was totally unaffected and remained cool and passive.

    On the outside.

    On the inside, she knew every single rumor had a shred of truth in them.

    She just didn’t know which ones were true, anymore.

    By Rio on 09.05.2013

  12. Dark hat,
    Cocked over a gleaming eye.
    Attempts at mysterious,
    No doubt, indeed.
    Still, i confess

    By Chelsea on 09.05.2013

  13. As I made my way along the path, a rustle followed by the cracking of a branch rendered me still. A snowy, white wolf loped into the clearing up ahead, it’s yellow eyes never leaving my startled gaze.

    By Nikki URL on 09.05.2013

  14. It was his addiction to intrigue that made him look inside. But he regretted it the minute the door slammed in his face. Now what should he do?

    By ChanaO on 09.05.2013

  15. life was so nice for Mrs Dixon at kievas salon

    By shaunalee1 URL on 09.05.2013

  16. The word intrigue is rather intriguing itself; the spelling, the meaning; possibly because the meaning of “intrigue” can be different to many people. People find different things intriguing, therefore, making the word “intrigue” intriguing in itself.

    By Hayley on 09.05.2013

  17. Intrigue is an interesting topic when it comes to women’s sexuality and appeal. It is common in modern society for women to be encouraged to show more skin, and shamed if they wear clothing considered too modest or appear frumpy, fat or unappealing. Advertisements from street corners, billboards and television commercials rain down upon us this parade of scantily clad women who facilitate an ideal. This ideal portrays a thin yet curvaceous woman, who is sexually open, intellectual, humorous, physically fit and charming – yet not overly so, so as to outshine the man. This is where intrigue comes into play. Women are often told to “keep the mystery alive” in their relationship with a man, so as not to drive him off from the very beginning. Similarly, women who take a cue from the media and society and bare all, so to speak, are shamed and ridiculed as promiscuous “sluts”. One can only wonder if this notion of intrigue to women’s sexuality is more denoted to human nature, or to a modern society determined to keep women inferior, insecure and constantly grappling for superficial attention.

    By C URL on 09.05.2013