September 3rd, 2013 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “ravenous”

  1. He could not remember the last time he had been so hungry. Every flavor seemed magnified, every texture a delight to the tongue, every scent a riot of sensation. It took all his willpower not to gobble.

    By mrsmig on 09.03.2013

  2. The naysayers, the ravenous blackening strips of hulking flesh that line these barbarious walls. Flush against the floors, iron and satin. Grab them if you have them. Shoplifting shapeshifting tensions, pull a little harder and move a little faster.

    By Emilygracevee@gmail.com URL on 09.03.2013

  3. I am ravenous for some juiciness in my life!
    I am ravenous for the sweet, the erotic, the profoundly meaningful.
    My dreams are shadows spilling over into my waking life,
    ravenous for the light of truth, the brightness of beauty, and
    for the need of pleasure made manifest.
    I am ravenous for my wild woman energy to satiate my soul.
    I am ravenous for my soulful self to be set free,
    to be the authentic expression she has long desired to be.
    I am ravenous for the flesh and bones of womans ancient magick.
    I am ravenous for the food that will feel my soul and empower my life.

    By gypsypriestess on 09.03.2013

  4. I’m ravenous as I tear open the package of peanuts with my teeth and spit out the plastic wrapping. My companion, Jesse, stares at me, her expression mixed with fear and awe. “What are we going to do?” she says, her voice quavering slightly. I look out to the water, an expanse surrounding her and I beyond where we are standing on the sandy beach, where the burning plane lays in wreckage about 500 yards away. “We wait,” I respond, pouring the peanuts into my mouth.

    By C URL on 09.03.2013

  5. rave is totally in,there are some people who look totally rave in what they wear and in what they do,they just make the look ravenous and so they get rave reviews.

    By saher on 09.03.2013

  6. Ravenous – hungry. As in me. As in pretty much all the time. Thanks, cancer. It usually makes people eat less. Me? Now that the chemo and radiation are over, I’m ravenous more often than not.

    By Betty P on 09.03.2013

  7. He is so very hungry. It is all he knows, and It is all he will ever know. The king decrees this, and he must obey the king.
    “I don’t understand why you do this. If you would just allow us to cure you, you would be able to go free.”
    The woman in white never understands. That is because she has never felt this hunger. She doesn’t understand the feeling of a thousand miniature suns inside his head.She has never heard the heartbeats of an entire city.
    “Doctor King, you are needed in Room 104. Room 104, Dr. King.”
    The king is coming, and he must make ready. it would be unseemly to be impolite to the king.
    “He does this every time! He freaks out, and when we call the doc, or we try to sedate him, he straightens out. Never misbehaves when she’s around.”
    The servants do not like him. They think it odd, that he is perfect, for the king. It is not so odd, he thinks, it is proper behavior.

    “Good afternoon, Nicas. How are you today?”
    “Fine, Dr. King. A bit hungry, but fine.”
    “The nurses told me that you were acting up earlier today. Is that true?”
    “…yes, Dr. King.”

    “Good morning, Nicas. Have you had breakfast yet?”
    “They brought it to me.”
    “Did you eat it?”
    “I can’t eat your food, Dr. King. It makes me sick.”
    “Nicas, if you keep this up, We’ll have to put you back on a drip.”
    “I’ll see you later, Nicas.”

    “Hello, I am Dr. Amy King. You probably know my work with Patient Green.”
    A med student in the second row raises his hand.
    “The guy who thinks he’s a vampire?”
    “Yes and no. I hesitate to refer to Patient Green’s condition that way. In part, because he does not feel the need to drink blood like so many of our other ‘Vampiric’ patients claim. But on the other hand, the patient has developed a sense of clannishness, I suppose you could say. He’s loyal to his original care team. Something bizarrely different from other Vee patients.”
    “But Dr. King, wouldn’t that make him, truly Vampiric? All of the other Vee patients you’ve documented were frauds.” another student, a young woman this time, speaks up.
    “That my fellows, is part of the reason I am here today. Patient Green, has a track record, He is the most well behaved patient in the book. He causes no harm to himself, nor to any of the staff. Due to the budgeting problems, our study is being cut. We made any new progress in his condition, so he is being released from the center today. Students, Colleagues, I’d like you all to meet, Mister Nicas Greene.”
    He is standing at the door, just like the king had asked him to, waiting for his cue.
    The king, speaks, and she looks at him. So he steps forward into the room.

    By mae on 09.03.2013

  8. She was ravenous. why hadn’t she thought about eating before. too busy. such was the life of a writer, a working mom. She had read that working mom was an oxymoron and had laughed. Ain’t it the truth?

    By Linda S. on 09.03.2013

  9. after I exercise, I feel ravenous. I could eat everything in sight but I try for protein, cheese or peanut buttress. Being ravenous lets you know that you are alive and kicking!

    By Robin on 09.03.2013

  10. women’s sexual desire is just as strong and ‘ravenous’ as man’s sexual desire.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 09.03.2013

  11. So I stand there, holding the fridge door open with one hand and exploring the context of it with the other, wondering about an infinity of issues. One: What do I want to eat. Two: Why am I here. Three: How do I get away from this all.

    By Sophia on 09.03.2013

  12. He could hear them scratching at the door. Just the scratching. No sounds that would suggest they were ever or were still human.

    The cabin had seemed like a good idea, when he had been running. Not so much now that he couldn’t get out.

    By diuumbra on 09.03.2013

  13. Jessie was absolutely ravenous. Clearly being on the run for three years on minimum food had nothing to shrink her stomach. She had to get to a huge chunk of juicy meat; and fast.

    By Angela on 09.03.2013

  14. The hunger ate at me, like a mist swirling slowly and surely through my body, starting at my stomach and inciting me to set my teeth in the closest thing I could find.

    By Pochinha on 09.03.2013

  15. Wounded, I stumble into the warmth that is your engulfing embrace. My bones snap and crackle into place as I am jolted by the electric storm your clouds produce. My body is wracked by pain and pleasure, at home at last in a raging hurricane, but not yet whole.

    By KT on 09.03.2013

  16. very,very hungry, so hungry I could almost eat dirt or possibly anything else that was in front of me at this very moment in time. I am standing in the hot sun with nothing to shade my face and I am miserable.

    By Joey@joeology on 09.03.2013

  17. Taste my bones like the
    ravenous wolf you are
    and spit me out
    because I’m not good enough
    for the likeness of you

    and grin like the poisonous
    scorpion you are
    and tell me I’m not even worth
    dying for
    because I’m just a figment of
    the girl you used
    to know.


    By Arianna URL on 09.03.2013

  18. My heart is beating through my ribcage. My stomach is growling. everything inside me is crawling, desperately, toward this entity. This thing, that somehow I want more than anything else. Please, someone help me. I need it. Nothing else can satisfy me, this is integral for my survival. I am dying and maybe I can live.

    By Robert Stinner on 09.03.2013

  19. I am ravenous every day when I get home from school. I eat whatever I can find – chips, vitamins, fruit, soda, pe

    By mlodenbach URL on 09.03.2013

  20. i have no idea what this means, so don’t judge me. actually, my mom just told me that it means that you’re like famished. if that’s what it means, then i’m always ravenous, because i’m always hungry.

    By eden on 09.03.2013

  21. The plate was empty again. Why was it empty? Her hand reached out and slapped itself down onto the now empty plate, as if something would appear. The girl, her hair stringy and lank around her face turned to me in the dark, he eyes haunting in their grief. “I’m still ravenous…” she whispered, almost so I Couldn’t hear her. “I know.” I replied. She was ravenous for more than just food now….

    By Loreen on 09.03.2013

  22. Every night. Sitting around that old boat wood table. He would engulf. Ravenous. Without cease.

    By esky1118 on 09.03.2013

  23. I was hungry. No, ravenous. But eating had become something of guilt. With all the eyes upon me in the halls of that wild place we call high school, eating brings fat, and fat is not in. You’ll become the food, and the girls around you will burn you like fresh meat.
    And so you see, eating was not an option. I had to swallow it down, maybe I’d wander to the kitchen and steal a grape. I wouldn’t go any further. But the crackers catch my eye. I have to open the refrigerator to grab salsa, and a cake undresses itself to me, I suppose today is not the day I win this battle of the skinniness.

    By Tasha Dominguez on 09.03.2013

  24. He was like a black hole: wherever he went, all attention was inexorably drawn to him, to be consumed and drawn within him. Like a deep ravine, down to the very core of the earth, a primordial abyss from before the days of the great flood. Ravinous, you could say.

    By John Doe on 09.03.2013

  25. It was a ravenous day. It tore into me like a hungry lion tears open its prey.

    By Birdie Fishie on 09.03.2013

  26. I can’t listen to that Duran Duran song without thinking about what that lady did. “What did she do?” She listened to it while she tried to kill her children. “Holy crap.” Yes, holy crap.

    By nodochinko on 09.03.2013

  27. “I’m starving. Give me something to eat,” he growled.
    “She backed away, frightened. When Henry was hungry it was almost like he was an animal, and cared not for others. He did as they did, relying on instinct. And it was terrifying to everyone present.

    By Ole Monday on 09.03.2013

  28. If you have a ravenous appetite for historic facts,this story is not for you.

    By A False Terl on 09.03.2013

  29. The crowd was ravenous for more burgers, more beer, and most of all, more music from the Headstones, the hottest band from the nineteen eighties. Everyone who was now at least in his or her thirties crowded around the main stage, the stale odor of generic IPA, body odor, and tobacco lingering around me. I had to hold my breath while I assembled the amps.

    “You good, Jill?” my boss asked.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.03.2013

  30. Looking at the word makes me hungry. I wouldn’t have a clue what real hunger’s like. Living in a first-world country, who would? First-world dwellers use ‘ravenous’ to describe how they feel before dining out. Sad, eh?

    By Paul Eveleigh on 09.03.2013

  31. The ravenous dog tore right into the T-bone. Tore the bloody flesh to shreds before my eyes. Although it was a sickening sight, I couldn’t help but feel a little intrigued as well. Indeed. It seems the vampiricism has started to kick in.

    By Joe on 09.03.2013

  32. They were all surrounding her. Dark, angry beasts, almost like wolves, but larger. She was flat on her back, surrounding and trapped, with these ravenous creatures staring down at her like a large piece of meat–which, she thought to herself almost hysterically, was probably exactly what she was to them. She wanted to scream. In her head she was screaming. But her mouth couldn’t seem to form the words.

    By Elle on 09.03.2013

  33. We make the mistake of only thinking of the ravenous eagle searching the ground for prey. But we are taught in Bereshit that the eagle spreads its wings over Hashem’s people protecting them under the succah of its body.

    By A Freedman on 09.03.2013

  34. clouds roll about
    soft grey bellies
    expectant, stretch marked
    caressing one another
    winter sun
    kissing their backs

    By david URL on 09.03.2013

  35. flesh fresh
    birds circle
    ravens roving
    craving carving
    starve cut
    rip ravenous
    raven fresh
    flesh raving
    squawk squeal

    By mouse on 09.03.2013

  36. This word reminds me that I am hungry! Right now! Except that I’m not, really. It’s the stress of the day begging me to feed it peanut m&m’s, burritos, bbq chips and cream cheese and any other type of chocolate that I can find. My stress weight is huge, much to large for my small frame. Good thing I’m in the library and can’t reach the m&m’s!

    By KelliC on 09.03.2013

  37. I imagine something ravenous to be like the hair on the girl who flirted with me in Film class. The one who knew she looked beautiful and so was confident enough to give me her number. Unbeknownst to her, that I am a homosexual. Still it was a confidence booster and I would have called her if I didn’t lose that damn piece of paper. I always wondered if I accidentally embarrassed her and caused her to drop the class. Or is that being to egotistical?

    By Ruben URL on 09.03.2013

  38. Ravens black as night while they fly so effortlessly in the wind.just think you can’t even see them on a dark new moon or on all holloweves.

    By Chloe Beel URL on 09.03.2013

  39. I don´t even understand what it means. I am nervous, writing so slow it is going to be disastrous. At least I used two words that rhymed with ravenous..

    By Gigi González on 09.03.2013

  40. i am hungry so hungry i am dying inside. i have not eaten in almost 2 months i cant walk i have to crawl.

    By chloe beel URL on 09.03.2013