September 3rd, 2013 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “ravenous”

  1. Lucious had never been so hungry before. The food spread before him didn’t seem anywhere near enough to quell his appetite, but since he wasn’t likely to get more any time soon, it would simply have to do. He settled down in front of his camp fire and dug in, eating the meager meal he had managed to provide for himself. It was nothing impressive, but then, his survival skills weren’t so great.

    By hannah URL on 09.04.2013

  2. Oooooh! I’m starving. I’m hungry. I need food. And I need it now. Is that cake?! Give it– no, wait, it’s not. Uhhhn. I need to eat. I’m ravenous. Quickly. Please! Now.

    By Ole Monday on 09.04.2013

  3. There was a ravenous wolf in my back yard! I yelled “help” but he ate me instead! I punched his stomach and he threw me up! I spanked him and let him go he promised not to do it again!

    By Stormy on 09.04.2013

  4. sleep ravenous isn’t a hunger, it’s a wariness that eats your bones and body, and pretends to be satiated by a few hours unconsciousness, when the thoughts simply regroup in their absence and launch another attack to wear down and dishearten

    By nytrist URL on 09.04.2013

  5. It’s hilarious really, ‘ravenous’. Ironic given the current situation some of us are in. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. And here this silly website is throwing such a cruel, first word at me. Maybe tomorrow will be less vulgar.

    By Rivaille URL on 09.04.2013

  6. I was on a really strict diet and watching my friends tucking into burgers and cream cakes made me absolutely ravenous. Just not fair….

    By Alexandra URL on 09.04.2013

  7. Fill up your belly with all the sinful things you desire. One night each year, we turn our eyes from the audacity of our own actions and we let our spirits run free. Feed your desires with pleasure and passion.

    By Madi URL on 09.04.2013

  8. She was so hungry that she couldn’t stand without seeing bright lights flash before her eyes, accompanied by the stabbing pain of the blood pounding through the veins in her head. She was beyond ravenous, she was dying of starvation and there was no one around to help her.

    By Madi URL on 09.04.2013

  9. The body and mind are filled with desire. Each part of his body wants to reach out and envelope her in passionate fits. Still, she sits cross-legged on the futon next to him and they make polite conversation. The digital clock on the microwave tells them that it’s 12:09 AM. Her mouth splits into a smile as he tells her something clever and his heart beats furiously in his chest. He gently brushes the hair from her cheek and takes her chin in his hand as he pulls her in. It’s a perfect bridge from conversation to kiss and he can feel her relax into his arms as the heat rises. It’s as close to perfect as anyone’s ever come, but beast within isn’t satisfied – it’s tasted a small bit of what it desires and now it’s ravenous. Ravenous for her smile, her laugh, her body, her love, her very presence.

    By Madi URL on 09.04.2013

  10. I would like to see you in a weak spot. Do I make you nervous? Do I make you stumble over your own words? I do, don’t I? I’d love to see you ravenous for me, so I’ll do my best to make this fun for both of us. You’ve not yet seen the best of me.

    By Madi URL on 09.04.2013

  11. She lay before him a feast before a starving man. His eyes drank her in as his nature grew hard against his jeans. The ache was too much. Smooth restraint would have to wait.

    By Soft URL on 09.04.2013

  12. We were out among the deep depressions in the Earth. Not the Badlands, but bad lands. I realized I had completely misunderstood the mission. It was time for it all to be rethought. There was a black bird in the air searching for food. We could use some as well. We heard “nevermore.” I realized that it was time to hit the trail.

    By Bryan URL on 09.04.2013

  13. This hunger inside me evolves with each day. I think I may be starving myself of the essentials in life. But…how do I feed the void? I’m ravenous.

    By Angie URL on 09.04.2013

  14. The spiders unhinged their jaws in a way that certainly could not be considered normal, making little agitated noises with their mandibles. Soon they were taking massive, ravenous bites from the prone form before us. All we could do was watch.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.04.2013

  15. The hunger consumed her,
    Even as she consumed her prey.
    She had stayed home from work today,
    Feeling a little under the weather,
    And hoping that self-imposed isolation would keep her from the beast that dwelt inside her.
    But then she got mail…

    By Siege URL on 09.04.2013

  16. we ate like there was no tomorrow. Meat, potatoes, greens, bread, rice, chicken, fish, gravy slathered over everything. we at til we burst, then ate some more.

    By Lee URL on 09.04.2013

  17. She set the plate of food down on the porch for the stray cat, and it timidly came up to the food, it was ravenous.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.04.2013

  18. “When was the last time you ate?” she asked.

    “Somewhere around Kazakhstan,” he replied, grabbing another piece of chicken. The pile of bones and scraps around him grew deeper.

    “That was a week ago.”

    “Those open-air trucks don’t exactly have a catering service.” He smiled. “But at least we never ran out of beer.”

    By Anthony StClair URL on 09.04.2013

  19. He stared at her with such intensity, rage flickering behind dark eyes. She could see the hunger rippling through him as his body trembled. He was no longer a man, but a ravenous beast with sharp teeth bared for all to see. His hands were balled into a tight fist, clenching and unclenching methodically. A low growl rumbled from deep in his chest.

    By Nikki URL on 09.04.2013

  20. I felt ravenous standing before him, even though I was covered in dirt. It felt that way every time he looked at me. No matter what, I was the most beautiful person he ever saw. I loved him for it.

    By Denise on 09.04.2013

  21. my insides are clawing, crawling, craving
    quietly mesmerized, ravenously waiting
    you chew your nails down to the quick
    hungrily dazed, silently sick
    ask me one time, just give me a moment
    i’d rather sit here in my own torment
    come once again, just don’t block this view
    i could never soak in enough of you
    glancing around always wanting more
    its not food i’m aching for

    By cori on 09.04.2013

  22. The lizard licked his lips and saliva dripped from his leathery jaws…wings spread in a fiercely intimidating posture at the mouse. Ravenous.

    By krazyk on 09.04.2013

  23. Tear apart the flesh food, bleeding ripping; starving. Hunger takes over logic. One goal. Devour. Fill the empty places inside. Need need.

    By Brandi URL on 09.04.2013