March 30th, 2012 | 191 Entries

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191 Entries for “rainy”

  1. Rain
    All drip drip drip
    In shower
    Not warm

    By Wynn on 03.31.2012

  2. The water poured down my hair as I watched him walk away from me. The rain so thick that he was just a blur moving farther away. I cried that day. No one could tell because the rain washed my tears away.

    By Liang on 03.31.2012

  3. ironic that the word of the day describes the weather where I am at this moment.

    By raella on 03.31.2012

  4. A beautiful time, grey and bleak, but so happy. It feels like rain can wash away any sort of troubles.
    Not to mention kissing in the rain.
    Feels so nice, so innocent.
    Until clothes start coming off.

    By drodi on 03.31.2012

  5. Relaxing, Calming, Reassuring, Clean. Cold, Fresh, Nature, Droplets

    By Julia URL on 03.31.2012

  6. It was on that rainy day that Steven finally discovered Aleah. He’d been wondering who she was, and why everyone kept referring to her as that strange girl. But on that rainy day, Steven had stopped, sliding down the wall and blankly watching the sidewalk. He was supposed to be at his dorm by now. But it was just too cold and wet. And then someone was standing over her. Her face was blocked with shadow, but Steven could just barely make out the vibrant colors of her rainbow umbrella.
    “Need a hand?” she had inquired. Steven slowly made his way to his feet, and the girl had smiled. “My name’s Aleah.”

    By Elsie Shu URL on 03.31.2012

  7. I was sitting on the couch, listening to the rain pound in steady streams against the window. The couch was one of those with deep corners, and I disappeared into its crevices as my brain slowly numbed in time with the soft battering of water against glass.

    By Lauren on 03.31.2012

  8. The day was dark and dreary…it was rainy, too. The weatherman had predicted sunshine, but he was incorrect as usual.

    By Susan Weidner on 03.31.2012

  9. Rain slashes against my window pane, drenching the world outside while thunder bellows, angrily stomping about.

    Rain sprinkles down lightly from the sky, falling gently on my hair, creating small water droplets on my eyelashes. Its feels like angels tears are softly landing on my broken soul.

    By GraceFace on 03.31.2012

  10. Today is sunny
    with the company so funny
    no rainy days come here today

    By Wynn on 03.31.2012

  11. The rain is falling in a spared downpours, troubling me as it does so. If my dreams were these raindrop would I feel the same sorrow? I am lost in a

    By Terra on 03.31.2012

  12. there were forty seven blades of grass with dew drops caught in them. i counted for as long as i could before the bus came. this morning, it was only a minute because i had been late. when i was on the bus, i watched the raindrops race down the window panes before they trickled into each other to their death. i thought; this is all i will ever see.

    By sophie on 03.31.2012

  13. Do you like rain?I dont like rainy days because they are sad,tiring,gloomy, and dreaful.why cant i play?It’s too wet and it’s lightening.O how i dont like rainy days at all!

    By Wynn on 03.31.2012

  14. its been really rainy today! :( All our clothes are getting wet :( This is one of those summers that it is really rainy. Summer is suppose to be dry not wet and it shouldn’t be summer cause its wet not dry.

    By Victoria Maliunag on 03.31.2012

  15. We arrived early. Made our way through the crowds swarming around the park. A light drizzle settled over the city, chilling onlookers and racers alike. I pulled my jacket tighter around me.

    By Rebekah {honeyandcheese} on 03.31.2012

  16. on a beautiful rainy day i met her. she was wearing black boots and a white jacket. her scarf was hanging on her shoulders. her silvery blond hair captivated me. i fell in love

    By stephanie on 03.31.2012

  17. It was a rainy afternoon when I stepped cautiously out of the building. It was my first assignment, and I had to be very, very careful that no one saw me. If anyone did, I would be kicked off the job and either be killed or worse, have my memory wiped…

    By Iam Me on 03.31.2012

  18. Mycroft stepped out of the car and headed in to the meeting he’d been looking forward to all week long, giving a little whistle as he twirled his umbrella in one hand. Only when he was alone, or sometimes with Anthea, did he ever let loose and show a bit of the emotions brewing under the thick layer of ice he held as his well-known facade. Those who were closest to him could sometimes read below it, if they were observant enough to pay mind to his umbrella. The grip he had on it could occasionally belie his state of being; a tight grip at the crook of the curve was worry or impatience, a loose trail along the handle with the fingertips was relaxation or accomplishment.
    Mycroft had taken to carrying an umbrella with him when he was a small boy, dressed in the smart spats that Mummy had tucked him into. He’d been ever so eager to keep her pleased, and the umbrella was an easy precaution to keep his clothes (and appearance) prim and proper. Not every day in England may have been rainy, but enough were that an umbrella was a prudent accessory on any occasion. Before long it had become a habit for the prospective young councilman, and soon his habit became a part of his identity. The crook-handled appendage rested patiently by the door of his not-so-humble abode, and a backup kept itself company with the briefcases in the trunk of his most-used limousine. It rarely saw use, but today Mycroft retrieved it.
    He waited patiently in the middle of Trafalgar Square, one umbrella extended above himself, the other still twirling around one wrist. Finally, a black towncar pulled up at the edge of the square and admitted one silver-haired detective, who quickly made his way to the tall man in the flawless suit, who graciously handed him the extra umbrella to keep his work suit dry for the duration of their meeting.

    By floppybelly URL on 03.31.2012

  19. Rainy days held no satisfaction to him. It was rather boring and dull to watch rain splatter against the window before trickling downwards. Why were children so obsessed with this habit? Weren’t they annoyed by the way the rain ruined their day?

    By Evil URL on 03.31.2012

  20. I remember a guy from grade school named Jim Rainy. He was always down, and seemed to have a dark cloud hanging over him. Jim Rainy. Say a prayer for Jim Rainy.

    By vanhaydu.com URL on 03.31.2012

  21. Bong rips on a rainy night
    Music fills our souls and milky smoke fills the air
    I’m stuck in a cloud’s embrace
    But I’ll never come down
    I don’t know if I’m in love
    or if this euphoria is all a gentle dream

    By SubtleWhispers URL on 03.31.2012

  22. Today sunny
    Tommorrow rainy
    The metioralogist predicts
    Tuesday will have tornado
    Tornado season is so dreadful
    Thursday also is a tornado day
    This is tornado season

    By Wynn on 03.31.2012

  23. Today is just another unsatisfying day. The life outside lacks its luster; its rainy atmosphere sucking life into a blank state.

    By Kristin on 03.31.2012

  24. you open me and clean me of the gray matter that surounds me. It all falls away and I am happy. so clear the world seem when I stand beneath the falling rain.

    By Carolyn Ann on 03.31.2012

  25. Streaks down windows, dappled and wet. Nothing really could seem real, but too real. Trying something new. Living.

    By Robyn on 03.31.2012

  26. He’s a rainy day in the middle of March. I try to catch all of him but the harder I try to grasp him in my fingertips, the quicker he slips away.

    By Taylor K URL on 03.31.2012

  27. rainy is sad. I don’t know why. rain = change. rain is cold, damp, soggy. cold feet. good with wellies and a mac, unpleasant with skinny jeans. gloomy except rainbows. ireland, green grass, leaves, growth

    By em3r4ld on 03.31.2012

  28. We stood under the light at the corner of the street just staring at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move as always. The rain poured down her face and she smiled in that cute way she always does when she’s nervous or unsure, I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her. I pulled back and said, “Oh yeah. I love you too.”

    By Jordan on 03.31.2012

  29. Gray curtains silvered rainbows, oh sun, my best friend of them all, why have you covered yourself in these sorrowfull draperies? was the sight of humanity too painful, or maybe you just needed a little solitude, silent company with your stars and sisters. Have you finnaly got tired of feeding and lighten up our days? you see us walk and dissapear, and know that when the moment comes for you, it will be in an eternal cruelty of heat, and noone will be left to support your pain.

    By Annie on 03.31.2012

  30. A rainy day, a rainy way.
    Rain can make us happy, yet sad.
    Memories, feelings, touches all connects us to a rainy day.
    Rain is a beautiful thing, really, a true source of life.
    There’s a reason why films use it at the very special moments.

    By Emma Sophie on 03.31.2012

  31. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. I was outside, because no one would be able to see me crying. I didn’t want to get over you. I thought you were never going to come around. But there you were. I got my happily ever after.

    By Marina URL on 04.01.2012