September 7th, 2014 | 90 Entries

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90 Entries for “pursuit”

  1. the man was chasing a woman who has a purse because he was trying to kill her. He wanted the purse and he got so angry from her refusing that he took at his knife and leaped on her, the sky was dark and nothing could be seen.

    By Justin McDermott on 09.08.2014

  2. I the civil war a lot of people pursued people. like stonewall Jackson! he pursed people and gave courage to other people. I think I heard that he used to suck on lemons. that’s really weird. the civil war must have been really hard.

    By Angela Todd on 09.08.2014

  3. He was in pursuit of the diamond of the world that was worth 17.6 billion dollars. With that, he could by anything he wanted and get a high paying job to make even more money.

    By Shane Wahlberg (or and I?) on 09.08.2014

  4. The rain was heavy, as cold dark tears fell from the sky. Heavy footprints are lodged into the ground, as the thump of boots resonant from the ground.

    By Sean Monahan on 09.08.2014

  5. I have heard of something called the pursuit of happiness, I don’t know what it means and it looks a little funny but it sounds like a smart word that I would use in an essay.

    By Sophie Hayes on 09.08.2014

  6. it makes me think of lawyers idk why but it makes me think of a law suit maybe because it rhymes but yeah.

    By Alexa Bates on 09.08.2014

  7. i don’t know what pursuit is but I know that it is a word. you can use it when you write and I have heard it before. I just don’t know how to use it in a sentence. lol.

    By Alexis on 09.08.2014


    By Luke on 09.08.2014

  9. A special cat had super powers. He could, fly and shoot lasers out of his eye.But, now he was in pursuit of the milk man, and robbing him of his milk. Then he tied him to a tree and let the dgos bite him.

    By Shane Wahlberg (or and I?) on 09.08.2014

  10. the night was dark and the ranger was being case be a pack of creatures from a different world and then there was the only thing you could here was the winter wind howl……..

    By Caleb on 09.08.2014

  11. He went dashing out of the bank with 20 billion dollars with cops right behind him. He jumped in his fancy car and sped away. The cops were shooting at him and bombing him from helicopters

    By Cat B on 09.08.2014

  12. yasuo and rengar went in for a gank bot lane as they came out of the jungle. yasuo with tons of critical strike ulted under turret cutting up the other team as rengar stealthed and came in. there was no hope for jinx, she was dead.

    By Justin McDermott on 09.08.2014

  13. They tried to attack us. we had to run, there was one exit. It was right though a portal. we wouldn’t be able to escape they would pursue, us one of us would have to die. One of us wouldn’t make it out. Only three would survive. Two of us went to the right flank. One person stayed behind to try to distract them. It would never work but we had to try! the had placed the bomb, we ahd to get it though the portal to try to disarm it.

    By Izzy on 09.08.2014

  14. Boom! Alistar uses his pulverise ability on jayce and yasuo goes in with his ultimate ability and swooshes, swings, and finally slams jayce to the ground, killing him

    By Alejandro on 09.08.2014

  15. she was in pursuit of something—anything more than what she had–what she knew–did. it was the least she could dude to quiet the screams of an unfulfilled life. a like consumed by excuses, and procrastination, and reasons why not. IT had finally kicked it—she feared it was too late.

    By Safon on 09.08.2014

  16. Pursuit – comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms.
    The most highly pursued pursuit: Happiness.

    While chasing pavements, we lose ourselves.
    We forgot why we started and where we first were.
    Happiness, really?

    One day,
    I found a conversation with my reflected self:
    “why do you chase after uncomparable beauty and intangible facets of people’s life?”
    Perceived happiness.

    To only realize that many things that we longed and lust and yearn so much for in this world
    are not meant;
    are not meant for;
    are not meant for us;
    are not within reach.

    Oh, boy! I tried, I prayed.
    He echoed, “to be contented with what you have.”
    For we each are unique,
    seek to be deeply but not widely loved.
    True happiness.

    Walk gently on this Earth,
    love passionately and
    give more than you could give.
    Shared happiness.

    Breathe in.

    Let go, gracefully –
    of what is not meant for you.
    Don’t be shadowing what is of the world,
    live in the moment firecely,
    leave no regrets behind.

    Breathe in,

    By flowerthinkshimmers on 09.08.2014

  17. pursuit is why, it all makes sense at some point. every one has it in many forms. probably the one leading to happiness is ultimate.

    By Ansuman on 09.08.2014

  18. I will try to make sure that I am becoming a leader and a visionary. there are many goals that I hope to accomplish in life and the pursuit is where the adventure happens. It is where the blood, sweat, and tears come together and help up reach our goals.

    By tule on 09.08.2014

  19. In pursuit of happiness, she found that the one she should be pursuing is herself. She should be spending time reading herself stories, getting to know her friends, learning what her favorites are, and romancing herself in a way that no one else could. In the pursuit of herself, she would finally find true love.

    By Diane URL on 09.08.2014

  20. to follow someone intensly following them until you get them

    By star on 09.08.2014

  21. The cop was in pursuit of the robber to catch him and put him in jail.

    By Ethan Oates on 09.08.2014

  22. To follow something, its a pokemon move, a stalker peruses someone.

    By Justin DeFina on 09.08.2014

  23. if you pursuit something it means to be determined.

    By caleb ennin on 09.08.2014

  24. Cops and Robbers
    of happiness

    By Trevor on 09.08.2014

  25. The cop was in pursuit of the robber to catch him and put him in jail. YO WAS UP EVERYONEEEEEE. IM EHTAN

    By Ethan Oates on 09.08.2014

  26. pursuit means to carry on with something and keep doing it without giving up.

    By mathew gregoire on 09.08.2014

  27. What does this mean

    By Noah Lau on 09.08.2014

  28. some people can be under heavy pusuit.

    By Tom on 09.08.2014

  29. Time is running out. We must run.

    By Trevor Lindberg on 09.08.2014

  30. pursuit is so cool. I relay like this word because it must have a cool meaning. I will have to look it up in a dictionary later.

    By Jessica Caiaze on 09.08.2014

  31. pursuit is super cool i love it
    it is a great word i love to use it
    u can use it in a fun or sad sentence
    i just love this word i can use it all the time

    By Hannah on 09.08.2014

  32. The cop was in pursuit of the robber to catch him and put him in jail. Pursuit means to chase or run down.

    By Squiblet on 09.08.2014

  33. OK, today I’m in pursuit of my writing mojo. Time to get back to that creative part of me.

    By Tanya B. URL on 09.08.2014

  34. The man went on the culprit’s pursuit. Over the halls and into the streets, it took forever until in a lake he was found. The culprit of his life failure was himself.

    By Raul Ruiz on 09.08.2014

  35. With three hooded figures in pursuit, Nora knew she had to find either a police station or a place to hide, fast. The former seemed unlikely, and the latter didn’t look much better. She gripped the pepper spray in her pocket and wished she knew how to use it properly. Point and shoot? She wasn’t even sure which direction the nozzle pointed.

    By Mexichick on 09.08.2014

  36. runrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunwhy?

    By MickElias URL on 09.08.2014

  37. In my pursuit for a cure to my sadness, I found more sadness than possible. This deep-seated fear that I could never find a cure. That I would never reach happiness, much less enjoyment of anything at all. This adventure I had made for myself was only a death sentence. Sometimes, I wish I’d just waited for the damn thing.

    By Angelie Bobe URL on 09.08.2014

  38. Sometimes, I think I shouldn’t pursue things. I shouldn’t chase after my mother’s love because there is no love to chase. I shouldn’t look for reasons to wish for a better life, because my life is at it’s finest. It is perfect. I shouldn’t look for a better Me. I am the best version of myself. So why am I in pursuit of something greater?

    By Angelie Bobe on 09.08.2014

  39. Dogged pursuit is what they do. They run as fast as a horse and can keep it up for days without tiring. Trust me laddie, if they hunt you they won’t stop until you’re nothing but crushed bones.

    By Ralyn Longs URL on 09.08.2014

  40. my life has been spent in pursuit of the ultimate high. It has taken me from skydiving through the mountains of turkey to snorting cocaine in grimy urban doorways, I guess the pursuit of the high is the best part.

    By Jake Gin on 09.08.2014