September 7th, 2014 | 90 Entries

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90 Entries for “pursuit”

  1. The first lesson is you are not an object of pursuit. You are a person not a piece of fruit, a trophy, a notch on the bed post, nope. Just a person with a heart and mind and perhaps something of a conscious.

    By Intuition on 09.07.2014

  2. My shoes thudded on the pavement as I ran after the man. He didn’t run, but moved urgently – trying to lose himself in the crowd rather than flee. Fleeing would not get me off his trail. It would not make me lose him.

    “Hey!” I cried. “I never thanked you for saving my life!”

    I heard a yell – it was impossible to judge where from. “Well, now you have!”

    As if I was going to leave it at that.

    By a terrible poet on 09.07.2014

  3. This was something more than depression. It was an overwhelming sense of futility; a realisation that all human endeavour, procreation, education and the pursuit of happiness were doomed to failure.

    By bb333 on 09.07.2014

  4. The pursuit of happiness is a horrid abstract – implausible, insurmountable, and utterly insane. Happiness, in the same vein, is relevant, and how one pursues it is entirely dependent on one’s circumstances. Sometimes, happiness may be reeled in by a fishing line. Other times, it is caught by a net, or a mousetrap, or the metal jaws unwelcoming to a bear.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.07.2014

  5. We aw we aw we aw. The songs of. Police sirens filled the alleyway” the robber dressed in a black ski mask as dark as night was climbing the fence. “You’ll never catch me” he said “yeah right” the policeman said. Then the police man tased him and the robber fell down to the ground with his bag full of cash. “Pursuit over” the policeman said. Crime is back in order.

    By Daniel willis on 09.07.2014

  6. SPIKES (from yesterday):
    Christian preferred to keep the room dark. He kept the coffee coming and a bottle of vodka at hand in case he needed to celebrate, but more often he reached for it when things got shaky and he needed bolstering. His office was like a casino, a place where day never arrived in the constant whir and tick of technology. There were five large flat screens sat side to side, a wall of flickering red and green, complex charts racing up and down like roller coasters, spikes in the DOW, crashes in oil futures, all erratic heart beats. Find patterns. Predict the movement and you were king. In that darkened room, in the space of two years Christian had made his fortune. And lost it.

    By bb333 on 09.07.2014

  7. Objects of pursuit tend to be valued for one reason or another. Take for instance the existence of a book with the uncanny ability to move as if its an extended play on words, cycles, and other repetitious themes. This feast of rhymes and reasons then becomes desirable like decadent dessert: satisfying to the point where it can sometimes make the room spin if you take in too much of it all at once. Maybe it is Opium. Maybe it is Morphine. Maybe it’s none of these. Should it become the sweet tooth pacifier for any creature wishing to own it, then reading will always remain the key to securing its possession.

    By Just Another Monday URL on 09.07.2014

  8. Running after him was probably the stupidest thing she could’ve done. She didn’t get far from Kisame and That also got her knocked out. When she did finally wake back up Itachi would be dead.

    By Lace on 09.07.2014

  9. My pursuit of you is exhausting. You’re always two steps ahead of me.
    When will you turn around to see that I’m still there?

    By Krys on 09.07.2014

  10. Makita offered his hand, and Tricia shook it. “Don’t worry about them coming after you. We got enough from the wiretaps to go very high up into their organisation, and we’ve already arrested all but two of them. And they will be too busy evading our pursuit to worry about coming after you. Maybe after a while you could even come back to Japan again.” We’ll see.” Tricia paused. “Thank you.”
    She was not very conversational so Makita said nothing further. As she and Joanne walked through the security check, he turned to Ohara. “And Thank you! We really could have been in big trouble if this had gone ahead as they planned it. And we could still be in big trouble if word of it gets out. So I hope I can rely on you to be your usual discreet self?”
    Ohara laughed. “I dont even know who the “Pediatrician” is!” – THE END

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.07.2014

  11. He wasn’t convinced that her pursuit of stardom would come into fruition. Nonetheless, he was still against it.

    By brain_shavings on 09.07.2014

  12. The glow of the sun followed him through to the night. Relentless in its pursuit even when he wished for the cool bleak comfort of night. The harshness of light left him exposed. Brought back painful memories of a life unfinished.

    By Eri on 09.07.2014

  13. Get the fuck out. Now you have no more chance, you have taken too long. There is nothing left you cannot leave now. You are trapped till death do us part. So go die.

    By Monkeys on 09.07.2014

  14. She was in pursuit of her life mate, but no matter what she did it seemed she couldn’t find him. So she decided that it was time to stop looking.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.07.2014

  15. there was a hotness in our heels
    and my legs always itched after a run
    like i was allergic to the sound of
    wind rushing
    rushing past me
    like strangers with lives
    i couldn’t even begin to comprehend.
    i hope you will make it, my fellow person
    but sometimes i stop to take a breath
    and it tastes a little like
    is that what i wanted?

    By Kairn on 09.07.2014

  16. In hot pursuit, Mike dodged the shoe she threw at him as he jumped over a turned over trash can. The alley was narrow and filled with items Mike never imagined he would see. She took her clothes off as she ran, throwing her skirt and blouse at him as they charged down the dark row.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 09.07.2014

  17. Vivienne knew her desperate attempts to gain the love and affection of the mysterious prima ballerina were fruitless, yet the fragile and sweet little thing still pushed on. She’d show up at Anna’s private dressing room just before shows began, ice-cold water clutched between her bony fingers as she tapped her toes anxiously, counting down the minutes until Anna would exit the room, her pale blonde hair pulled up in a tight bun to show off her sharply beautiful features.

    By Annie on 09.07.2014

  18. He started to realize that her happiness was the sole reason for why he had to continue to work hard and improve.

    By jolyssa on 09.07.2014

  19. “We went in pursuit of the subject,” she began and, though she spoke evenly, her words seemed to waver unsteadily in the heavy silence of the room.
    “Who is ‘we’, Agent?”
    “SSA’s Harris and Corr were in one vehicle, SSA Nichols and myself in another.”
    “Were four agents really necessary for the retrieval of an unarmed suspect?”
    “With all due respect, we didn’t know if the unsub was armed or not. For someone of Reese’s background, getting hold of a weapon would be beyond easy.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.07.2014

  20. The American spies followed in quick pursuit as I ran through the sparsly vacatedwarehouse. It was going to blow any minute but they didn’t know that. If I was going down, they were going down with me.

    By McKena on 09.07.2014

  21. pursuit of happiness
    what is happiness
    intangible object
    why are we pursuing it?
    what is the point?

    By emily on 09.07.2014

  22. It wasn’t the pursuit that had worn her out—it was the endless stream of words coming out of his mouth now that she had caught him.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.07.2014

  23. she left her home and all that she knew, the comfort of familiarity, in pursuit of a dream that was perhaps as much an illusion as all that she knew. but the thrill is in the pursuit.

    By Anu on 09.07.2014

  24. in pursuit of something less
    heart-rip or drenched and panting
    in pursuit of stopping, of breathing slow
    and waiting
    in pursuit of something more
    gentle or breeze-kissed
    in pursuit of stopping, of breathing slow
    in pursuit of waiting
    but all I keep doing is running
    and hoping for a break soon

    By caitlinmonster URL on 09.07.2014

  25. To try your all at something and never give up. Despite all obstacles you try your hardest and give it your all. You are determined to preserver. You rarely see any limit.

    By Diamond on 09.07.2014

  26. pursuit means tackling someone. it is used in a sporting sense. Sometimes police used it when they chase speeding vehicles.

    By Sakib Nawaz on 09.08.2014

  27. He remained in pursuit in her for years after the moment she’d left. From the first second she’d turned her back around and walked out, he’d been formulating ways to find her once again and reunite the two of them. It was less simple than it initially seemed, but he wasn’t going to give up. In his eyes, she was the only love of his life and needed to be found.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 09.08.2014

  28. I believe that the pursuit of happiness is what I am doing right now. I’m trying to be the best that I can be. I am going after my dreams to make my life a happy one. I always try to make myself happy but sometimes that is hard. I feel though, that if you try then you can always make yourself happy and then you won’t have to feel so horrible. The pursuit of happiness is something that we all do through out our lives. It in our nature, it’s in my nature. I will become happy there’s no doubt about that. I will achieve happiness, and succeed at pursuing it. Pursuit of happiness.

    By Nyjzell on 09.08.2014

  29. The pursuit for his fortunes went on through the end of the year. All he had to do is strive for his own greatness and it would come to him. No sttraining. The fortunes were at his fingertips…practicaly already in his accounts

    By trkstr67 on 09.08.2014

  30. I kind of wish this said fur suit. I think a fur suit would be much more interesting to write about than a pursuit. Can you just imagine a tuxedo made of fur? What kind of fur would be the most stunning fur for a tuxedo suit? While we are at it, maybe the man wearing the fur suit could be part of an adventurous pursuit.

    By rachelzana URL on 09.08.2014

  31. Three stars peeking
    Through a well
    In the clouds
    Trying to read
    Their fate etched
    At the bottom
    Of my eyes

    By eleia on 09.08.2014

  32. Run! That was all he could think, the woman close at his heels breathing haggard, but gaining nonetheless. How far could he run before his already weakened legs would give in? No man can run forever.

    ‘Please!’ he called out again, ‘I didn’t mean in like that.’

    The woman only growled and her thumping steps sped up. Crap.

    ‘I don’t want to marry,’ he whimpered between breaths.

    By Joy on 09.08.2014

  33. Hazel was in a pursuit of happiness while with Augustus.

    By Max Checkoway on 09.08.2014

  34. A thousand thoughts going through her mind love ripped away mid pursuit of of his heart

    By Mitchell Crossman on 09.08.2014

  35. The first person that comes to mind from the word pursuit is hazel in pursuit for Augustus when he was puking in his car all over him self because he wanted a pack of smokes. When hazel was crying and was calling the police.

    By Brett Carlson on 09.08.2014

  36. She stomped on the gas pedal as if it were an annoying roach. Her partner winced as she jerked the steering wheel hard to the right. The smell of burning rubber filled his nostrils and he held onto door grip with a white knuckle grip. “Please don’t kill us,” he whispered.

    By Soft URL on 09.08.2014

  37. Dogged tails of the camp fire variety and the short comings of those cursed with a verbose tongue and a sick infatuation with being understood

    By SkyShroud on 09.08.2014

  38. I was on on high speed pursuit chasing a speeder when he crashed and died

    By Alejandro on 09.08.2014

  39. I jumped in my awesome car and drove away at 100 mph per hour t escape the cop. He was shooting at me and I

    By Cat B on 09.08.2014

  40. going after something. going fishing is an example. also hunting is one

    By Caleb on 09.08.2014