September 8th, 2014 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “humid”

  1. hot, muggy, rain, grass grows better.

    By Samantha on 09.09.2014

  2. hot
    very hot

    By amber on 09.09.2014

  3. Humid is when something is really hot and you feel like you are really sticky. I always think of humid being as if a Popsicle is melting in your hands and its making a mess everywhere. jfgeaurgfq3jfcliqhewekgufqjrbvcfkwlrivc vwurfho3qbwfcorbfcbrqohfvbcuuvughrivne bsiuohfubjvcbearkfcev iirw3hfnllnvjbevigbv wfhowcfb ewrqfhbw vkjqboufcw fdbasjfbebrkferkhabfkcbalblfalleajrfiubgqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekjqqweouhriugeiurgfq34gr4ig34iugriqgfewgklgfwegfjwgq

    By Megan on 09.09.2014

  4. She felt perfectly comfortable laid out on the blanket in her cut-off shorts. Her halter top was somewhere nearby. She didn’t need it though, not with him covering her. The air was heavy and damp like his body and their skin slid and stuck in awkward places as he moved. She blew softly to cool his sweaty forehead, but the fire in his eyes was still there.

    By Soft URL on 09.09.2014

  5. i don’t know the word

    By Anna on 09.09.2014

  6. is a kid
    it guy
    it a girl

    By bridgette on 09.09.2014

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    By z nvjs;fbr;vjw on 09.09.2014

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    By pigs on 09.09.2014

  9. September crept in from the desert and stuck fast. Outside, under the white sky, everything succumbed to the intense heat; wilting, withering and dying. Workers slept all day under trees and the city became a dry and dusty wasteland. It was purgatory. Even the locals retreated to far off homes in London, Paris and Beirut. But we were stuck, in the thick, humid misery of summer.

    By bb333 URL on 09.09.2014

  10. oh the oppressive heat
    it’s down here
    it’s up there
    but it wasn’t back home.
    and sometimes
    it’s just the air
    when life isn’t fair
    that makes me want to go back home.

    By molly URL on 09.09.2014

  11. De repente sintió que estaba húmedo, no sabía si ún seguía soñando o ya había despertado. No sabía si eran lágrimas o había mojado la cama. No sabía si realmente estaba húmedo o soo era frío.

    By yaniato on 09.09.2014

  12. humid is hot sticky and sweaty just before its about to rain

    By star URL on 09.09.2014

  13. “Whoo it’s humid out here,” I think and chuckle to myself. Actually, I’m quite grateful for the level of humidity in Northern Nevada. Try South Texas on for size! Some summer days it’s 100% humidity at 100 degrees. It’s little things like lack of humidity, even in the face of sweltering temperatures, that I am grateful for in my life today. My hair kind of likes it, too.

    By Diane URL on 09.09.2014

  14. The humidity made Iggy Azalea even uglier than she already was. Who is Iggy Azalea? Who dat, who dat? I I I G G Y, who dat? She’s so fancy, she don’t even know.

    By A Twelve and Three Quarter Year Old Person URL on 09.09.2014

  15. Humidity is when you feel my finger in your pussy and moah with pleasure asking for my pick and the universe is growing in my mind because you are so beautiful

    By Biyote URL on 09.09.2014

  16. Today was very humid. Although we survived. We all jumped into the pool and splashed each other. Everyone loved it.

    By Goldmanfam URL on 09.09.2014

  17. A blonde, a red dress and scarlet lipstick was all it took to turn his head. It didn’t matter who she was or what man she belonged to…he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Watching her dance, the humid air enveloping her like a robe, made her even more irresistible. Now if he could just approach her…

    By Paulie on 09.09.2014

  18. Perspiration is looming when the air becomes humid
    Fumes become rancid, when the dance becomes frantic.
    Elated bouncing and trouncing on checkered floors.

    By Jesse Ruiz URL on 09.09.2014

  19. The heavy air caused her to sag, the tears on her face lost with her sweat. At least no one could tell she was crying, as they too moved through the thick substance more acquainted with water than with air. She imagined swimming in it, swimming away from the problems of the world, and a small smile broke on her face. It was barely a twitch, but at least it was something. Heaving her gaze from the ground, she aimed her chin at the sky and forced a smile onto her face. Her sister had moved on, and so should she. “Fake it ’till you make it, and if you can’t make it make something better.” She whispered to herself, repeating the words Annabelle would breathe in her ear in times of trouble. Without her, she didn’t know how to survive. But she would; taking a deep breath she continued to move forward, imagining each step she took was a step towards her happiness.

    By Jocelyn URL on 09.09.2014

  20. Clothes sticking to me, hair curling wildly this way and that. He brushes a lock out of my eyes and smiles, tells me how lovely I am. We resolve to spend more time here, in the humidity, the moist air and the heat between us.

    By Jayde URL on 09.09.2014

  21. The air was humid and cold. I reluctantly made my way through the park, hoping to get home soon. For some reason, the gloomy weather, was starting to get to me. For some reason, i felt afraid, i felt lonely, and i felt helpless. But, most of all, i felt angry. Angry with the world, and angry with myself.

    By Anaid Skylight on 09.09.2014

  22. We were used to humid weather in Yucatan, but this was something different. Not only was the air sticky; it smelled and tasted like licorice. Strangers commented on it as we passed each other on the street. Was it a natural phenomenon? A good omen? Toxic? The stronger the scent and flavor became, the higher our anxiety levels rose.

    By Mexichick URL on 09.09.2014

  23. The humid air filled her lungs as she walked outside for the first and last time. Her march to death was much more unpleasant due to the wet, hot air hitting her face and going down her throat.

    By Hanna URL on 09.09.2014

  24. Our town was always known for out humid air. The way that it filled you lungs with warm, sticky water and drowned your face in sweat. Today though, everything was different. The air had become cool and the sweet water in the air had disappeared. This was the day you arrived

    By Hanna URL on 09.09.2014

  25. It drenched the clothes and ruined the hairstyle. The weather was like a hurricane that swept and made everyone feel as if it was the end of the world. It was fashion week but by the afternoon, the clothes seemed to stick on everything and everyone.

    By Jackie URL on 09.09.2014

  26. I lie alone in the grass thinking of how much I miss him. it was a hot summer day. the air was dry as all days are in oklahoma. but the absense of his presence filled our whole forest with a sad damp humidity, every tear from my eye turned to vapor in the air.

    By hanah on 09.09.2014

  27. cold wet dark musky muck. hot heaty running drips cant ever get clean from a shower omg wishing for a fan. ice cubes, please sticky legs yuck need a shower. cant get dry die.

    By rob osak URL on 09.09.2014

  28. It felt as if steam was blowing from my shirt, underneath me, and inside me, and all around me. Steam, heat, and my mind felt like a moving train. How is it that seeing one person can do all this to a human being? As if our cells are invisibly connected. Is it the damp of sweat that allows them to reach out to each other, and entangle, as if they were long lost friends by accident, never to let go again?

    By Reina on 09.09.2014

  29. WTF
    It’s just as hot in the shade!
    in the HUMID East

    – !Haiku-Mann!

    By !Haiku-Mann! on 09.09.2014

  30. The land was drenched in a misty heat. There was an unpleasant feel to the very air and it left me with awkward sweat stains on my shirt. I hoped Cal didn’t notice, even though he was sweatier than me, and his bright hair was awkwardly plastered to his forehead.

    By Ayra URL on 09.09.2014

  31. If you do not know a word like humid, then your pursuit (yesterday’s word) of Education should not have ended.
    For instance if on a website like Oneword and you know not a word, then go to or google word AND dictionary to get the meaning in another window or tab. Duh!

    It bothers me not
    to be surrounded in air
    filled with humidity.


    It upsets me much
    to be surrounded by “people”
    full of stupidity.

    By !Haiku-Mann! on 09.09.2014

  32. If you do not know a word like humid, then your pursuit (yesterday’s word) of Education should not have ended.
    For instance if on a website like Oneword and you know not a word, then go to or google word AND dictionary to get the meaning in another window or tab. Duh!

    It bothers me not
    to be surrounded in air
    filled with humidity.


    It upsets me much
    to be surrounded by “people”
    full of stupidity.

    By !Haiku-Mann! on 09.09.2014

  33. Well the air is humid here as usual. Why do we always have to go to cuba? It’s so goddamn hot out here, and all there is here, is pina coladas and sand!

    Aint nothing wrong with that honey.

    I aint your ‘honey’

    By Denver Bylsma on 09.09.2014