September 6th, 2014 | 62 Entries

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62 Entries for “spikes”

  1. His hair is blonde and he turned it into spikes. He looks cool even though he isn’t very handsome but I like the way he carries himself he has guts unlike the other guys I’ve met. He is just very charming in his own little way. What a wonderful man.

    By aya on 09.07.2014

  2. Are also thorns that accompanied your words which scarred me
    internally and eternally.

    By flowerthinkshimmers on 09.07.2014

  3. Yikes! Spikes was yesterday! Repeat or did I once again do something amiss with the technology? In any case, this exercise is doing its magic. The mind shifts into gear!

    By kizeliz on 09.07.2014

  4. The ground of the pit was covered with spikes – falling into it would mean her certain death…or rather, her avatar’s certain death. But she didn’t feel like having to restart this level, so she was going to make sure she cleared it properly on the first try. She knew that she was capable of it, it was just a matter of letting it happen.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 09.07.2014

  5. Black leather jacket
    With matching spiked cuffs and hair
    Camouflaged his dork

    By Soft URL on 09.07.2014

  6. Socce spikes get ripped up easily. Maybe its from the constant wearing or from all the kicking and playing soccer. I wonder how many times my spikes touched a soccer ball.

    By Olivia on 09.07.2014

  7. sharp pointed, hurtful especially when you run barefoot also when you bare yourself to others. Blunt those spikes with if you can with help from your closest friend but somehow the pain never does dim.

    By tingu on 09.07.2014

  8. She wears them on her collar in the same way as train stations affix them to pigeons’ favourite perching places. There is no territory for you to enroach on here; there is no space for you to use her. She is streamlined, and she is armoured, and she belongs only to herself.

    By Samuel on 09.07.2014

  9. the gelled tufts of hair stuck up like soft, flexible spikes. he looked in the mirror with something between satisfaction and hesitation. it was different. bold. noticeable. his hand swept over the top his head again as he felt the chunks bend back and spring up in place.

    By caitlin on 09.07.2014

  10. Spikes are sharp they can hurt you they can put a whole in you they are pointy they are like a dog collar shape I wonder why I can’t think of more to write about spikes I never thought this deeply about this word before. Spikes into the skin or heart can hurt.

    By nurture on 09.07.2014

  11. the whole thing seemed to be irrelevant
    spikes in society
    I thought
    perhaps they are in the skyscrapers that seemed to be spires to the sky
    or perhaps it’s
    the way people stack themselves largest to smallest.

    By Amanda Renee on 09.07.2014

  12. with thrusts of rust, you came straight for me
    although cunning and shining in dimly lit spaces;
    intimidating most, shading and painting their faces.

    By Marissa on 09.07.2014

  13. All you need are small spikes of adrenaline to lead you along the path. Chills along the spine are very fine motivators. The way it radiates out of your core like a call to flight.

    By Intuition on 09.07.2014

  14. spikes be sharp

    sharp be minds

    minds be dangerous

    dangerous be spikes

    By MickElias URL on 09.07.2014

  15. Angry things, row upon row of them, barring my way. I stare, perplexed, at these so unfriendly of obstacles. How will I ever get out of this labrynth?

    By Ellie on 09.07.2014

  16. He didn’t want to think about the feeling of the metal digging into the soft spot just above the ankle. Was it the tendons there? They kept showing it over and over on TV. They didn’t have any sound but you could hear it through the second baseman’s lips as they spread across his face in pain, the baserunner’s eyes widening in horror hitting a spot he didn’t really want to.

    By DMM URL on 09.07.2014

  17. The beast’s back was covered with long copper-coloured spikes, lined up from the back of its head to the tip of its tail, and its claws were sharp at razors. It was asleep, snout tucked between its large paws, wings sprawled lazily around its sturdy frame.

    By Heidi Oakenshield URL on 09.07.2014

  18. I grabbed all the wooden spikes the hardware store had out. The moon would be up soon and there would be hell to pay, for mortals and vampires alike.

    By Sandy on 09.07.2014

  19. Spikes. I don’t know what to write. They are pointy. The spikes are shiny, and twinkle as the light moves, like stars. My time is up.

    By Lila URL on 09.07.2014

  20. I felt her nipples in my back like two firm spikes. Heaven help me, it was a pillowy embrace otherwise. Yet those two points of contact, that’s all it takes to complete the circuit.

    By Just Another Monday URL on 09.07.2014

  21. His hair, turned into spikes with a thick gel, was immmediatly messied by his father.

    By nobody on 09.07.2014

  22. Spikes have nothing to do with any character in TFIOS so yeah.

    By Hope on 09.07.2014