August 14th, 2011 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “punishment”

  1. Am I being punished for something that I feel? I don’t understand why you hate me, jut because my emotions sometimes run wild. I really wish I could change them. Control them-something to make you love me as much as you did again! I wish I could be her again. I wish I could magicallybecome that person that you fell in love with, so I wouldn’t be punished anymore. Am I punishing you? I hope not. I will never do that on pupose.

    By Kat on 08.15.2011

  2. i do not believe that this is a punishment. whatever this is. if this is anything. perhaps it is punishment, and the fear is both the punishment and the crime.

    By chrissie on 08.15.2011

  3. I didn’t want to eat that. I never want to eat that. And yet I eat it. I imagine I’ll feel better when I eat it. I never do. And sometimes I feel worse. I always feel worse. And still I dream and salivate and eat. And I believe I’ll always feel better.

    By Abby URL on 08.15.2011

  4. Beginning to suspect that my relentless insomnia is punishment bestowed on me in a most vicious way, but what for? I’m a good girl I am.

    By Jeanie URL on 08.15.2011

  5. “Turn and look, Lucifer,” said the angel. “Turn and accept your independence.”

    The huddle form did nothing. He didn’t look up. He didn’t dare.

    “Isn’t this what you wanted? This is what you wished, what you swore, to be like the Most High.”

    Lucifer shivered.

    “Leave me alone,” he whispered.”Don’t you think I know?”

    “This is the void, Lucifer,” the angel said. “Out there, you are your own god. Out there, lies your kingdom.”

    Lucifer stiffened.

    “Don’t call it that,” he sobbed. “Don’t call that hell my kingdom.”

    The angel was silent, and when he spoke again his voice was hard with finality, but softened with sorrow.

    “It is what you have made it. Your freedom or punishment.”

    By Caleb on 08.15.2011

  6. He could live forever.
    And, he realised, that was the worst.

    By Sir Doctor URL on 08.15.2011

  7. not following the rules, dealing with your desicions through suffering. your dumb and dont listen. dealing. sucks. frick!!!! i hae ot when i get punished

    By kassie on 08.15.2011

  8. I dont think half the people that are in jail for marijuana deserve there punishments… punishments from my mom aren’t bad. punished my dog for peeing on the floor.

    By Jade Petrilliq on 08.15.2011

  9. Will he ever learn from that punishment? Was it what he truly needed or maybe guidance was what he really wanted, he yearned for that love he never had, that security which was neglected from him….he found refuge in a life which didn`t belong to him…

    By Luana URL on 08.15.2011

  10. The flood of memories surged, as more faces and names swam into Joseph’s mind, but the tide began to wane and lap away, as they gradually disappeared. It might have been better not to have remembered, that he would not have to bear the punishment of losing them again.

    By Luke Z URL on 08.15.2011

  11. you punish me for my past, but don’t you see i have changed?
    you tell me you are too good for me because of the wrong i did.
    you tell me you despise me for the choices i made,
    but cant you see we are the same person?
    you hate me because you hate yourself,
    and that my dear is why we will never last.
    you punish me for my past
    and in the end you punish yourself more than anything.
    because i told you i loved you,
    but that was never good enough.

    By anica URL on 08.15.2011

  12. We stood there like we had been lost forever. It was almost as if we hadn’t expected it. She looked out into the distance. “What’s the matter, baby?” she would ask me. I couldn’t even begin to tell her. Had she forgotten why we were here? There was so much going on in my head. It was, after all, punishment. This was, after all, what was coming to us all along.

    By Bryan URL on 08.15.2011

  13. punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment

    By dsa on 08.15.2011

  14. everything around me is a punishment. i don’t know what sin i committed but i assure you i’m innocent. im just a normal girl with a normal dream.

    By dsa on 08.15.2011

  15. He would place large books beneath his thin jeans… praying father didn’t see the thick lining, the obvious squares of safety from the stinging whip awaiting fall. His punishment was meant to be a physical pain, but drew its breath farther in… grabbed more than his precious, young hide. It banished his emotional self; his being of light and safety, security and love to a dim scope of loves palette, all raw… what was never required to make a point, sank in like a punch to the gut, with hard cover books scattered on the rug.

    By Leslie URL on 08.15.2011

  16. I feel like this is what I get. Or rather what we both get. She didn’t necessary start it, but my whole life I’ve felt the harsh sting of punishment. It’s only fair that now when she betrayed me most that she feels the same.

    By Ashten on 08.15.2011

  17. Punishment is the epitome of everything right and wrong in our world. It is the reason we don’t do anything wrong, but it is also why we do something wrong…

    For some, punishment is attention and the only sustenance for our desire to be noticed. In some cases, it becomes the driving force behind everything we do: becoming a downward spiral that leads to our ultimate undoing.

    If only we could undo the effects of everything that punishment has created. We could live without fear of reprimand, and approach life from a point of perspective not normally seen.

    By Alec Voorhies on 08.15.2011

  18. Bearing your soul. Opening up. What is all of that supposed to even mean, especially when, inevitably, it only comes back to bite you in the ass. It hurts me how easily she can walk away, from us, and our supposed friendship.

    By Ashten URL on 08.15.2011

  19. The small child was jumping on the bed. His mum came in and told him off and sent him to do chores as his punishment.

    By ~sophie97~ URL on 08.15.2011

  20. When we were at school our teacher it would appear delighted in exacting punishment towards us when we got an answer to the question wrong, no kind of explanation would suffice in convincing him that we should be given another chance.

    By victor walkes URL on 08.15.2011

  21. is a consequence of disobedience. it is something that we put upon ourselves because of stupidity or ignorance.

    By Hannah Galido URL on 08.15.2011

  22. Stare at the wall for sixty seconds. Then, remember what you’ve done and tell yourself you can always do better. Punishments are good they create self control.

    By gabrielle on 08.15.2011

  23. Punshiment is an act of disapline in which the guilty party is forced to do something they don’t want to do in order to pay for something they did or said to the victim. Punshiment CANNOT be taken into the hands of the general public and we must have faith in our justice system otherwise there would be utter chaos and a lot of anarchy.

    By Xanthe URL on 08.15.2011

  24. diving in head first into Franklin’s bowl of food, Sadie growls as she takes his food. He stands looking up at me, wondering when she’s going to receive her punishment.

    By Chris on 08.15.2011

  25. It`s something you get if you behave badly.
    Often parents punish you, but teachers can too.
    It may be used sexually, like if you like pain during sexual intercourse.

    By Desi on 08.15.2011

  26. It’s my own stupid fault that I ended up here. She told me twice that it would happen if I did it, and as much as I hate to admit it, she was right. What’s a man to do? I’ve gotta make my own experience. But it’s worse than she warned me it was.

    By tink URL on 08.15.2011

  27. an act to teach criminals a lesson. or to teach little kids right from wrong. an act that reminds you to learn from your mistakes and to grow as a person.

    By janet on 08.15.2011

  28. Punishment; I find it to be a harsh word. Couldn’t we just call it something like.. Well, I can’t think of a synonym. But something less.. rough. But maybe it needs to be rough, in order to teach people lessons.. But still, P U N I S H M E N T. Makes me think of being beaten. Punched, kicked, bitten, injured by others. It makes me feel unappreciated and disapproved of.

    By Meghan Witt URL on 08.15.2011

  29. Is this because of what I did before? I swear, and I told you this time and time again, I didn’t realize I was doing anything wrong. I see it was horribly twisted NOW, sure, but I was innocently blundering through life when I did it and now I am being punished.

    By Kendra on 08.15.2011

  30. Losing her influence was a punishment for the lies. No one knew about the lies, they just thought her mind was not quite right, and withdrew their support. Had she not lied she would have been at the top.

    By elizabeth b URL on 08.15.2011

  31. The man who was deemed evil was sent to have the slow slicing with a twist. They will slowly slice every part of his body while pouring alcohol to add to the pain. It is what he deserves for stealing a grain of rice from the king.

    By henshinger URL on 08.15.2011

  32. pain, lots of pain. Blood. Screams. Law. Cry. Bars locked. Stuck. Government

    By Daniel on 08.15.2011

  33. The ache
    In a corner I sit
    Staring at the wall
    Blank faced
    My punishment

    By Amanda URL on 08.15.2011

  34. punishemnts can be curel. though being punished for some stuff are important.. sometimes being punished can be downright fun.. god punishes us as well.. i hope not be punished.. lol.. wat else.. ummmm… i think de most i have been punished for would be ummm… i dunno maybe

    By nuha on 08.15.2011

  35. punishment is at the front of the news. How much punishment can be meted out fairly when there is so much anger? Punishment should be seen to have an effect on those at the receiving end. Punishment should also please those who are the victims. Punishment varies from country to country faith to faith. What we see as brutal others may see as fair.

    By Wendy on 08.15.2011

  36. They all looked into his bloodshot eyes that watered with hate. And he stared back into theirs, without a single flinch towards their hostility. His words then broke the day: “This can’t be like this, you can’t honestly think this is how the world works, can you?” The choke in his voice, the break in his thought, the whimper in his question. All his earnest words were useless against them, they had no tolerance for what he was or who he loved.
    “I won’t stop and I know that, I can’t. But you…” he stared with meaning, “you will face the truth eventually and yes it will hurt you. Your punishment shall come.”
    As if he were bowing out he took a step back from the mass.
    “The wicked can’t live forever and he damned have no rest.”

    By Saskia on 08.15.2011

  37. Punishment. It’s neccessary. I don’t really know what else to say about it other than the fact that it’s neccessary. Yeah.

    By Ellis Fields on 08.15.2011

  38. “but bogdan had to be very careful. he knew that death would be his punishment if he were to be found out.”

    By The Fake Dann URL on 08.15.2011

  39. A grape made into wine. The blood is the juice. Whipped into a delicious beverage. From suffering comes redemption. Jesus had it right. Punish me, God so I may age, ferment, and satisfy.

    By BRENT CLARK PALMER URL on 08.15.2011

  40. crime and punishment is an awesome tv show. i just can spend hours and hours watching it! i love the suspense, stories and narrations told. I also love that actor who acted in Dharma and Greg i just dont recall his name.. i love his black hair! crime and punishment rocks!

    By zeena on 08.15.2011