August 15th, 2011 | 985 Entries

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985 Entries for “thread”

  1. the thread weaves and darts it’s way through the soft cloth, tearing his way through uncharted crosshatches and careful rows of a thread field.

    By c on 08.16.2011

  2. okay, i got this thread from a friend when i was like five years old. first i didn’t think about that much, but a year later it seemed to me that i had forgotten something very important, and i remembered what this my very old friend had once said.

    By Cathrine on 08.16.2011

  3. My grandma always head thread around, working on sewing projects and whatnot. I don’t think I am a very “crafty” person myself. My grandma wants to give me a brand new sewing machine, and I really want to be able to use it, but I don’t even know if I can. I’ve already failed in crocheting and been pretty crappy at other various craft projects, but maybe I could actually get sewing. I doubt it at the start because I am not math minded or good with my hands. But maybe, just maybe, it’ll work out. I’m taking the sewing machine definitely.

    By dandyjams URL on 08.16.2011

  4. These are the threads of our lives, intertwined together in a vast tapestry of life. They can come loose, get tangled, or be woven into something even bigger. It is such a delicate thing, a thread, but it can be made into the strongest thing you could dream of if it is twisted and woven and braided. They can be cut short abruptly, or pulled into they are but little wisps hanging desperately onto each other.

    By Taylor on 08.16.2011

  5. Thread is commonly know to b partnered with a needle. It is made from cotton which is a plant and is quite popular. The cotton is spun to make thread and the thread is then used to sew material together.

    By Meh on 08.16.2011

  6. A thin yarn used for sewing. May be used to heal wounds, such as cuts, yet can’t be used to heal an emotion. If it could I’m sure everyone would want to use it.

    By Priscilla URL on 08.16.2011

  7. string SEWING THE PURPLE AND BLUE RIBBONS in the clothing woman old rocking chair each day just sewing for her grandson graduation jacket perfect he loved it later when she died he would put her in the jacket to rest forever wrapped in love

    By Prescott on 08.16.2011

  8. i pick the thread off my skirt. The thread was so long that i did not know whether to save it to make another skirt or piece of clothing. I just know that was such a long thread.

    By nell on 08.16.2011

  9. Rumpelstiltskin!

    By Casey Koch URL on 08.16.2011

  10. The threads woven into the thick fabric of a blanket, cracked and broken under the heat seem to cry out as they are torn from their brothers embrace.

    By Nathan on 08.16.2011

  11. facebook threads will reveal long stories full of love that when looked back upon will surprise you. you forget about how you used to feel and can’t identify with those emotions later in life. but you felt them.

    By sabrina Martins on 08.16.2011

  12. I always get the word thread to type but now i want another word. As i have mentioned before, thread is a single piece of yarn from a while bunch. In modern times, it could also mean a series of emails that have been exchanged over time.

    By Meenal on 08.16.2011

  13. A needle
    Different colors
    Made of materials
    Used in sewing
    Can be long or short
    Sewing machine

    By Bob on 08.16.2011

  14. as i thread the needle, of my life
    with very much force
    yet closed crying eyes

    i sew up my ties
    for my future so bright
    and start to sew
    the start of my life

    By Kari URL on 08.16.2011

  15. I had these cool threads once. Threads on pants too. Or threads as threads of life, thrreaded to other family memebers. It’s odd these threads.

    By Cheryl Long on 08.16.2011

  16. in our country is a dish that i like it so much this is the first thing that i want to write about this word and because is my favourit moroccan dish

    By chama on 08.16.2011

  17. the needle thread the world write things make string out words trains of thought crashing into one other over the entire vast plain of intuition none of this makes sense oh well see if I care I’ll just thread this needle and sew myself a world without punctuation or fluidity then you’ll see.

    Fuck your preconceived notions of cohesion.

    By michelle URL on 08.16.2011

  18. thread is what you sew with. my grandma sews a lot. she also knits mittens for poor kids in afghanistan. i wonder if she just sends them in the mail. do they have winter in afghanistan? i guess so, or else why would they need so many mittens? she also makes quilts. she hangs them on the walls. i use yellow thread to fix stuff. i fixed a headband and a sweater. the headband was gray and the sweater was black.

    By abby on 08.16.2011

  19. the thread quickly wound its way around my finer. bliss. honey. i was tied to her- or her apron string. i love her- i’ll always be there with her- always tied around her apron string. danicing, eating, i’ll be there for her. her love. <3

    By PO on 08.16.2011

  20. A thread is like a train of though. Threads of thought can lead you into more threads of thought, and so on and so on, until, when you zoom out, you are left with a giant tapestry of all your thoughts. I wonder what my tapestry looks like…

    By char on 08.16.2011

  21. there are a million tiny threads connected all people. Thousands upon thousands of invisible connections, interconnecting the world and making every human part of one body.

    By marilyn on 08.16.2011

  22. at the end of a needle, thread.
    like a string of ideas you thread them together.
    the intricate layers and patterns that make up our clothing.
    all wound up in a spool

    By Melly Eve on 08.16.2011

  23. Thread Holds us together by sheer lines. Tiny lines, we never see this thread. It holds me to you and us to the ground. I don’t know if I’m in love with you. It’s just that I’ve grown to you and I’ve grown with you, and I’m attached by our thread. I need you, and j don’t know what that means to me anymore. I am attached by our thread to you

    By AvaJ URL on 08.16.2011

  24. needle sew make create colrful options beautiful designs hanging by

    By Karena K on 08.16.2011

  25. simple, thin and connective. a small part of something that could become huge. Not just used on shirts but all types of clothing. There are invisible threads of energy between everyone. We are all connected to one another even if we don’t realize it.

    By Sarien on 08.16.2011