August 14th, 2011 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “punishment”

  1. i like soft punishments they feel nice and i enjoy it when someone spanks me. i don’t like it very much when i have to suffer punishments from people who i don’t think have the right to be dishing it out. Sweet punishments and enjoyable. I can not stand it when people punish their children in public. they could wait till they get home for all that.

    By Merriah on 08.14.2011

  2. Punishment is not having enough milk for your cereal. Punishment is when your legs drag on the ground on a playground swing that is too long. When you realize that you aren’t a kid anymore. Who deserves to feel that way? To feel short changed? Who deserves cereal only slightly wet?

    By Grace on 08.14.2011

  3. Some people say that Reno is a glutton for punishment.

    He doesn’t disagree, because its true.

    Maybe that’s why he finds himself waking up face to face with Elena and deciding not to get up and walk away.

    By Sara URL on 08.14.2011

  4. i want to come to your house and rip you limb from limb take you into MY house and show you what i know about torture i am not a man i am an animal i have no feelings i only live for pain i live for suffering. i live for punishment.

    By bob on 08.14.2011

  5. well i aint got me or nobody else in this here world. but i got one thing yeah i got me a dose of punishment. oh sir i see the sirens i know what they say i know what i am or who you are and what to do today but i aint got one shit brain of an idea of who they are in me today and i got an idea of punishment

    By bob URL on 08.14.2011

  6. It isn’t often that I find myself relishing punishment. I don’t have a trouble making bone in my body, though my brother does. He constantly pushes the limits, just to see how far it gets him. It never gets him far, but he doesn’t care. He’ll take the punishment, as though it’s a reward for attracting as much attention as he possibly can. I haven’t seen him in fifteen years. Perhaps it’s time to take a visit.

    By Keith on 08.14.2011

  7. Punishment should always be considered a last option.

    By Pappu on 08.14.2011

  8. ive already written about this topic but anyways here we go again….punishment is a big word…and a controversial topic…theirs all different types…and lengths of punishments. i need a new topic grrr

    By ayana on 08.14.2011

  9. I hate punishment.

    By Tessa on 08.14.2011

  10. brutal. strong. meaningful. stupid. important….. rewarding?
    Humanities attempt to create a solution to karma. To create our own results, our own controlled results. Karma is a universal and spiritual thing that is uncontrollable by human’s actions. Therefore punishment is a superficial part of our culture. It also is one of the things keeping our humanity relatively calm and controlled….. maybe that’s not a good thing.

    By Zarina URL on 08.14.2011

  11. She slaves at work from 8 in the morning to 8 in the night. In between, a few moments for breath. The soles of her feet, tired with age. Her eyes squinting with the light of the sun when she goes in and out. Her husband, a viejo rabo verde who could care less about respecting her as his wife when he speaks of the women in his life. Constumbres, costumbres nada mas says Juan Gabriel. Where is the love? There’s only the familiar holding that union together. The icing on the cake, two ungrateful daughters who will one day drive her to an early grave. One reproaches her every single thing in her life while the other one will never be satisfied.

    She’s already past forty. The life she leads is far from the fairy tale she once dreamed off when she was a little girl running around the streets, dreaming of a perfect life with a handsome man and a big family that would love and cherish each other ’till the end of time.

    As she crouches down in front of the seventh toilet of the day, she wonders what she did in her previous life to deserve such a punishment. She sprays the inside and scrubs really hard that she almost pulls a muscle and chastises herself for even thinking those thoughts. Despite the imperfections in her life, she is content. She has a roof over her head, a steady job, family and health. Others have much less, why is she complaining? Careful not to bump into the door behind her she stands up and inspects the bathroom. Everything looks and is clean. She takes her bucket containing her liquids and brushes with her and as she exits the bathroom her traitorous mind betrays her and asks itself one more time in a very small voice, what did I do to deserve this punishment?

    By Karla URL on 08.14.2011

  12. It is a crash of rifting flesh like melting without the fragility. I break like breaking bones, unrepeatable. This is the rub of unending, just let me stop. Cease. It is never to end this pain.

    By s.e.cates URL on 08.14.2011

  13. punishment.
    it’s not something that we just receive – we take it, with pain, with anguish
    and even with guilt.
    and sometimes, if we are struggling enough,
    we’ll give it out to ourselves.
    dish it out, as if we deserve each lash of tongue
    each negative thought,
    each physical strike
    that no one else thinks we deserve.

    By lindsey on 08.14.2011

  14. i should give me a punishment for the way i think of myself..

    By ab URL on 08.14.2011

  15. Punishment to me nowadays is associated with the courts. When I was little, punishment meant the sacrifice of something cherished – a packet of penny sweets, perhaps. Though I was never that naughty to merit a punishment. Goody two-shoes!

    By Jenny URL on 08.14.2011

  16. i know my punishment was not enough but i couldnt help but think of you and know that love was much more about the things we didnt do. was this punishment at all? im sorry for everything. especially for how your smile made me feel. no im not. but time is running out now. those lights i saw as i drove to your house… im still reminded of how much i could have given you everything if you had let me. but then again- you did. and ive broken it.

    By Sarah on 08.15.2011

  17. What happened next was as just a response as a slap in the face. Such an insignificant crack in the pavement grew before his very eyes and as he watched in horror his toes hit it squarely, sending him sprawling. Some kind of stored carbonation in his stomach came to life and rushed upward through his body, filling out each limb with it’s million tingling bubbles, bringing his hands up around his face. He did not fall to the ground, but he was left with the feeling of one who had, and he was embarrassed. Awoken from his daydream of loathing he was reminded by the world that everything would be balanced out in the end, even the hateful thoughts in his mind were noticed and succinctly dealt with.

    By zachmichelini URL on 08.15.2011

  18. i remember my mom used to hit me when i was little. i guess its a spanish thing, some white kids their parents dont hit them but they get a time out WHAT IS THAT?! thats not punishment
    “go to your room!” i wish my mom said that to me

    By Stephania URL on 08.15.2011

  19. the worst possible thing ever.. like when you get punished for something that wasn’t even your fault that sucks also usually they never work because you end up making the same mistake again so it sucks even more because you will be continue to be punished and receive punishments for stupid stuff through out your entire life. it’s awesome isn’t it?

    By Kara Schwartz on 08.15.2011

  20. The little girl opened the strange book in her closet. It was pristine in the way the embroidery covered the light thread of the fabric. She knew she wasn’t suppose to. Her mother told her in these exact words: “Don’t go near the book in the closet. Don’t you dare go near that pretty book.” But, the little girl thought, it was just a book. Dust particles danced in the sunlight that sneaked through the wooden creaks. Little did she know that opening the book would bring punishment and a blessing.

    By Tani URL on 08.15.2011

  21. I couldn’t bare the gold chains on my wrists and ankles. Fourteen years of marriage and still no one to come home to other than a bitter wife. Was this the fitting punishment of my reckless youth?

    By Ruben URL on 08.15.2011

  22. “im not happy here” said the old man “take me back home” he knew this was it. this was his punishment for everything he did.
    “what do you mean you are not happy when you are surrounded by people who love you” his granddaugther said, trying to comfort him.
    “he sold it, didnt he?” he said, as if she wasnt even there.
    “what does he mean?” asked the puzzled nun
    “his son, my brother, he is asking if my brother sold his land” answered the old man’s daugther.

    his granddaugther comes to his rescue once more “he cant sell the land gramps, it still belongs to you. dont worry, i am building you a big house there were you can feel safe” she looks for support in her mother, who prays to God that his father aknowlegdes her. but the old man is lost in his thoughts “he never comes to visit” he says, as if talking to himself.

    “here” said the granddaughter, holding the phone next to his ear “talk to him”
    “no, no, no. I dont want to talk to him” the old man moves away, but his granddaugther is persistent.
    “hello?” says the voice on the other end of the phone.
    “son?” suddenly the old man lowers his voice and talks to him.
    his granddaugther, who refuses to listen to the conversation, only catches a faint “i miss you”. no words have hurt her more.

    By Dale on 08.15.2011

  23. At times we punish ourselves for no reason limiting our power and thinking that things are impossible, we punish our minds for dreaming because we laready conclude that we can’t make it happen. That iss why we will stay unhappy.

    By siziwe URL on 08.15.2011

  24. Though the steam of dawn’s birth there are the days I fight to leave behind. Nights of pitched sound, and the stench of a rotting corpse that was our passions. Over a desolate tundra my battle horse has tired. His breathe on track for what was once home.

    I trudge our memories alone on high. The insanity I cannot depart. Resolve for those high walls of frozen stone. Bends of switchbacks in ramblings. Nightmares running through ruins.

    Is this just a unwanted reappearance? A knight of war with chance flicker of warmth in your heart after what seems like eternity? Has winter been won? Has a delicate bud been chosen as the genesis of spring that is to blossom?

    On second wind, I return to you like homecoming. Born new through pain and loss. With wisdom outlawing atrocities from a distant age. Is there a sign of love light burning? Growth of a sapling that would court change in your old regime? Is your desperate hearts contentment, in some distant lancet?

    I look up to see the trace stars left from the broken night.

    When once my heart journeyed the vastness of your affection. My love is now an abused echo. Perpetually lonely, and returning only to me.
    Alas this place owns only darkness. All there was, and ever is now. Punishment… for loving you more than I should.

    By joel schneider URL on 08.15.2011

  25. punishment is a fun word to describe. it usually encompasses something painful, whether it be emotional or physical, more often than not emotional in an American society. Nothing else tends to come to mind other than an unpleasant sensation brought about by actions deserving of harsh consequence.

    By Brendan on 08.15.2011

  26. You know when I was a child, I was offered a chance to choose my own punishment: get a spanking or be grounded for two weeks. Though the latter was definitely the less painful in the physical sense, the spanking would be over and done with in no time; my choice was the spanking and as I sat there rubbing my poor, burning bum, I was glad that I would have the next two weeks to be free–until I got into trouble again, that is.

    By Tee on 08.15.2011

  27. Sometimes punishment can come with no words at all. I remember walking home from school for lunch in 3rd grade and stopping to have lunch with a friend on the way. By the time I got home I was Really late. My Mother said nothing at all, just threw me in the car and drove me back to school. That quiet was true punishment.

    By donaflora URL on 08.15.2011

  28. The worst kind of punishment, or I guess the most effective, is the punishment of disgust. When someone you love looks at you in disgust, or even less than that, simply with distaste. When they look at like that all you want to is crumble beneath the weight of their disapproval. It is the absolute worst punishmnet.

    By Katie Mehrer URL on 08.15.2011

  29. kings guilty children execution innocent behaviour chair knife parents fear

    By Zalina on 08.15.2011

  30. This makes me think of growing up. Getting your nose in the corner for smacking your little brother, not being able to go to a school dance for smart mouthing off to your mom, not being able to go on that ONE DATE that you’ve wanted to go on for “like, everrrrrrr!!!” because you didn’t clean your room.

    By Ariel on 08.15.2011

  31. It’s cruel, but needed. There’s different types of punishment; you can go to jail. You can be ignored. You can be cursed at. You can be hit. But why be punished? There’s no need for that nonsense. It only brings people down. I don’t see the lesson you learn by being punished.

    By Jasmine on 08.15.2011

  32. And so he was punished with her lips. Their chemistry made his whole relationships doomed from the very beginning. And there was nothing he could do. It was hopeless.

    By Ana Mejia URL on 08.15.2011

  33. wy do i have to be punishe for something i did not do, i mean isnt that unfear i never thought that could happen to me

    By nicolas nazar on 08.15.2011

  34. Ok. I confess I really did steal that newspaper from yesterday. I don’t see the big deal. Surely, all that’s going to happen is that it is going to whack some poor unfortunate wasp on the back. Besides they haven’t even filled the crossword in that’s why I took it. What! You’re giving me three months!

    By Gary Hewitt on 08.15.2011

  35. Punishment is what you get for commiting a crime, there is also a book called Crime & Punihsment which is supposedly a great example of Russian Literature. I have the book, but I haven’t read it yet! I remember reading a joke using the title once…

    By Neil on 08.15.2011

  36. Punishment has many meanings to many people….for some it is an affectionate term used in sexual bondage for others it is a vibrant reminder of our childhood.

    By Paul on 08.15.2011

  37. Being grounded. Parents’ way of saying “fuck you”, very subtly. Disciplinary action. Something you deserve, depending on what you’ve done.

    By Laura on 08.15.2011

  38. Punishment, the consequences of crime, but only for those who get caught. A deterrent for those only who fear the quality of their own endevours. Only those who doubt themselves.

    By Lauren Hynes on 08.15.2011

  39. punishment … the word will cause most people, in my thinking, to flash back to their childhood..to memories of scornful parents and times spent in isolation, grounded.

    By Paul on 08.15.2011

  40. hurt, not respect, reward, attack, bad things,

    By jacky on 08.15.2011