August 14th, 2011 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “punishment”

  1. punishment, sometime, is not good. Have any way to improve the people ‘s attitude

    By long on 08.15.2011

  2. je suis punie pour ce que j’ai fait. Qu’ai-je fait? Je ne sais pas, mais je suis punie quand même. Ca reste, ça me suit partout où je vais, j’ai beau fuir ou vouloir le meilleur, je n’ai que la punition du passé, qui reste, et que je ne veux pas voir partir. Pourtant, c’est mon souhait le plus fort, le plus grand. Que le passé parte et que le présent soit neuf.

    By caroline on 08.15.2011

  3. Pain is the essence of punishment. To remember the pain to affect future behavior.

    By kerry scott on 08.15.2011

  4. The punishment for breaking into the school past school hours was to clean the entire gym with a tooth brush. So that’s why Jared was doing that saturday morning. Cleaning the gym. It was torture.

    By Regan URL on 08.15.2011

  5. Spankings, threats, the parent insists in a strained voice, “You have TWO choices. Behave, or sit on the stair.” In a world where there are only two options, isn’t everything a form of punishment?

    By Val on 08.15.2011

  6. cruel. You don’t think you deserve it. Somebody has taken power over you and you are now being punished. Not fun. because you did something bad.

    By august welles URL on 08.15.2011

  7. Is this my punishment to be alone? Have I not been a good enough person to deserve a nice man in my life when there are bitches out there who have it all?

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.15.2011

  8. He looked at his jail cell bars wondering how he got here. Why did he do it. Was it even worth it? He hears the jailers coming down the hall, his keys jingling. He hopes his escape plan works. When the jailer reaches his cell he calls out asking for help. The man doesn’t even know what’s about to happen.

    By megan douglas on 08.15.2011

  9. It’s that silence that sticks to you like a layer of sweat on a slimy, muggy day. You can’t see it but you sure can feel it. It’s the words that fill the silence, supplemented by the horrors of your mind as you try to anticipate the unexpected. Hair rising, heart pulsing, silence.

    By Nafisa on 08.15.2011

  10. bad
    doing something your not supposed to or were told not to
    sometimes violent

    By Rejieli on 08.15.2011

  11. i hate punishment. even when i deserve it. like when i stole my dads car with two of my friends. yeah, it was a crappy, stupid thing to do but then my bitch of a sister got me kicked out when she promised she wouldn’t tell my dad. well, i was stupid enough to believe her. so she told my dad and i got kicked out, but it’s all good, i now have my own house and can laugh in the face of my evil sister who thought i would perish if i didn’t live at home…muhuhahahah :)

    By atlanta nevada wilkinson-groves on 08.15.2011

  12. I feel bad. I know I deserve it, but my heart breaks every time you inflict this punishment. How I wish I had never done that…. But now it is too late. I accept it.
    It is still painful, though, and no matter how hard I try the tears won’t go away.

    By Rayen on 08.15.2011

  13. Punishments may not be the best way to change someone. As research have shown, putting people in a jail might just be the worst kinds of punishment. The environment in a jail forces people to become more violent and destructive, therefore, instead of adding sentence and wasting people’s lives, maybe the best sort of punishment is improvement.

    By Ian URL on 08.15.2011

  14. My worst punishment would probably losing my parents’ trust. Or love. I don’t think I could survive without those. At least for now. Maybe when i’m older my view of the world will be different so I can handle different punishments.

    By varsh URL on 08.15.2011

  15. War is the punishment for lack of love.

    By Maddison Smith URL on 08.15.2011

  16. I have a punishment. I can’t figure out what it is, but it hurts. They are evil. Who are they? They gave me my punishment. I hate they. They hate me.

    By Christina Shernerwood on 08.15.2011

  17. So, this is what you are threatening? Standing in the corner until I can be nice to my sister? Do you actually think it will work. Well, yes, you’re right–at least for the moment. It will work for now, because I hate it so. Yes, it will make me calm down, but only for now–not forever.

    By Mrs. Weintraut URL on 08.15.2011

  18. This was different than my old school in many ways. For one, the classes were harder and no fun at all. For another I have no friends here. I don’t know what I did to have been shipped off to prep school. But, that was a lie. I know exactly what i did. hell, people ive never met knew what i did. This is the worst punishment my parents could have thought of for the worst possible thing I coulee done.

    By ~KoalaDanceBot~ URL on 08.15.2011

  19. A horrible mannor used to provide discipline often does not cause discipline but breaks a barrier. Punishment should not be used their are better methods, punishment brings the thought of pain, anger, lost trust, disrespect and misunderstood.

    By Ben on 08.15.2011

  20. punishment is not always an external thing. people consistently find ways to punish themselves in life although many refuse to admit it. i am the type of person that seems to enjoy self punishment.

    By Dizzy The X URL on 08.15.2011

  21. It’s not something he thinks about. His fingers curling into a fist, clutching so tightly he’ll leave nail marks on his palm when he’s done. He swings, leaving purple and blue and a little bit of red all over.

    Her back is pressed up against the door, the knob gutting into her side, and she tried to sink down a little, just enough to get away.

    By Reilly URL on 08.15.2011

  22. Living this way is a punishment I daily inflict upon myself. I don’t want you. I need you.

    By frances g on 08.15.2011

  23. Its seriously just one word. I’m never going to be okay with just one word a day. They go on and on, speaking there word. Over and over and over. Fuck em.

    By M. Romick URL on 08.15.2011

  24. My punishment was having my family taken from me. My punishment was being forced out of my home, my palace. I am in prison for no reason. The life of Marie Antoinette. I hate this.

    By Victoria DeRose on 08.15.2011

  25. Is this punishment for something I’ve done?
    Or something I didn’t do?
    Maybe I took it for granted.
    I don’t know.
    And as a result it gets yanked away.
    Forcing me to suppress all my other feelings.
    This isn’t punishment, it’s torture.

    By Faro URL on 08.15.2011

  26. Punishment was his cruel mistress. She punished him at every turn, twisted his heart into a million knots, stole HER away from him. One day, he would kill her for it. He would murder the goddesss of punishment with his bare hands.

    By Bri Elli on 08.15.2011

  27. The was no punishment, or so she thought. Over the course of the next couple of days she would discover the worst punishment she’d ever experienced: guilt. It began to eat at her, constantly lurking in the back of her mind. Soon she was begging to be grounded, to be put to work around the house, anything to ease her conscience. But it wasn’t something she could run from.

    By Haley URL on 08.15.2011

  28. Patrick was impaled by all those punishments people were getting in the real life. He was kind of Peter Pan, wandering around. Every good deed ends with punishment, his uncle told him one day. And he knew that guy was right. Punishment is inevitable and confusing.

    By Leona URL on 08.15.2011

  29. i think punishment is very popular and very useful among grooming children. to get a kid to listen, there has to be some sort of punishment, reward system in place while they are young to shape the actions that they dont understand, until they can make informed judgements.

    By Zach on 08.15.2011

  30. when your a kid and the teacher sends you to the thinking chair its not an experience thats easily forgotten. being punishi

    By Dave on 08.15.2011

  31. Ah here we gather today to punish the heretic of this sacred order, the doctor of truth, the surgeon of wisdom fouled and sullied by his own lack of humanity. For crimes against humanity I sentence you to a lifetime of loneliness and solitude so one day you may know our pain dear doctor.

    By David Simba Douglas URL on 08.15.2011

  32. I could be graphic about your abuse but that would only serve to waste time. Back and forth we can go, under laws that do not fully protect, but that solves nothing. You will never know the extent of the damage you caused. No matter what I do, no matter what I say, you will still go on, mind illogical and uncomprehending, especially because you want it to be so.

    By Holly URL on 08.15.2011

  33. …Hate getting it…hate giving it.


    By vanhaydu.com URL on 08.15.2011

  34. committing a crime, doing bad things or illegal things, or even just being accused of something bad and wrong that you didn’t do; you get punished.

    By Gabbie Karademos URL on 08.15.2011

  35. This is form of punishment that you have put upon me.
    I was yours to hold, but remember this is what you chose.
    She won’t be there for you like I could have been.
    In other words, you put this punishment upon yourself.

    By Karolina URL on 08.15.2011

  36. Ich las das Wort und ich wusste, dass ich es schon einmal gesehen hatte. Ich wusste, dass ich die Bedeutung kannte, aber sie wollte mir nicht einfallen. Mein Gedächtnis war in tausend kleine Stückchen zerborsten ment und pun und ish. Wo ist der Anfang und wo ist das Ende? Und wo bin ich mitten in alledem?

    By Lisa URL on 08.15.2011

  37. What a horrible awakening! When the wrinkly old therapist, Mrs. Morrison, pointed out that the dreams were merely a subconscious justification to his waking life, the young man’s heart sunk even further into the dreary depths of self-pity.

    By Kristen Nicole Nelson URL on 08.15.2011

  38. Waiting is all ever do now. I don’t know why I killed him but his lawyer convinced everyone i was unfit for society and know i must be locked away forever

    By TepidHero on 08.15.2011

  39. That girl, the lover, stoned to death for love. Who cares about her? Her god? Her family? No. Her lover. She is lying there. Naked. Bloody. Hopeless. Dead. Are you happier now? Do you feel closer to your god for killing her? I hope you can sleep well tonight. Because you wont.

    By aayes on 08.15.2011

  40. I always wondered what kinds of punishment were the worst. I mean, medieval torture devices are pretty bad, but seriously? sometimes I think emotional or mental punishment is worse than physical. At least the physical punishment you can hope goes away with time. The other two could be lasting.

    By Ashley on 08.15.2011