August 14th, 2011 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “punishment”

  1. i hate punishment. IT pisses me off. Cause half the punishments we get is useless. Like taking something away and giving it back. Doesnt teach us. I get the most retarted punishments. Like no. if ima get in trouble can we make it good. Please. (:

    By Sydney URL on 08.14.2011

  2. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve the punishment I received today. I overheard a conversation that did not include me, but insulted me at the same time. My punishment is my ability to overprocess society and its many ills. If I could just stop thinking.

    By Fender2010 URL on 08.14.2011

  3. In his whole life this words had somehow managed to control his whole life. It wasn’t something that he wanted. Who would want that, but somehow it just so happened that it always came his way. It wasn’t too long before he realized the need to turn it around. To be the punsisher. Then he wound up here. Ironic? No?

    By Sade on 08.14.2011

  4. punishment is fun especially whne the parents think you dont want it then you end up with a good punishment, so many people just pretend they like a bad punishment then it get changed to a so called bad one but its better than the one before

    By jess on 08.14.2011

  5. Punishment is usually something that one puts upon themselves after doing something that they see as wrong. People usually punish themselves for years out of guilt and depression. Punishment doesn’t have to be a self-inflicted problem. You don’t deserve to be punished.

    By Meghan on 08.14.2011

  6. punishment is something that is needed in this world. without it, we would be without the simple consequences that stop us from doing whatever we please. it adds a sense of responsibility to life in that, we are able to choose what is right.

    By kyle williams on 08.14.2011

  7. every day, he punishes me. never physically. but every time i mess up, he makes me feel so awful about myself. i know i’m hurting him so much, but to me, the things are so innocent. i love him so so much and i guess i deserve punishment, but i can hardly take it anymore.

    By sarah URL on 08.14.2011

  8. This was my punishment. Like two dull plastic martini swords in my eyes. It was cheap, tacky, low and painful. And fucking colorful.

    By Kirsten Logerquist URL on 08.14.2011

  9. I feel like i deserve this. Punishment I mean. I used to get it when i was little for doing silly things like hitting kids or whatever. a smack on the wrist but I’m doing bigger and better things now. Well i say that. things that deserve more punishment. I’m not getting any though. Because I’m old enough to know better. I don’t know better.

    By zombeeblood URL on 08.14.2011

  10. Spankings are alright ,but not always. Only on the great occasion is it acceptable. Serial Killers are hard to pick out from IT technicians. I can’t spell very well under pressure clear

    By Kourtney on 08.14.2011

  11. a parents way to take control of a childs wrong doing notmaly without even attempting to understand the situation that they are punishing the child usly in the form og fisical action or the taking away of the childs writes and privilges

    By lyta tobias URL on 08.14.2011

  12. its pure punishment
    the position God’s placed us
    the space we inhabit
    and the endless races
    of fights to the end
    of a means we don’t know
    and the state of the world
    and where we will go
    a petrifying feeling
    for those with worry
    and for the careless few
    it’s still stomach churning
    the debt in your wallet
    and the little money you now have
    will inevitably change
    we must turn it around

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 08.14.2011

  13. is this some type of cruel punishment? dragging me away from you. it gives me that hurt, every time i breath. and i whisper, “the only thing that’s changing, is our address.”

    By rae URL on 08.14.2011

  14. i hate punishment my parents whip me and i dont like it why.
    it hurts so bad and i want to rip my skin off because how mean they are.
    no me gusta.

    By petunia on 08.14.2011

  15. I almost never punish people. The nazis did, probably the worst of anyone. The worst punishment is being locked away without seeing the sky or the sea. I would go crazy. Im sure people do.

    By Lindsey B. URL on 08.14.2011

  16. It was aching but there was something there: something almost beautiful.

    As I writhed and flinched I felt an almost cleansing of guilt for all wrong doing. Is this what it feels like to be a masochistic? I wonder to myself quietly as once again my father raises his coarse and smoke-smelling hand.

    I will not enjoy this.

    I think these words as another blissful lash comes down onto my back.

    By Becky on 08.14.2011

  17. i dont know how to punish anyone for anything. seems like everyone should know themselves when they need to be punished, feel guilty for no one calling them out on it, and not do whatever they did again. im in no place to make anyone feel guilty or punihs anyone, and i thank God every day for not letting me be punished. ive done some bad thigns. some times the beauty in life is that you get away with horrible things. and then learn.

    By Jane on 08.14.2011

  18. hate
    yellow bees

    By kareem on 08.14.2011

  19. punishment is awful
    its a tragedy. What occurs is subsequent to an action, that I’m sure at one time was just. If it wasn’t just, then I guess thats a different story. Unless of course this concerns me.

    By Adam on 08.14.2011

  20. i

    By you're reading this cause you think there'll be a name..but no URL on 08.14.2011

  21. He deserved this, really, she told herself.
    She watched through the peep hole as his face changed, going through emotions. Shock. Anger. Hurt. On and on, his face cycled.
    He had hurt her. Now was his time.
    She would wait. She’d let him in again. Maybe.

    By Chelseyann URL on 08.14.2011

  22. Punishment executed by the one done wrong isn’t punishment anymore.

    By Astro URL on 08.14.2011

  23. Close the door and lock it. Turn off all the lights. Music is turned up, ear phones in place and I have found a comfortable position. I don’t feel right about what I have done. Shut everyone out is how I know best to deal with situations like this. The less I see them or talk to them, the less I want to be around them. The less chance that I will have to face the truth. Either way, I lose in the end. I am alone and I am lost; in love, in friendship, in life.

    By Kari URL on 08.14.2011

  24. jail time. spanking. silent treatment. shmunishment. no one likes to be punished… duh.

    By chloe on 08.14.2011

  25. When one believes that they are righteous enough to enforce upon another their will in a disgusting & vulgar display of power, sometimes in hopes of gaining respect amongst other disgustingly violent offenders of the human race.

    By delapruch URL on 08.14.2011

  26. A, comma placed according to no, known rools of grammer or; punctuation.

    This sentence is incompletely

    By Devin URL on 08.14.2011

  27. It was punishment, and I had a feeling she knew it. She simply held her gaze on mine, steely blue and scarier in it’s grip than ever before. I could only sit and squirm, not weak enough to break the trance but not strong enough to call her out. I couldn’t help but feel like I was inadequate, and this was her way of telling me.

    By Carolynn URL on 08.14.2011

  28. She hadn’t meant to do it. But now she was going to pay for a silly mistake, a silly prank, and it had never meant to be so serious. They were going to break her, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. It was her punishment. She never even got to apologize.

    By Bear Fetus on 08.14.2011

  29. endings
    but unendings
    dancing breath of dire near
    falling but unbreaking
    creation in anguish
    if creation is the root of destruction
    and how can else be
    to lose the ability to fly

    By Shannon on 08.14.2011

  30. punishment suck i hate getting yelled at especially for stupid shit i didnt do like when my brother leaves his dishes in the sik but then agai sometimes punishment is deserved like when i beat the whores face in for sleeping with my ex boyfriend

    By haley on 08.14.2011

  31. I suppose this is my punishment, my karma. Yup, real nice. Sometimes I don’t understand such a thing.. punishment.. hmm.. what’s next?

    By Nicole URL on 08.14.2011

  32. i feel like im being punished sometimes, even when im not. Sometimes, the chores i do seem to be a bit excessive. maybe not though. maybe im just doing my part, and i over react. i think thats a thing with geminis. i think they tend to over react. i know they have a hard time with decisions

    By Roger on 08.14.2011

  33. hard, bad , trouble, gay, horrible, i hate it, its stupid, mistake, time to think about what i did, punish, parents, lies, phone taken away, laptop taken away, months, weeks, no friends, no fun, no tyler, nothing, room, i hate punishment.

    By britinee on 08.14.2011

  34. From the final stint of match spark I ran. It struck the rough with surface precision and imbued chaos, chaos that conflagrated the remnants of my exile.

    By Cyrus Willoughby URL on 08.14.2011

  35. She fell from the branch to which she’d desperately clung, arms flailing in desperate bid for purchase. But no, her attempts were fragile and frail. That which was lost faded high away like dots in the distance. Faces of the leaving went quickly by and the below rose up with sharp fists to clutch at her broken body. She had not learned to run.

    By Shannon on 08.14.2011

  36. It’s a punishment to be doing your best and to find it’s not enough. Why would someone punish someone for a deed they didn’t commit? The system doesn’t care about this, so why punish the people who try with the crushing knowledge that they are not good enough? To lose your faith in yourself is the greatest punishment of all.

    By Bec URL on 08.14.2011

  37. Punishment is one of the most contoversial topics – i believe. Capital punishment, to smack or not to smack your child, does the punishment fit the crime? Should there be a universal system of punishment?

    By Kirsty URL on 08.14.2011

  38. I once got a really bad punishment when I was in kindergarten. I was bored and I had to sit out of story time. I was so upset I scribbled all over the back of the chair I was sitting in. My teacher made me come in during lunch to scrub it off in front of her, the principle, and two 5th grade teachers. I also think of terrible erotica involveing a British all boys private school with uniforms and such. Yum.

    By Monica on 08.14.2011

  39. Punishment. I hate that word. I am a glutton for punishment. I still have feelings for people that are moving on without me. I let myself continue feeling things I shouldn’t. The word itself makes me cringe. I want nothing more than to make this obscene fascination go away. I need to be able to move on and stop. But I can’t. If I’m not hurting then I feel nothing at all.

    By BindleMarie URL on 08.14.2011

  40. punishment is something you get when you do something bad. it can save some people from ruining the rest of their life….and others. punishment can also sometimes be wrongful and un-deserved.

    By ayana on 08.14.2011