August 14th, 2011 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “punishment”

  1. Punishment can be positive or negative. Negative punishment entails taking away something good and positive punishment entails adding something bad. The labels are initially confusing, but simple in the right context. Generally, corporal punishment is no longer considered something recommended in the United States, but punishment for misdeeds is the basis of our justice system.

    By Adrian on 08.15.2011

  2. punishment is needed in the society we currently live in as it has been throughout history. man is created with a conscience (soul) but not all choose to listen to this which is why some need to be held accountable. without punishment we would live in a lawless society that would either collapse upon itself or could potentially thrive and bring us to our potential.

    By josh on 08.15.2011

  3. This is the term in which children face probably everyday of their lives. It is what drives them to decide whether or not to throw that apple sauce at your face or to drop the crayon after scribbling incoherent things on the walls. It is what we face now.

    By Christine on 08.15.2011

  4. i seem to feel it all the ptime. punishment is awful -0 since i was a kid = mental – it’s the worst kind. not being a good typist this exercise doens’t work too well for me but it’s probably a good thing for me to do. how about you?

    By Siobhan URL on 08.15.2011

  5. the crimes that our lives produce have ultimate justification through such things. find yourself in a box and you may well find your own salvation through all

    By anders randrup on 08.15.2011

  6. all actions have consequences although your punishment might not be in the form of hurt sometimes guilt will do the trick

    By Mayra URL on 08.15.2011

  7. To say that the government is in the business of revenge and retribution
    Is correct.
    Assuming the punishments are a front for resource grabbing wars in far flung countries.

    By Jadam URL on 08.15.2011

  8. I never deserved any of the “punishment” that you put me through. You know what your punishment is called? Abuse. You abused my soul. You fucked me up cause my sense of right and wrong is all off but i will be happy and move on in time.

    By Ev on 08.15.2011

  9. A world without punishment will never exist. A world without incentive would be too lazy. They need each other, just like I need them.

    By dan URL on 08.15.2011

  10. “Go to your room and stay there until you’ve learned your lesson!” my dads voice bellowed. My shoulders slumped and i trudged down the hall and into my room. Why did he have to do this to me? Wasn’t beng related enough of a punishment?

    By Serena URL on 08.15.2011

  11. Punishment is an interesting thing. It’s need to keep society in shape but the after affects linger on, inside a person, long after the crime has been committed.

    By paulie aragon on 08.15.2011

  12. Punishment sounds like pumpkins.

    By Hope on 08.15.2011

  13. I feel that punishment while it feels bad at the moment makes us as a person better. It helps shape as into who we will become as a mature adult. Those without it lack an important part of develpment.

    By Kylie on 08.15.2011

  14. Brutal and hateful the only thing about this word is cruel. There is not much you can do to go against it, it is in every culture. You have to do something bad, can be illegal. Ten letters never spoke so loudly.

    By Allie on 08.15.2011

  15. the little girrl sat with her arms crossed. a punishment was not nessecasey for her cime. a simple cookie stolen. grown-ups are idiots. three years old and the girl was already a teenager. mother looked in on the girl and sadness filled her eyes. hard feeling had not been meant.

    By Lexi on 08.15.2011

  16. Droll dank dark cell. Rope looming. Regret looming. Feel my hands whacked by a cane, my dreams whipped into a scarred shape. No more. I can’t take it anymore.

    By siobhanmcl URL on 08.15.2011

  17. slimming. going without. money gone. getting paid back. being locked out all night. deadlock. (stalemate} war.of silence… Door locked again tonight
    sleeping out again..

    By jack maye URL on 08.15.2011

  18. All she wanted was to hold him one last time but having to sit there silently across from him was torture. He was punishing her for his past, his terrible past. All she wanted was to love him.

    By Loren URL on 08.15.2011

  19. Whoa she said as the axeman lowered – I’m due for discharge – not this time lss leered the elephantine oatfilled lunatic who passed for a headsman – O yes my friend you wanna see me split – then It won’t be by you my beauty – as the fog rolled in she was gradually disappearing before his porcine myopia – lenses my dear lenses was the last of her he heard or saw –

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 08.15.2011

  20. something awful at time. something every kid dreads. even adults. sometimes it’s just though. like for the rapists, molesters, serial killers, and thiefs. although sometimes these criminals and even innocent kids, escape punishment.

    By Catherine on 08.15.2011

  21. seven little sniffles from the boy in the red cap,
    (all in a row),
    his face turned to the corner,
    sagging on his little wooden stool.
    i didn’t mean to,
    he sniffs,
    wiping his nose on his sleeve.
    i’m sorry,
    i really really am.
    outside the sky is blue and the clouds are bright and sunkissed,
    but inside there’s nothing but a dejected, slumped-over
    muddy little boy in a red cap
    apologizing to the peeling-painted wall.

    By featherb URL on 08.15.2011

  22. Forever seemed an age ago. Tomorrow seemed an age away. To only know life from this one ittle room, the slit of a window never giving anyone a full view of what life could be. Ah mistakes are so easy to rgeret when you have enough time to think about them… But no one can save me now, save me from gallows at dawn…

    By Ben Eves on 08.15.2011