March 23rd, 2015 | 78 Entries

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78 Entries for “provider”

  1. That was the thing about the nomads: everyone was a provider. The hunters provided meat and protection; the pickers gathered plants of medicinal and sustainable value; the elderly and the idling (of whom there were few) crafted bracelets and other embellishments to nurse everyone’s pride. Everyone pulled their own weight, even those who ought not to. There were no Naunis or Prinpos.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard URL on 03.23.2015

  2. Family uis supposed to take care of you, but they don’t always. They’re supposed to, but i don’t know. Family sucks.

    By Maddy on 03.23.2015

  3. My internet provider was absolute rubbish, and of course, when I tried to cancel my package with them, they wouldn’t let me. First, they put me on hold for hours on end. Then, they argued with me. Then, when I told them I was recording the conversation, they accused me of being some sort of evil terrorist. Needless to say, I sent all the tape I had to the CEO, with a picture of my middle finger drawn on the envelope.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.23.2015

  4. He handed her the parcel with no words and no extravagant hand gestures. But he met her eyes at the last moment before it passed from his hands to hers, and she knew even before the weight shifted to her hands what lay beneath the unassuming beige envelope.

    “It’s the elephant sculpture, isn’t it?”

    He nodded.

    “You didn’t really steal it, did you?”

    “Of course not!” The first words he’d spoken all day.

    By Yona URL on 03.23.2015

  5. If it weren’t’ for the Provider we would have to forage for ourselves. Sure there are blackberries and chickens a plenty in the back shared common area for our mutual benefit, but TMZ reruns are one and, well, it’s just too hard to get up when the Provider is with us. I like chicken.

    By Rover URL on 03.23.2015

  6. A provider? A healthcare provider, a family breadwinner, a post-modern family father. An old idea that struggles to be held on to by a world that has since moved on. Who needs providers? Children, that’s it. No one else should need to be provided for in this world

    By Killian on 03.23.2015

  7. who is a provider? Who is my provider? AM I my one provider? WHy the fuck do I always ask questions. shit this is gonna be a new addiction. KILLIAN NOT NOW IM WRITING. Wait, wait, focus. Okay. FOcused. PRovider. What the hell? Are these words chosen at random? AM I an oddball. AGAIN WITH THE QUESTIONS!

    By Kenzi on 03.23.2015

  8. My mother says that my Father provides for us by going to his job and working. I think of my Father as a provider for his family.

    By Madison JAckson on 03.23.2015

  9. Does is just keep giving Prodiver over and over again? That makes it less entertaining, but I thought it was a brilliant form beforehand. If there was a new word option, I would be addicted to this site, but I dont want to continuously talk about providers/

    By Killian on 03.23.2015

  10. She provided me with such agony and grief… yet I still loved her. She was afterall my mom. The woman who held me at birth, who wombed me. Yet what was done had to be done, there is no turning back now. Mom, I will see you again someday, Until then,goodbye.

    By kat on 03.23.2015

  11. She was the one to hold me, to love me, to support me. After all this time I leaned on her. How did she not break? Why did she keep smiling? When did I want to start breaking her? I don’t understand.

    By CC on 03.23.2015

  12. Where did you go? Standing on my own is tough. I think I may break. Help, I am drowning in the ocean and you abandoned me here. How am I supposed to float when all you did was teach me how to sink? You made me rely on you.

    By Nams URL on 03.23.2015

  13. When I see this word, I think of sacrifice out of love. My mother and father have provided every wonderful blessing that has entered my life and I hope to be an amazing provider one day, just like they currently are. provider = love.

    By Elisabeth URL on 03.23.2015

  14. To be a provider is to sacrifice, typically out of live. My mother and father have been the ultimate providers and I hope to be an amazing provider – not a worker bee – one day.

    By Elisabeth URL on 03.23.2015

  15. It was a loaded question, but Yusei already had an answer. “Because I’m a provider.”

    It was the main reason a lot of people sold their bodies, whether it was for work or sex. They had someone depending on them. Yusei had his friends back in their subway hideout, and there was especially Rally who was still a kid.

    Ushio rubbed the back of his neck. He didn’t like it, but he could accept that.

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 03.23.2015

  16. God is my provider. Things come to me, but God is my provider. I have favor in my life because God provides for me. I have no real needs. All of my needs are met. I do have a few wants but I am well provided for. I’m happy that I have a Provider who never lets me down.

    By Annette on 03.23.2015

  17. He will be home soon. I’m waiting for him, anticipating, anxious. He will love me, be proud of me, think I did the right things. And I don’t.

    By the-lady-general URL on 03.23.2015

  18. I’m not looking at you anymore. I’m looking at the grass beneath your fingernails, and the bees humming in your lungs. You are nothing more than the spring, and although I want to love every beginning inside of you, I am not ever enough for something so tender. Go and dream about peashoots and faeries, and I will wait here, writing poems about mattresses and what it feels like to hold intestines in your hands.

    By s.s. solstice on 03.23.2015

  19. “The Committee knew that we would find it hard here, and would need some form of emotional relief, but they knew they could not be the provider of that relief. It had to come from us ourselves, from each other. So, as well as preparing the huge libraries of books
    and video of all the cultural history of earth, they also picked some of the practitioners of that culture, to teach it again, so that we could experience it, not just read about it or watch it. So that we could share it again with each other.” Morris put his hands on Clara’s shoulders. “And they will need help, to spread that culture among all the settlers, so you would be welcomed if you decided you want to teach ballet. And supported, too!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.24.2015

  20. As the provider, she was expected to take on the role of both the mother and the father. Roles that were not of her choosing. She grew up with dreams of being a celebrity stylist or CEO of a company. Silly dreams now but when you are 8, 10, 12 you can be anything. But now, now with three children ages 2-7 she feels like she has lost her identity and it has somehow become tangled up with being a mom or in her case a mom and dad.

    By journey on 03.24.2015

  21. provider is who you think he can give you what you need. You feel hopeless.. That simply boils to that. Instead, you should say i can get that..

    By orhan on 03.24.2015

  22. Provider. A person who cares. A person who takes care of another. Always making sure that you have what you need. Husband.

    By jaholt URL on 03.24.2015

  23. i dont know what to write just well i wish i could be stronger to say no stronger to walk away an cold to leave everyone around me.

    By Jhoana on 03.24.2015

  24. My father is a provider. His works to put food on the table and clothes on my back.

    By Brandon URL on 03.24.2015

  25. i dont know what to write just well i wish i could be stronger to say no stronger to walk away an cold to leave everyone around me. it feels good to write again feel good just to put words feelings thought i wish i could be better to describe the confusion i am living in at the moment.. i wish i could be really cold to walk away.

    By Jhoana on 03.24.2015

  26. Well shot happens all we are left with is each other we gotta provide for each other cause Wat you have I Muir need and what I have you might need so only one way to solve the problem is to solve what we have

    By silver on 03.24.2015

  27. She was going to cut the wood for the night. She had even haggled with the village grocer for some kerosene. It would be hard to pay the rent for this month but she had a gold loop earring left. Her son ran to her a provided her with her daily dose of love.

    By Kasturi Roy URL on 03.24.2015

  28. This is the sound of a lung barely heaving- The Man drowns an ocean of rules down your nose, and scraps his nails against your lips, still, it is expected of you to say, “thank you”

    By Ollie on 03.24.2015

  29. I was supposed to be the provider of my family. Unfortunately, this could not be true. I had to dedicate myself to research and studies at the university level. Having a scholarship I could not necessarily be the provider I was expected to.

    By Morris Ferrer on 03.24.2015

  30. What does it mean to be the provider of the family? We always think of it as the one who makes the money. Or the most money. But, is it? What if J was thought of as the provider? She brings this family joy and frustration. Anxiety and order. Predictability and uncertainty. Confidence in the future. Worry that we won’t be part of it. All this at 10 years old. A lot to provide.

    By RebeccaZuvedru URL on 03.24.2015

  31. the trees have been eradicated. the earth, cut open and barren. the water, a bucket for our waste. the air, a thick curtain now solid.

    By dominguez URL on 03.24.2015

  32. He came home every night around 8pm. Dirty from head to toe, his eyes downcast, he always made a beeline to the kitchen to wash his hands and make a plate. She and the children always gathered at the door to watch him, waiting for him to take his seat. After his first sip of beer, they raced to gather around him and recount their day.

    By Soft URL on 03.24.2015

  33. I provide my life with its circumstances. Today I choose to stay indoors and to smoke outdoors. I never smoke indoors. I used to smoke indoors. I smell good today. I provide my life with its circumstances. I provide myself with love and bookkeeping ledgers.

    By Ann Bogle URL on 03.24.2015

  34. A provider is the one who provides, she said, knowing all the while that she were stating the obvious. But yet she liked that, liked that something could be obvious, because it meant in a way that it mattered.

    By Karoline URL on 03.24.2015

  35. food
    the provider
    of health
    the provider
    of life
    the provider
    of death
    the provider

    By katiekieran URL on 03.24.2015

  36. It was important to him that he be a good provider. He wasn’t sure why that was important, or exactly what it meant, but he’d heard it all his life — “The man is supposed to be a good provider; that is his job.”

    By Karen URL on 03.24.2015

  37. She isn’t comfortable with this part of the night. They always come in twos, dark shadows across the walls before they are standing in front of her. Their business suits are stained and ragged, but there skin is clean and they smell like carnations. She hands them a list of names and they point at three or five or eight. She points out the refrigerated doors housing those poor people. She scurries out of the room before she has to see, but the quiet liquid sounds follow her into the waiting room.

    By Mia_C URL on 03.24.2015

  38. she was a provider of things and things greater than things. she provided all she had to all she knew til nothing else was needed. only wants remained. she took to providing wants. she quickly learned that she didnt have enough to fill wants request. she provided til she had no more–for the things, the needs, the wants, herself.

    By Safon URL on 03.24.2015

  39. He was the provider of the family he did everything for but now he is gone. He went out and got slammed by gender equality. Now mom also works and is helping provide too. It’s not only men

    By Alexis Dailey on 03.24.2015

  40. provider is a person that provides something. My father is a provider, which means that he provides money to our family. He wants me to become a provider too. But the shame you feel when you go out and apply for a job…

    By June URL on 03.24.2015