March 23rd, 2015 | 78 Entries

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78 Entries for “provider”

  1. I’ll run my fingers over the notches in your spine, if you’ll run yours through my hair. Let us just be, I don’t need a provider.

    By KEROALMA on 03.24.2015

  2. HE was always there. But he never spoke. From the day she opened her eyes, he was there, but he never left. He never left. He always left.

    By John Hurt on 03.24.2015

  3. The spoon was scraping roughly against the sides of the can. The dingy metal was somewhat rusted and old, but it was a spoon nonetheless. The cold beans were still fresh; or as fresh as three days old could be. It had been opened beforehand-a lucky occurrence for the small boy. He scooped a bite of the hard-packed beans into his mouth and closed his eyes, savoring the rare taste of fresh food. This would hopefully last him for another few days. He was going to need to conserve his energy if he wanted to hunt down his next meal

    By The Wanderer on 03.24.2015

  4. the care taker. This is the one who really loves you. This person is invested in what you are as well as who you are. The provider seeks your emotion, for he will try his best to comfort it. The provider is the real lover.

    By Dawson Craig on 03.24.2015

  5. I haven’t heard anything about my provider for days,and I have been in this frozen wasteland for who knows how long.Then I saw something in the snow that made my heart stop.It was her.She was dead.As I cried for her,I thought to myself,I will never see her again,my provider,my friend,my love.

    By Jada Engel on 03.24.2015

  6. All hail the provider of all that is good.

    By asavas on 03.24.2015

  7. someone or something that provides things.

    By ambie muñoz on 03.24.2015

  8. a person or thing that provides something.

    By ambie muñoz on 03.24.2015

  9. “Ah, I see myself as none other than your one and only provider,” she claimed, “Is that not the case?

    By Hank on 03.24.2015

  10. “you know how much you mean to me, lou. you can’t just leave me stranded here.” “I’m sorry haz, but you know I have to gp.” Who is going to tak care of me than?”

    By Sarah Fowler on 03.24.2015

  11. I need provider my class for tomorrow.

    By Karin on 03.24.2015

  12. Provider, care giver, and lover
    Just a couple of ways to describe a mother
    providing even if she dont have for herself
    thats true love
    love that you cant find inside yourself
    but instead in the ones that you’ll call for help

    By Nathaniel B on 03.24.2015

  13. It’s like it used to be, where my energy drained out my ears in the effort it took to hear voices of those who’ve been no concern. It’s like it used to be, where my eyes flicker too slowly to let you know there’s nothing beyond them but empty fear. It’s like it used to be, where the cliff falls off, you’re over there, she’s coming at me, needing me, and I can’t jump, can’t fall, can’t meet her, can’t provide an answer to any possibility. Like it was when I disappeared last time.

    By Saudade on 03.24.2015

  14. a provider is a mother
    a provider cares
    a provider loves
    a provider is loved
    do i love my provider?
    does my provider love me?

    By elaine on 03.24.2015

  15. what is a provider? A person who is caring? I think it could mean that. Providers could also be a service given to someone – like a counselor who provides counseling services.

    By Moreau on 03.24.2015

  16. The mist stopped swirling. It had been cool and light as no fat drops of condensation sat heavy on his skin. He was confused and dumbfounded.

    On its side an intricate blue glass art nouveau bottle rested upon a mahogany table, which was inlaid with mother of pearl depicting curling flowers and vines. Next to the bottle the dainty silver leaf and cork stopper sat askew.

    “Simply tell me what you need in a way I will understand,” She said finally.

    By Helen on 03.24.2015

  17. He was a provider. Of despair, depression, disgust, bullshit, insults, dirty looks, debt, awkward glances at doctor’s offices and trouble in spades. How could he be a better provider? By stopping.

    By MCMothman on 03.24.2015

  18. With the parting of her lips, the steam drifted from her mug of tea. It had cooled by the time it reached him. He wasn’t even sure if he fully felt it on his skin. He shifted in his rented tux, readjusting a sleeve before leaning forward to critically take in the scene.

    That wasn’t “the answer,” was it?

    She smiled mischievously. “I’m not always this way, I promise. I can be very down to earth when the mood strikes.”

    “Like a lightening bolt”, she thought. But then again, she wasn’t in a stormy mood at all.

    By Intuition on 03.24.2015

  19. I have come to see that God is my provider. Jehovah Jireh is His Name. He has been providing for me all my life, but I have seen the most evidence in the last 2 years. He has helped provide a new car for me, and creative ways to meet my financial needs (like selling stuff to pay my taxes).

    By Natalie on 03.24.2015

  20. The provider’s a liar
    he becomes the divider

    cant look in the mirror
    hes the denier
    and only a survivor
    when the situation is dier

    so wear your mask
    march in your parade
    to celebrate a lonley man
    fast asleep in his own grave

    your voice is silent
    as you scream
    past happy life
    now haunts your dreams

    your pain, I know
    suffocates as it grows
    but life moves on
    you reap what you sow

    when the provider was a liar
    disguised as a decider
    he winds up all alone
    on a missing person’s flyer

    By ugcfh on 03.24.2015

  21. You tease when the time comes. You belabor any subtle change in their temperament you can see. Why is it so hard for you to see the beauty in the cycles of this Provider?

    By Heather on 03.24.2015

  22. Manliness. Strength. Family. Love. Respect. what I want to be. A good thing. My duty. Conflicting. Need balance. Man or woman? Why not both

    By Mahogany on 03.24.2015

  23. Someone who loves you. Someone strong. Gives you everything you need: food, shelter, affection.

    By Mahogany on 03.24.2015

  24. The person who gives… the pro that does not divide. Responding to a taciturn glance, we give our all.

    By Jorho on 03.24.2015

  25. Provide me a spoon so I may eat
    Sit your judgement down on the seat
    hound me now, I am defeat
    Flip your promise; you’re not discrete

    By ugcfh on 03.24.2015

  26. You are the one who gives me. You give me all that you have and all that I need. I cup my hands out in front of me and you provide. I shiver and you place a blanket over my shoulders. I cry out and you rush to my side. I close my eyes and you sing my a lullaby…

    By Fancy on 03.24.2015

  27. I wait, listening to the fuzzy smooth jazz coming through on the other side. They ask one question, member or health care provider? I answer provider, over and over again.

    What exactly am I providing…

    By kbrew on 03.24.2015

  28. the word provider comes up on my screen, and all i remember is when i went to telus, 19 years old, purchasing my first iPhone, you were so stressed, and i didn’t blame you, i would’ve killed her if you would’ve let me. August 11th 2012, i was still pregnant with our son.

    By Kelsey-Lynn URL on 03.24.2015

  29. he tried to provide. it didn’t work. he left me. thats what he did, i guess in some ways he was providing. He provided me with loneliness, and clarity. I was over him.

    By dakotah on 03.24.2015

  30. The provider arrived shortly after midnight. Her skin always lacked colour and now was no exception. She reached into the black snake skin bag that was dangling from her arm and pulled out the canister.

    By Kate on 03.24.2015

  31. “Love is a Pharaoh and he’s…”

    Don’t you dare finish that line! Pharaohs are Gods made flesh; they’re providers!

    By Holy Ghost on 03.24.2015

  32. somebody who takes care of another person. Not only is this provider a person who will afterbe the someone else, but they will also be the person who provides other necessities, such as caring, loving, and understanding relationships to the person who is being provided for. not everyone will need such a provider

    By cheyanne on 03.24.2015

  33. I have always tried to be the provider. Never really fulfilled that duty though. I always spend too much to be able to really take care of anyone other than myself. But I’m working on it, you know? trying to be the best person i can be is the first step to providing for someone else.

    By Bryan on 03.24.2015

  34. The careful, perfect script read “I wanna give you what you give to me…”

    This note was strange I thought as I set it down for a second and considered the context, then I read the rest wondering what was being provided here. Air? Some elemental thing other than an epiphany about longing? What exactly is this queer thing anyway?

    By Nara on 03.24.2015

  35. You could be the one. The one the makes me question everything I do. The one that gets me thinking about the most absurd things in life. The one that persuades me to become a better person and live out my flaws. The one who lifts me beyond my limits and helps me reach the stars. You could be my provider. You are the one. The one that sweeps me off my feet. The one that i couldnt wait to see at school the next day and the one i couldnt wait to have late night talks with. The one that made me question everything and changed the way i think about myself and the one who pushed me to the boudries of my sanity. You are the one who runs skin deep, through every vain. You are my provider. College is a second away. I shoud let you go, you should me go. We should let each other go. I belived there was so much more to what we had than you could ever imagine. I belived you were my provider because the way you looked me in the eyes, and the way you sung my favorite song, they way you rubbed my back and the one that took me home. You could’ve been my provider.

    By skylar on 03.24.2015

  36. Keep me in the loop
    Candy on my table
    Lettuce in my hand
    Strength from generosity
    Blessings from abundance
    Always there when needed
    And often when not
    Strong hand supports
    Weak limbs and empty stomachs

    By Protean on 03.24.2015

  37. She put her hand into the crook between my thigh and my knee. “I’ll be here.” The words didn’t hold any meaning yet. I barely knew her, but certainly knew her well enough to hear the empty echo of her words, the hollow cavern she spoke from.

    By aria autumn on 03.24.2015

  38. One immediately thinks of financial security- yet for me emotional support is more important than the tangible. Walking on egg shells is crazy making and chisels away at self esteem bit by bit until there is nothing left.

    By Elizabeth URL on 03.24.2015