March 22nd, 2015 | 58 Entries

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58 Entries for “American”

  1. I’m Canadian. Some say that my country has no national identity, except for the phrase “We’re NOT american.” I don’t want to be defined by what I am not. And at any rate…the people of the USA are not the ONLY americans. Canadians, Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans are all American, too. So really…I AM American.

    By KelseyMMacpherson on 03.23.2015

  2. I am an American teacher. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s busy and tiring most days. Sometimes the students are funny and sometimes they’re not. Every morning we pledge to the flag. It reminds me why I chose this job and why I continue to live in this country.

    By Moreau on 03.23.2015

  3. Come one, come all to the land of the Free!
    With our big credence in convenience, we’ve got everything you need!
    24/7 only $1.99,
    There’s corn in December and two gallon boxes of wine!
    Take a turn down our streets, we’ve got sideshow acts lined up!
    So what if they didn’t consent? Sit down, shut up!
    Huddled in twos and threes, Febreeze-fresh, don’t fret!
    Put that blindfold on, it smells like American Debt™!

    By KEROALMA on 03.23.2015

  4. ugly block glass
    neon lights
    big yellow M
    a childhood
    ended too soon
    the ties that bind us

    By haylee on 03.23.2015

  5. well i am a American and i know someone that isnt a American

    By shane URL on 03.23.2015

  6. the USA, white people, red, white and blue flag. part of the word, America,

    By Carlee on 03.23.2015

  7. I grew up in a country where if you looked it, you were it. I’m dark skinned. I have black curly hair. My family is from Honduras.

    I was born here, but here I’m Honduran.
    I went on vacation to Honduras, and there I was called an American.

    By Jessica URL on 03.23.2015

  8. You know the American romance seems contradictory at times, but the fiery beast of love has a way of melting pots. One lick of its steamy breath on your neck and the next thing you know you’re all hot and bothered. Then boom, just like that the bottoms have fallen off the pots and in the wet ash and molten metal are new forms compounding. Contracting until the new thing is cool enough to the touch. Watch out, kid, this place will burn you up and spit you out if you’re not careful.

    By Helen on 03.23.2015

  9. red white and blue
    and black and blue and black and blue
    patriotism does not equate with how much force you exert
    or how strong you are
    how much pain you inflict on others who don’t think or act like you

    By Amie URL on 03.23.2015

  10. She’s american, that’s all you need to know.

    By Billy on 03.23.2015

  11. Henry James wrote about American people. Those people who were like Daisy Miller, who wanted to go free. Only in America.

    By Jorho on 03.23.2015

  12. American is McDonald’s, fat and genetically modified soya. American are films. American is everything.

    By June on 03.23.2015

  13. I’m personally very proud to be American. Sure, every country has its negatives and faults, but we are very lucky in America, especially as women, to have the opportunity to attend college and make something of ourselves. A lot of people around the world do not get afforded the freedoms we have here, and I am thankful for that. I’m thankful for religious freedom and freedom of speech. And the ability to make a good life for myself. The American dream is to be able to live to our personal truth. And I’m happy to say that I can indeed do that.

    By PomPalms on 03.23.2015

  14. there are south and north americans even though people forget about south americans. that’s sad because they are as important as people from canada, usa, etc

    By Thais on 03.23.2015

  15. I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free
    Unless, of course, I’m a young black man
    Then it’s detainment and forced labor for me

    By Campbell on 03.23.2015

  16. Hello. Hello! And welcome to the greatest nation in the whole world. Nay, in the whole universe. Come on, have a seat. Would you like tea, coffee, juice? We have it all, don’t you worry. And we are more than happy to share this glorious bounty with you!

    By Rei on 03.23.2015

  17. pushy, loud, obnoxious. Boon to the world. OBAMACare all good by me! I love going shopping, new york city is the best. I like their flag and I love how patriotic they are. What a great way to love your country. GUN laws are obscene! How can people have the right to bear arms> I don;t understand???

    By SWC on 03.23.2015

  18. red
    the flag
    goes back
    and forth
    in the
    violent wind

    By Gabriella on 03.23.2015