March 24th, 2015 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “stretch”

  1. how to stretch a rope? A rope can be stretched by putting force on it. If a rope is stretched it has tension in it. It is a verb. when we pull a rope it got stretched.

    By Nafees Ahmad URL on 03.25.2015

  2. If you stretch high enough, you can touch the stars, my mother used to say.
    I’ll take a plane, a rocket to the moon
    I’ll take a leap of faith
    Aspiring to reach impossible lengths, impossible feats
    If it’s side by side with you.

    By Shr on 03.25.2015

  3. Slowly stretching, this great warrior lets out a growl. He moves about a foot, where he can lazily lounge on the warm, sunbathed rock just to his right. He is majestic, he is feared, he is the King. He is a mighty beast, a ferocious champion. He protects the young and the weak. He fights amongst comrades for the rights of his people. He is the lion, and he lays above his kingdom.

    By Meg URL on 03.25.2015

  4. the human extensive outreach project with significant limits held by everything

    By Ayato on 03.25.2015