January 8th, 2013 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “promise”

  1. I will love you forever and to be next to you as long as i live on this earth with you and our daughter because you make me feel complete in this life, on this planet
    love you ciuci.

    By mihaela on 01.09.2013

  2. “I promise,” she grabbed my hand and I closed my eyes, but before I knew it, she was gone. The misty black of the starry night appeared empty in front of me.

    By Katnaps on 01.09.2013

  3. Sleep deprivation promised a schedule disheveled and a day that began in a darkness most knew as night. She tried to right it many times, but always found herself staring at the clock through bleary eyes and reading, at best, a time reserved for early afternoon and at worst the glow of numbers too near to midnight for her tastes.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 01.09.2013

  4. The problem was never broken promises. It was his promises becoming alcohol-slurred threats.

    The problem was not quite her broken arm. It was more her shattered trust.

    By mimosa eyes on 01.09.2013

  5. His promise meant nothing to her. One could promise all the riches in the world, and give everything they had, but it would still mean nothing. She had lost everything, and now trusted nobody. Though his words were whispered sweetly into her ears with soft diction and sweet phrases, her heart only iced over, protecting herself from the hurt she may gain.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.09.2013

  6. The promise of a new day, is never given. No one can promise that you will live tomorrow. So live today as you never have, do things you’ve never done, because there is no promise for a new day.

    By Laurel B on 01.09.2013

  7. Promises are overrated, Jim thinks. People say them as if they mean everything, only to break them in the end.

    By Loren URL on 01.09.2013

  8. A promise to make is one to keep.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 01.09.2013

  9. He thinks that promises are pointless. They are made and in the end, broken. He doesn’t want to go through an emotional roller coaster just for the sake of keeping up with false hopes. He’s going to tell her the truth and hopes that her pain won’t last long enough for them to fall apart.

    By Loren on 01.09.2013

  10. A promise is something you have to hold no matter what. But that’s the hokey explanation. A promise is a plan. Nothing more. Maybe it’ll last, maybe it won’t. Sometimes promises are never even meant to be kept. They can just as easily be lies.

    By Mary Kate on 01.09.2013

  11. Sounds like heaven. Birds chirping, songs of praise and relief. The patter of my heart as my hopes swell into my throat. Sounds like….sounds like bullshit.

    By Soft URL on 01.09.2013

  12. “I promise. I’ll come back.”

    Well, I promise that no matter how long ago that was, I’ll never forget watching you from the top of the stairs, leave. Out the door. Forever.

    By laurenlauren28 on 01.09.2013

  13. I promise I’m going to lick your dog. I promise that I will take a bath today. I promise I will eat all the pizza at ChucK E. Cheese’s. I promise I’ll brush my teeth. I promise I’ll eat my water bottle. I promise I’ll read my bible. I promise you make me happy.

    By Bridget on 01.09.2013

  14. I promise to never promise. Then and only then can they never be broken. Your expectations managed. Your outlook lowered. That bar can be scaled always. But if you never promise then we’ll never truly connect.

    By John Komarek on 01.09.2013

  15. I promised him that I would never leave him. Yet I also promised that I would never cheat on him nor would I be hurtful. I suppose a promise can never always be kept. Afterall we are ALL humans and making mistakes is part of the fun of life! Promise is just a word. Like sausage.

    By Lola Jones on 01.09.2013

  16. Promise is something that everyone has to keep. it is essential to trust and something that everyone has done in there life. Without promises, no one would or could be trusted. There would be no bonds between friendships and significant others. It would be a “in one ear, out the other” society. Society would crumble. It would not be a good or successful place to live in.

    By kevinmeagher URL on 01.09.2013

  17. You pull her closer to you, looking down at her small frame and all the cuts laid on top of it. You kiss each and every one of those cuts and she begins to cry, though that’s the last thing you want her to do. You hold her close, gently stroking her hair as he body is racked with sobs; nobody else knew what you did, and nobody else was as careful and gentle and loving with her as you were. You promised to her that you still loved her, that you didn’t care about what you saw. It was true.

    By Spencer on 01.09.2013

  18. I promise to uphold all the thing good, not evil. I promise that nothing will come in between our true love.
    10 years ago I made that promise to Hank, my now deceased husband. People think I shot him because I saw him cheating, but that’s not true.
    Here’s my story.

    By Amarie URL on 01.09.2013

  19. I promise to uphold all the things good, not evil. I promise that nothing will come in between our true love.
    10 years ago I made that promise to Hank, my now deceased husband. People think I shot him because I saw him cheating, but that’s not true.
    Here’s my story.

    By Amarie URL on 01.09.2013

  20. I promise to write more often in 2013.

    By Pam Murphy on 01.09.2013

  21. promuse is a word. i love the word. it means trust and lots of different things. I love everything and maybe we can be so also cool. lets go rangers and love love

    By Maxim Netchvolodov URL on 01.09.2013

  22. I promise to be different. I promise I will make a change
    I promise I will be the one who never stays the same
    I promise I can make you laugh, but I can’t promise I won’t cry
    when comes the time for me to promise the day we say goodbye

    By Sascha Dee on 01.09.2013

  23. We make promises every day. We promise to be better, to be stronger, to amount to something, to try harder. We promise to be so many things we know we cannot be, but we never promise to be things we know we can be. We need to take the time to promise ourselves things that make us feel good; not useless promises that will never be completed.

    By Amanda URL on 01.09.2013

  24. Marriage! So many people make this promise and then BAM it is over. Hard work is required to keep this special promise these days. So many don’t want to put in the work it takes.

    By Chelsey on 01.09.2013

  25. A promise is a promise, they say. Rather….redundant. What does that say about the meaning of the promise? Who is to say how important the promise is? Language, it seems, is quite a tricky business.

    By David D. Boyer on 01.09.2013

  26. “Are we still promising things to each other?”
    “Oh my god.” Stop asking me that. I wanted to scream at her.
    “But I still love you” she said with a smile.
    “Your whiskers are twitching.” Cat love isn’t like normal love. It’s like crazy love, nine times over.

    By Jorge Franco IV on 01.09.2013

  27. I want him to say it, the little two syllable word. How hard would it be to promise to just attempt, to maybe, someday be interested in making this work? But no, I sit alone, hoping holding onto

    By Krisi URL on 01.09.2013

  28. “I promise.” The emptiest of phrases from a face full of twinkling lights. “I promise not to-“….”not to-” what? To lie? Promising, your heart speaks a lie worse than your mouth ever could.

    By Candice Kight URL on 01.09.2013

  29. he promised he would never leave me. that he would always be there for me. he broke that promise when I saw him out with another girl.

    By Kaylee Ripple on 01.09.2013

  30. I promise to be true. to love you through the thick and thin. Do you promise to do the same for me? I don’t know why but sometimes i doubt it. Prove it. Prove that I shouldn’t ever doubt again.

    By Leli on 01.09.2013

  31. He made a promise to her as he threw his pack over his shoulder and began walking down the road to meet the bus that would take him off to war. The promise that he would return.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.09.2013

  32. and when you pass on,
    i’ll cut the flowers that grew
    from my head when i met you
    and plant them at your grave
    so i can let you go properly
    like you wanted me to.

    By isa on 01.09.2013

  33. Promise anyone will make, but no one will try to fulfill it. promise is usually take for grant. i do make promises but i try to fulfill, everyone says that, but no one do so. promise is just an excuse for not doing an work now.

    By Prashant on 01.09.2013


    By Jorge Franco IV on 01.09.2013

  35. I promise you, everything that I could ever offer, a promise is nothing to be broken but kept safe like jewels to a king. I love you, so in theory my promises will remain as concrete as our love. Honestly though, all my promises will be for the betterment of both of us and nothing else cause that’s all i want for you.

    By Fhameda Islam on 01.09.2013

  36. Promise me you’ll always be there but promise me to never lie. To yourself or to me, about life or about love. Promise to not break promises or my heart and I’ll promise the same.

    By Ananya URL on 01.09.2013

  37. In the shadows of twilight, a promise floats on the breeze.
    In the movement of love, a happiness follows behind
    Swirling around and around, the joy trails in happy flight
    And takes wing to fly with stars into the dark night.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 01.09.2013

  38. When time holds out its hand for some proof of what you’ve done, the heart takes a nosedive when it realises you don’t have a damn thing to show for the years of effort you’ve put in. Despite making promises to friends and telling yourself it would all work out and it would all slot into place in the end, when time comes to check on you, there’s not a damn thing you can do to fool it.

    By rhyme79 on 01.09.2013

  39. I promised you! No, I…I just can’t do tho to you, or anyone else any more. And with that she took the razor and slit her wrist. Are you happy now?!

    By Brandon Pie on 01.09.2013

  40. Promise me you won’t send me this word again tomorrow since you gave it to me yesterday. I promise I will pretend right now that I did not receive this same word yesterday and write something completely new.

    Completely New.

    By ~snow on 01.09.2013