January 8th, 2013 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “promise”

  1. Politics is such a lonely word, every one is so untrue. Politicians made promises only to break them.

    By April Mae Berza on 01.09.2013

  2. i promise to always love you. i promise never to make you hurt in the way you may one day hurt me. i promise that though you have hurt me to never stop loving you. and i promise to never let you know.

    By sarah on 01.09.2013

  3. promise me that you wont hurt me. I know Ive asked that before and ill ask it again but please don’t break me. Ive been broken before and i ran out of glue and besides I like you. promise you wont hurt me? promise?

    By misha on 01.09.2013

  4. I promise that I will never let you down. You are everything that is right in my world and I can’t be without you any longer. Please come home to me.

    By kelli on 01.09.2013

  5. i promise to keep my new ywars resolution im not sure what it is yet but it should be to be a better person and ensure that i am kind to everyone and not be so nasty about others somethimes also appreciate what i have

    By kittykat on 01.09.2013

  6. I promise to change and be better. I promise i’ll stop pretending like i don’t care, i understand it hurts. I understand that it hurts so bad to care so much for someone and to put all of your trust into them, to basically hand them your heart on a platter and in faith that they won’t do anything to hurt you, but then just turning your back on that anyway. I’m sorry i hurt you. I really do care. I promise i’ll change that. I promise I’ll show you more. I promise this won’t be like before.

    By Holly on 01.09.2013

  7. Today I wrote a promise
    On the palm leaves
    Of the palm tree
    When I was running by
    I did a Catholic cross on my right shoulder, left, bellybutton, forehead
    My promise to the tree
    Cross my heart and hope to die
    I hope I had died instead of you
    I promise I will never cross you
    And forget to notice.

    By Ali on 01.09.2013

  8. will you marry me?
    we gonna marry then

    By yuna on 01.09.2013

  9. I wish I could promise you everything you want
    but you want too much,
    you seek everything out and I can’t can grasp you at all
    I wish a promise was enough
    would you take it?
    I wonder.

    By Lara on 01.09.2013

  10. I’m sure. As she had handed me that sweet and just as quickly pulled it back again after finishing her own, as a 6 year old, she had just promised.

    By Bonn on 01.09.2013

  11. “Promises are stupid.” She looked longingly and a little disappointed outside the bus window as she watched the trees go by. It was drizzling.

    I looked at her and smiled. “Why?”

    She didn’t want to reply me.

    By Akatsuki Kiara on 01.09.2013

  12. The golf shoe spike made a promise to the worm: I will kiss you lightly but not spear you. At most, I will press you lovingly into the loam.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 01.09.2013

  13. “Promises are stupid.” She looked longingly and a little disappointed outside the bus window as she watched the trees go by. It was drizzling.

    I looked at her and smiled. “Why?”
    She didn’t want to reply me.

    But now I understand. Because right now you are telling me everything with that silence.

    She promised me. But so what? It only gave me hope i didn’t want and inevitably broke me inside out.

    Promises are merely words only stupid people believe in to give them that hope to survive when the time comes.

    By Akatsuki Kiara on 01.09.2013

  14. I promise… THAT I WILL NEVER!!!

    By John RANDO on 01.09.2013

  15. you were the only person to know the six words. you gave me three of them and when I told you that you had guessed three out of the six, you said, “you know I can’t promise that.” the only thing I wanted was you to PROMISE everything would be okay.

    By Olivia on 01.09.2013

  16. A promise is something that is given, but not always kept. Promises make relationships, break relationships and show us who we really are.

    By Brittany on 01.09.2013

  17. Promise.

    I feel as though I should come with a disclaimer; “I have made stupid mistakes, so many stupid mistakes. I find beauty in self destruction and sometimes I like to be sad for no reason at all. I promise you, though, I’ll try my best to be worth it”.

    By Chrissie on 01.09.2013

  18. I made a promise that day. I made a promise to meet her again one day, when we were both older, and when I was wealthy enough to take care of us. I didn’t think that you’d be gone before then. I didn’t think that time would take you before we could be together.

    By Joaquin S. on 01.09.2013

  19. We made a promise when we were little kids that we’d stay together forever, and we’d never be apart. That’s why I felt no regret whilst tying the noose.

    By Nico S. on 01.09.2013

  20. Promises should obviously be kept. If you can’t, don’t promise, they are not a vehicle for your wishes but the base of your credibility. Dare to give promises, it’s brave and a big responsibility. Why don’t you make a promise today – to yourself or others?

    By Sally on 01.09.2013

  21. The promise of more chocolate made him do it. If he read a book a week, his Mum would give him a chocolate block. To be fair they had to be books with more than 250 pages, but he always managed to do it.

    By Florian on 01.09.2013

  22. I promise myself that on my fortieth birthday, that I will open my own photography business. Five years have pass and my dreams have not been fulfilled. I have no regrets however, seeing that I have, during that time being able to teach the skill to the youngsters in my community.

    By victor URL on 01.09.2013

  23. i dont make promises, like hearts they are meant to be broiken. i learned that from a 6 year old many many years ago.
    i wonder how shes doing now.
    i promise to clean my room at some point. maybe to day its a hot mess
    people who make promises knowing that cant deliver suck.

    By Jay Kay on 01.09.2013

  24. every day we lived in some kind of fever,
    bodies thrown against lockers
    drawing blood with

    history classes spent watching
    taped documentaries–the worn faces
    of american heroes, their stories, their sorrows,
    excuse me
    will this be
    on the

    high school wasn’t real life
    and it didn’t do a damn thing
    to prepare us either.

    By tiffanylu URL on 01.09.2013

  25. There must be a reason for these pins and needles. Must’ve broken a promise I couldn’t keep. I’m fidgeting. I’m fiddling. I feel stringy, like knots in a bracelet.
    Tell me why I can’t sleep at night,
    tell me why the fuck
    I can’t sit still.

    By genahtastic on 01.09.2013

  26. trust

    By Sarah on 01.09.2013

  27. I promise to write more often, I said. But, words sick in my head. My fingers go slowly across the keyboard and letters are scrambled on my tongue. Keep typing, keep trying, the words will come.

    By Sheila Good URL on 01.09.2013

  28. Was it really meant to be broken? Tried not to believe in and held into your words. But no, you just proved that it’s really meant to be like that. Cliche? no. truth.

    By cosmicfairytale on 01.09.2013

  29. the faith in the keeper – respect and trust
    responsibility and giving the word of your honor.

    By Inkrose on 01.09.2013

  30. never to break.
    trust. only make it if you can keep it.
    never trust someones
    promise a lot to yourself
    promises promises

    By bar on 01.09.2013

  31. Promise is something you keep. Either for a good or bad reason towards you or to other people. I know I have made many promises and broken them. But I would make every promise to you if you only knew that this time I would keep it. Because I know this time I wouldnt dare to hurt you. I promise I wouldnt hurt you, I promise I love you, I promise I’ll make you smile no matter what you do or say.

    By Jayesawesome92 URL on 01.09.2013

  32. Keep. cant always keep. dont make if you can’t keep. Trust and loyalty proved or lost. Good yet bad. Can you always keep a promise?

    By caly URL on 01.09.2013

  33. That you won’t tell me when it’s time. Just disappear silently and maybe I won’t even notice that the world is ending. Promise that you’ll find a way to make some grand statement. Something for us to remember the world as it Burns. Promise that we’ll find a way to use all of this, that it will show up in our stories and art and songs as a way to reminds ourselves how awesome e’er one were. Promise that when you’re broken and i’m broken that we’ll find a way to make ourselves whole on out own, and not by leaning on recorder.

    By chic on 01.09.2013

  34. There was one time where I made a promise, everybody did. It was not easy or fast, or simple, but we did. And we failed, so I decided to never make a promise again. It was good until I thought I that maybe I should make a promise. Promises are goals, promises are life and promises are love. And that’s it.

    By Camila on 01.09.2013

  35. Promises promises, what can I say of a vow as strong, and yet as weak, as a promise. Rules were made to be broken, but so too I think, were these urgent agreements. I promise to love you forever. Forever didn’t last very long.

    By Sister Ginger on 01.09.2013

  36. A promise is never kept.

    By Miles on 01.09.2013

  37. the thing you do to confirm what you have said. making some believe that you are telling the truth . giving your word is the key to being trusted.

    By Rahsaan Jones on 01.09.2013

  38. Promise me to never tell it. not to anyone. Nobody has to know, alright? It can be our little secret, between you and me. Please promise me. It’s just that important to me. I can’t lose this.

    By Joan on 01.09.2013

  39. ”Would you allow me just this and I promise not to mention it again?”

    I have been here before. I think it is because I am easy to please, low maintenance that I get the role of friend without benefits. I have always liked it when people do what they want and what makes them happy. Occasionally I would like that to be me.

    This time it feels like a compromise as though I was getting short changed, second bested. The other thing is that I never believe promises.

    By Meredyth URL on 01.09.2013

  40. it’s my guarantee,
    that the only thing that will be 100%.
    it’s my commitment,
    my name on the line,
    my belief that it really might
    worth ending it
    with the words,
    “if it’s the last thing I do.”
    My give me this or give me death

    By NuSol URL on 01.09.2013