January 9th, 2013 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “politician”

  1. Politicians are people who argue with other politicians about government issues. And they usually tell lies. They make you think that they are helping you by telling you about the government but they are not they are just feeding you mostly lies to fulfill their own benefit.

    By Madie on 01.10.2013

  2. The word “Politician” in this day in age conjures up a lot feelings about discontent, deciet, and political correctness. Perhaps some of my faith in the political system could be revived with a thorough cleaning of politics in America.

    By malteser on 01.10.2013

  3. Well, aren’t you great?
    Tell me how to live again.
    Tell me how I may benefit your life.
    Trust me, it’s what I want.
    Nothing more and nothing less.

    By LeliChavarria on 01.10.2013

  4. politicians are really annoying. We pay them millions of dollars and all they do is waste time arguing over details and raising more money for them selves. We need to get rid of the modern day politician and replace it with a new system for the good of the country, not the people.

    By Megan on 01.10.2013

  5. Words, they twist them. turn, them twirl them, stand them on their heads, so that you can not figure out if they have answered your question or a different one. And they are far from honest, being articulate is no guarantee of integrity.

    By Semolina on 01.10.2013

  6. The politician and the pulpit, both know the secret to power. They will fight each other and help each other depending on which is most expedient to their end goals. Wear a tie or be robed in the cloth.

    By John Komarek on 01.10.2013

  7. The politician said that he didn’t mind if we don’t go to war, but if we do go to war, he doesn’t care. But, since the country lived in a constant fear of going to war, the politician did have to alter his point of view. Essentially, if this country would go to war, the politician would be upset, but it’s a necessary thing, he guessed.

    By .Theo on 01.10.2013

  8. My father is a great politician. He is a amzing man and has helped me alot in my life. I love him so much. His name is HABIB UR REHMAN TANOLI from Pakistan.

    By taniya URL on 01.10.2013

  9. Politicians. It makes me think of the headache that is politics. And then I get frustrated thinking about our country’s future. But I guess, we elected them, so we get what we wanted.

    By Marie URL on 01.10.2013

  10. He slinks around like a damn snake, worming through loopholes nobody wanted to see, nobody wanted to think of. He’s slime of the highest order. He takes hold and he doesn’t let go until ever denizen of the city is screaming his name, hey johnny take my money and my vote just let me go home already. He smirks when he knows he’s won.

    By Lenore on 01.10.2013

  11. They are people. They are people we depend on. They represent us. They fascinate us. They are so ambivalent. So contradictory. We blame them. We love them.

    By iuliana on 01.10.2013

  12. they hide me from their wives,
    give me their lies as diamond rings
    (i’ve never been so valued and demeaned)
    if i wear them all together you will
    not have seen, a shinier thing.

    By isa on 01.10.2013

  13. The politician stood before the crowd who was waiting for his speech. Nervously, he pulled out his paper and took a deep breath before speaking his first words to the public. So far, he was doing good: not a single word was stuttered.

    By kjjk on 01.10.2013

  14. In a world ruled by politics one must rebel with the power of creativity.

    By Aria on 01.10.2013

  15. I met a politician once. He was a coward, but I wanted to believe that he was a fine man. The way he spoke, the way he addressed the crowd, it all made me believe that he was honest. The thing about politicians is that seldom any of them truly are.

    By Sarah Carranza URL on 01.10.2013

  16. there are lots of them doing a bad job and a lot doing a good job. i don’t know if i could be one i would feel like i let people down. because there is so much to be done. i don’t know my party. party party party. yay balloons. animals

    By grace on 01.10.2013

  17. I am sitting in AP Government. I should be learning about politicians, but I’m not. I’m on oneword.com.

    By Crystal Rose on 01.10.2013

  18. Politician is a person taking part in politics of a country. He can stand in elections, take part in policy making and is responsible for his acts as they have impact on a particular section of a country or sometimes the entire country. Being a politicial doesn’t require any special qualification in India. Anyone can be a politician and join a party.

    By Reetika on 01.10.2013

  19. Maybe he shouldn’t have bought into the guy’s bullshit, but really, thought Jim, he’d always been a little too into the politics of the country that anyone offering a free ride through college was bound to get right into his good books.

    By Rosalind French on 01.10.2013

  20. i poly trick patrician. The word ploitician always has a negative connotation to the point anyone who is educated could never venture out and

    By Harish Puvvula on 01.10.2013

  21. Liar liar liar little liar leading people.

    By Clotilde on 01.10.2013

  22. Corrupt people. They generally don’t think about the good of the people they’re representing. Rather, they are more concerned with getting the vote or the support. They don’t have the morals to be leaders. But they are anyway.

    By Kate Rose on 01.10.2013

  23. So many of Indonesian politician have gone corrupt, and the citizens must pay the price. I hope for Indonesia to have a better future, for humanity, animal, and our nature.

    By Ariessa on 01.10.2013