May 10th, 2012 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “primitive”

  1. I have no idea what primitive means. But I will say this. One time at school we went to the computer lab and we had to do one word. The word was primitive and I had no idea what the word ment.

    By Brooke Hughes :) on 05.11.2012

  2. One day my mom said primitive and I said what does that mean, she said she does not know

    By Morgan Zubrick on 05.11.2012

  3. Mrs. Stuckert 5/11/12

    By Mrs. Stuckert on 05.11.2012

  4. I am not exactly sure what primitive mean so I guess I do not have much to right about but I think it might have something to do with um…..something so, yeah.

    By Emma on 05.11.2012

  5. I do not know what a primitivie is.

    By Chris on 05.11.2012

  6. one day i asked my mom what promitive means she siad i do not no what it is so i kep on doing what i was doing i was cleaning my moms car.

    By conner on 05.11.2012

  7. I have no idea what this means!!!!!!??

    By Jeff on 05.11.2012

  8. one day i woke up and saw the word priminitive in big lettters outside my house it was cool

    By ALEX on 05.11.2012

  9. Cavemen are primitive. They are ancient.

    By Eric on 05.11.2012

  10. this moment is primitive
    primal, you spoke
    this feeling, so very present
    protection from a ravaging world

    By Domiknitrix URL on 05.11.2012

  11. I don’t know what perimitive means, so i’ll just guess. I am very perimitive about my stuff. I don’t like anybody getting within 13 inches of it. just kidding. I am very perimitivr about my house. I don’t like people( exept my family and friends) around my families house.

    By Levi Brock on 05.11.2012

  12. Im not sure what this means so im going to say that im very primitive about people being around my room, stuff.

    By Mark Burke on 05.11.2012

  13. I do not no what PRIMITIVE is. So don’t ask me what it is.

    By Trevina (Trevor) on 05.11.2012

  14. The sunlight is primitive of the sun, the sun is primitive of the moon. The stars are primitive of the moon, and the clouds are primitive of the rain. The earth is a round sphere of clouds, water, and green. Our feelings are primitive of our actions.

    By Grace Baker URL on 05.11.2012

  15. i count primitives around sqares.

    By BLAKE on 05.11.2012

  16. I do not know what PPRRIMIITIVE means so. Is it related to math in any way please tall ME!!

    By Josh koon on 05.11.2012

  17. I count the primitve around the squres primitive is adding all the sides.

    By AWESOMEANTHONY POD on 05.11.2012

  18. I had a primitive.

    By Griffin on 05.11.2012

  19. my primitive thought was that this idea was stupid… Hahahahahaha But not so much i always loved the primitives and natives in this world!!!! Love!!!

    By rémy URL on 05.11.2012

  20. Primitive. New. Just beginning. Something that is just starting. Primitive life, primitive clothes, or primitive things.

    By kayla on 05.11.2012

  21. The Ninth Doctor: the Doctor’s first regeneration after the Time War. Then, he only saw humans as “primitive apes”. Then he met Rose. Nice, caring, wonderful Rose, who helped him see that humans aren’t as primitive and thick as he thought they were.

    By Damaris on 05.11.2012

  22. not mature yet has promise. Something so simple and young as life. With each year grows more mature than the year before. Needing people and things to stamp out an unexacting maturity.

    By Adell URL on 05.11.2012

  23. primitive |ˈprimətiv|
    1 relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the evolutionary or historical development of something : primitive mammals | a name corrupted from primitive German.
    • relating to or denoting a preliterate, nonindustrial society or culture characterized by simple social and economic organization : primitive people.
    • having a quality or style that offers an extremely basic level of comfort, convenience, or efficiency : the accommodations at the camp were a bit primitive.
    • (of behavior, thought, or emotion) apparently originating in unconscious needs or desires and unaffected by objective reasoning : the primitive responses we share with many animals.
    • of or denoting a simple, direct style of art that deliberately rejects sophisticated artistic techniques.
    2 not developed or derived from anything else : the primitive material of the universe.
    • Linguistics denoting a word, base, or root from which another is historically derived.
    • Linguistics denoting an irreducible form.
    • Mathematics (of an algebraic or geometric expression) from which another is derived, or which is not itself derived from another.
    3 Biology (of a part or structure) in the first or early stage of formation or growth; rudimentary. See also primitive streak .
    1 a person belonging to a preliterate, nonindustrial society or culture.
    2 a pre-Renaissance painter.
    • a modern painter who imitates the pre-Renaissance style.
    • an artist employing a simple, naive style that deliberately rejects subtlety or conventional techniques.
    • a painting by a primitive artist, or an object in a primitive style.
    3 Linguistics a word, base, or root from which another is historically derived.
    • Linguistics an irreducible form.
    • Mathematics an algebraic or geometric expression from which another is derived; a curve of which another is the polar or reciprocal.
    • Computing a simple operation or procedure of a limited set from which complex operations or procedures may be constructed, esp. a simple geometric shape that may be generated in computer graphics by such an operation or procedure.
    primitively |ˈprɪməd1vli| adverb
    primitiveness |ˈprɪmədɪvn1s| noun
    primitivity |ˌpriməˈtivətē| noun
    ORIGIN late Middle English (in the sense [original, not derivative] ): from Old French primitif, -ive, from Latin primitivus ‘first of its kind,’ from primus ‘first.’

    By Cody URL on 05.11.2012

  24. Primitive……… Don’t know what this word means either!

    By kamator12 URL on 05.11.2012

  25. PrImItIvE?! oH mY! pRiMiTiVe Is A pRiMiTiVe WoRd.

    By Cody on 05.11.2012

  26. What the heck is primitive????????? its a weird word!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!!!!!!!!!!!+

    By zebra woman URL on 05.11.2012

  27. Primitive………….. Don’t know what it means

    By lexie12 URL on 05.11.2012

  28. I try to be primitive when I’m having a staring contest but for me is impossible because i start laughing! :P

    By fancy girl URL on 05.11.2012

  29. we are all apes. and all apes are humans-the sad things is, they are more human than we are; and they are supposed to be the primitive ones. its a sad day knowing that humans are supposed to be the “smartest living things on the planet” but when i look at us-all i can see are a bunch of fuck ups- who in my mind don’t give a fuck about anyone else except for themselves.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 05.11.2012

  30. I wish I could go back to living the primitive ways of my great grandmother. She was Cherokee, and so was my grandmother. Maybe then I would feel safe.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 05.11.2012

  31. primitive things are early versions of today’s animals.

    By just582 URL on 05.11.2012

  32. Primitive defines the state some people’s mentalities are still in. Which is pretty sad, but the word sounds awesome so it’s okay. Primitive sounds better than dumb. So yeah. Some people are primitive. And… being primitive is bad. But as I said, the word being awesome makes the whole thing better. But it’s still annoying. Dumb people are annoying. Annoying people are annoying. So yeah. WOT

    By Minori on 05.11.2012

  33. my love is just that
    gut-feeling, spur of the moment, i-don’t-know-what-i’m-doing
    i don’t understand it,
    i don’t expect you to.
    but i kind of love you.

    By gigi URL on 05.11.2012