May 10th, 2012 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “primitive”

  1. It’s primitive the way you act! You think you can go around doing anything you want like some sort of animal but that’s not the case. This is the 21st century and we have laws and rules and standards. You can’t keep going on like this or you’ll end up alone. I don’t want to do it but I will if I have to. I can’t keep up with you and eventually you’ll leave me behind… and I won’t try to catch up.

    By Meredith Ellen URL on 05.11.2012

  2. “Why’s it called ‘primitive’ roots?” Doug asked.
    Alice remembered not to grumble at his questions. “Because, they’re the elements that generate the whole group,” she said, “while the others only generate part of it.”
    “Oh,” Doug said.
    No doubt he was thinking of a witty quip. Alice hurried on. “So write ‘a’ as a power of the primitive root. Go ahead.”
    “Wait, what’s a group again?”
    To stop herself from rolling her eyes, or slamming shut Doug’s Introduction to Number Theory book on his stubby hands, Alice took the cross on the chain around her next and squeezed it so it made cool dents in her palm. She still looked at the clock, though: forty-five minutes left to go in the tutoring session.

    By Holden URL on 05.11.2012

  3. The instinct that kicked in at that moment was the most primitive she’d ever felt. And she’d never though she could ever ‘feel’ primitive. But as her feet led her past trees and over fallen logs at a speed even she couldn’t believe, she was thankful and scared that her body could, at any moment, take over, even if sometimes she didn’t want it to…

    By Jessica G on 05.11.2012

  4. its a very primitive that you gave me this word.its primitive sacaity.that elseee i dont know.just primitive.but i like it.thats it

    By rita on 05.11.2012

  5. i dont have a bloody clue what primitive mean… bananas, chess, cheese, food, gang, train, marvel avengers :):):):P:):)

    By Lauren Hemmings on 05.11.2012

  6. The primitive being just stood there, in the midst ofthe valley. His mission was not clear, nor was his vision nor his balance. Like a confused animal, vulnerable and yet agressive he stared blanckly towards the horizon.

    By Franco Cerruti URL on 05.11.2012

  7. My grandpa is very primitive, he is old and un-developed

    By Jeremy URL on 05.11.2012

  8. My grandparents are primitive.

    By Earthly URL on 05.11.2012

  9. Primitive means old; undeveloped.

    By aiyana URL on 05.11.2012

  10. Primitive is acting younger than u r like javiar martenez.

    By Trystan URL on 05.11.2012

  11. primitive.

    By Daymon URL on 05.11.2012

  12. i think that the word primitive means to be old……………………………….

    By frankie URL on 05.11.2012

  13. Jeremy’s grandpa is primitive, and he is old and un-developed.

    By umberto URL on 05.11.2012

  14. simple

    By dsfjkj on 05.11.2012

  15. I was there for a primitive amount of time. Except I don’t know what the word means.

    By Laurie URL on 05.11.2012

  16. Is what we are all underneath our clothes and make-up and smiles. We are all primitive and natural beings.

    By Kendra on 05.11.2012

  17. The design of his body was undoubtedly primitive. An exoskeleton of sorts- strong for things like brute force. Nothing of intellect or superior power.

    By Drew on 05.11.2012

  18. The case was only a level six, but John had begged Sherlock to take it because it was the bloody ZOO and he hadn’t been since primary school. Before he knew it, Sherlock found himself wandering between exhibits and trying not to flood himself with the information contained on the hundreds of people surrounding them. The case was to do with the disappearance of a rare, valuable parrot, and Sherlock had a good lead within four minutes, but the look on John’s face as he pressed his palms against the glass of the polar bear enclosure was too priceless to interrupt. Soon the two city boys were staring unabashedly at a pair of gorillas, going at it energetically in the middle of their jungle gym.
    “Primitive creatures,” Sherlock sneered, as John tried not to giggle, “All they can think about is eating, fighting, and fucking.”
    John rolled his eyes and leaned in gently against Sherlock’s side. “You know, we have those same instincts too. The pons is a vestigial structure, present in humans, gorillas, reptiles… basically anything with a brain stem.”
    Sherlock looked affectionately down at his doctor. “I’ll acknowledge having one,” he growled softly, “But that doesn’t mean I have to listen to it.”
    “Oh, I dunno,” John smiled up at him as he squeezed gently at a finger, “Sometimes it can be fun to just give in and let the ol’ reptile brain take over for a bit.” He considered for a second, letting the imagery sink in, “Maybe I’ll show you sometime.”

    By floppybelly URL on 05.11.2012

  19. Primitive is as in a primitive life form or tool. The native Americans used to use hatchets and bows until the settlers arrive and gave them guns and weapons.

    By Orion on 05.11.2012

  20. She thinks of Lord of the Flies and Catcher of the Rye. She doesn’t know why, but something about her friend’s novel makes her think of brooding teenagers and lonely islands. She wonders if that means anything to her friend.

    By Circinus URL on 05.11.2012

  21. There were these two cutouts, cardboard and bent in all the wrong places, standing up on fifth ave. down by McDellens’ and she’s swinging off my arm, stumbling around, shouting about the apparent military action we must take against intelligent design. She just about falls out of my grasp when she spots them. Had to bring them home with us. It could rain, she said. They’d get all soggy.

    By DMM on 05.11.2012

  22. Whilst the precious fire flickered in the darkness of the cave, woman sex stares at sleeping man. Though his resting is the result of a day’s hunt that will provide weeks of sustenance for baby and pet sabre tooth, woman now want fun. Woman find gathering boring and now want excitement. Woman tries to wake man, but man pulls bear skin blanket over head and sleeps more. Woman gives up on man, but not on pleasure.

    Woman looks through her gatherings and comes across new fruit never seen before. New fruit is long, yellow like sun and curved like man stick. Woman retreats to cave bedroom and tries new fruit where sun don’t shine. Time later and Woman feel good and satisfied…

    …it wasn’t until 60,000 years later than the human race realized bananas could be eaten.

    By Andrew Lee Bowen on 05.11.2012

  23. I liv in primitive life.

    By connor URL on 05.11.2012

  24. i am not sure what the definition of the word “primitive” is. let me ask the teacher:P

    By sbindley URL on 05.11.2012

  25. connor has a primitive on his mouth

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    By drl URL on 05.11.2012

  26. Jacob Mills isn’t smart so he doesn’t know what primitive means! But it means being the first or earliest of the kind or in existence!:):)

    By vb4life URL on 05.11.2012

  27. i dont know what primitive
    i spanigned my tip of my ring finger it hurts really bad it is hard to type somtimes

    By elk slayer URL on 05.11.2012

  28. early in the history of the world or human kind. like DINASOARS

    By Ewa147 URL on 05.11.2012

  29. i think it is a attitude.

    By diamondsss URL on 05.11.2012

  30. i have no clue what primitive is. so my guess would be that primtive is … i have no clue

    By Chloe on 05.11.2012

  31. what does primitive even mean am I the only person in room 25 that does not know what primitive means?I bet emma knows she probably just won’t tell me!!!!!!!!!!

    By skylar on 05.11.2012

  32. what does PRIMITIVE mean well ill write random things then. mouse dog cat purse goo dirt worm water BLAH!

    By Cecelia on 05.11.2012

  33. i don’t know what this is so……………. i have nothing to say but it probaly is something.

    By Maddy on 05.11.2012

  34. i have noooooo idea what this is so i will wright random things. :) :P LOL!!!***

    By Frankie :P on 05.11.2012

  35. one time at class the girls had to do one word while the boys got to go on temp let or write. the girls word is primitive and me and my neighbor don’t know what it means so we are writing about that we don’t know what it means.

    By autumn fleming on 05.11.2012

  36. One time I was on one word and the word was primitive and I didn’t no what it was. So I just wrote that I didn’t no what it meant or was so I had somthing writen for One word.

    By Lori on 05.11.2012

  37. I do not know what primitive means so I have really nothing to say about it.

    By Mireya on 05.11.2012

  38. dont know what primitive means but im going to put it means consequence and so one day i was playing outside and i was playing socer at 9:00pm and i got homework and i got consequense

    By MACKENZIE on 05.11.2012

  39. “The bottle eventually took my life. On my way into her home, I tripped with ignorance, feeling and acting very primitive, falling. Falling some more, drank the obsession I had, and still have, with you know who.”

    The note said,

    “But when we first hugged, your perfume was all over me and I was instantly intoxicated. I drank and drank and drank.”

    I loved kissing her too.

    By URL on 05.11.2012

  40. What i have no idea what this word means. But its a werid word when you say it primitive it just sounds not right because i have no idea what it means.

    By Rayanne on 05.11.2012