May 25th, 2008 | 278 Entries

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278 Entries for “plus”

  1. plus is inbetween one and one in some equations and i think it is overrated. i mean really, who told plus he could get in between the love of one and one? however, they did make 2, so there you have it. bow chicka wow wow!!!

    By kat on 05.26.2008

  2. me plus you equals what? that is what i don’t know. i thought i did. but this thing is ever evolving and changing and i am not sure i like the results. do i wait for more change to swing things back in a good direction?

    By csk01 on 05.26.2008

  3. Plus means that there is more than what is evident. There are positives that aren’t immediately seeable. There can be more, there is potential for more, but it’s not there yet.

    By Ryan on 05.26.2008

  4. the opposite of minus and um plus sized people are fat and it means addition which is much easier than subtraction or multiplication or division and is very important in math and it begins with p and ends with s and has a l an u in the middle.

    By syd on 05.26.2008

  5. i have always found it interesting how the plus sign came to recieve such a creative name. plus. more. greater. increase. incriment. obviously, fascinating. + i like pluses + there is a pokemon named plusle. it makes me think of a plus sign because it has a plus on its tail and its nname sounds likea plus. plus backwards is sulp. isn’t that great.

    By jf on 05.26.2008

  6. plus always has good denominations. think about it? having sex? awesome. having sex with plus one partners? even better.

    case rested.

    By dj byrnes on 05.26.2008

  7. the plus sign is very difficult to write. not because it is difficult to form the sign itself, but because when I write the letter T i seem to get confused with the plus sign. they aren’t even that much alike, but for some reason my handwriting is terrible. i dont even know what else to write about this topic. really. i’m basically just typing now.

    By Virus32 on 05.26.2008

  8. Plus is the act of addition.
    I want to add you and me, together, tonight, I don’t care what it takes.

    If I were a mathematical sign, I’d want to be the minus, because I can take away all of your pain and sorry when I simply express myself through words.

    Your mind will slowly congeal to the point that it is putty in my hands, ready to be molded into something beautiful.

    By Quinn on 05.26.2008

  9. A plus is an addition, an additition to your life. To your home. To your safety. Plus can “add” happiness to your life.

    By Alix Kerr on 05.26.2008

  10. math minus cross t x addition subtraction multiplication division additional and with also add

    By catey on 05.26.2008

  11. life becomes a plus
    nothing withstands this matter
    in the end, a plus becomes nothing
    we can understand, elements are so easy
    to lose track of, in the time of a minute we tend lo look always for a plus.

    By memo on 05.26.2008

  12. is better than minus. It means plus one too. It’s always a plus. Rhymes with pus,though. Not so good. I wish my bank account was plus.

    By katherine on 05.26.2008

  13. add, something for the good

    By Rodrigo Tarango on 05.26.2008

  14. plus is a word that like means addition so it’s like the opposite of subtraction which is also called minus. it can mean and aswell. it’s a word wit four letters.

    By Tom on 05.26.2008

  15. plus there is nothing else to really do i mean come on just think about it what are you even thinking, anyway? Anything more? Anything additional you would like to add? Another person to a private conversation in a million heads is just a drop in the bucket. One more cliche on the page, if you will. One plus one is almost always two.

    By Pat on 05.26.2008

  16. Is the space of time that we have ahead of us. We can’t look back into the world of minus. We have to gather our wits about us and take them forward like a backpack upon our backs of experience. That is the mindset of Plus. That is the mind set of anyone willing to take this life and make the best of it they can. Come with me and see where the mind set of plus takes you.

    By Charles on 05.26.2008

  17. Plus minus nil equals plus. Plus progresses, if one where to plus something many a time, we’d end up with a lot. That’s how heaps are made. Not babies, though. They come from multiplying

    By Stas on 05.26.2008

  18. Plus sized models are becoming more and more attractive to men. It seems like the smaller the woman, the more sickly than can look. A woman who isn’t fat, but slightly plus-sized seems to be the absolutely perfect weight for attractiveness. This makes many wonder why the media sees it different.

    By Jenelle L. Flores on 05.26.2008

  19. Getting more is always a good thing. A plus is something you want. Something you want offered to you. You get that and you win. The point of winning is getting a plus. Scoring for your side, getting more than someone else. Doing a good job

    By Anonymous on 05.26.2008

  20. One more!

    I toss the burgers and the fries into a paper bag and throw them across the counter.

    One more!

    They always want more. More of this fat in a solid ball and these greasy strips of potatoes stuffed in a box.

    I hate them for wanting more. All they want is more and more and more and because I don’t have any choice, I have to give them exactly what they want.

    By fawna on 05.26.2008

  21. Math in elementary school was easy with plus. Plus this and that. It never involved taking anything away, just adding on to the top of something else. It’s kind of like childhood. Things are added and added to your experience, it’s only later in life that things start getting taken away. If you’re lucky, that’s how it’s supposed to go.

    By Ally on 05.26.2008

  22. plus. math. subtract from this world all the plusses and all thats left is the cold negativity. negativity permeating throughout our Earth, created simply from the absence of that beautiful plus sign. negativity undefeatable unless when countered by one word; plus.

    By RJ Vogt on 05.26.2008

  23. Adding and subtracting. Living and beathing. Addition. An addition to your family, your life, your work. To add. You are always adding. Maybe it’s time you stood still and felt comfortable with who you are. Nothing to add, nothing to subtract, just you. And what you have.

    By Ellen on 05.26.2008

  24. “In addition”, I began, feeling the resentments pile up. I am burdened by the chain of complaint around my neck. Not to mention I feel pretentious to be melancholic because “I am an artist”.

    By 52 Faces on 05.26.2008

  25. additive, in addition, also, an extra, something good, the large sizes….,this and that together, non plus

    By CT on 05.26.2008

  26. 1 + 1 = 2 doesn’t it? yes indeed, that’s what we were told when we were little. but if you think about it, where did this system of thinking come from? where did base 10 originate? schools should teach the origins of systems thinking as well as the products.

    By Hayden on 05.26.2008

  27. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus is a sequel to the terrible PSP game MGS: PO. However, it is pretty cool, because you can play as Old Snake, or Old Salad Snack, who shoots people with frozen salad dressing.


    What is this I don’t even

    By Valera on 05.26.2008

  28. This is in addition to the previous thing, which was less than what it is now, making it better because it is more. More is always better, except in weight. Additional weight is bad. Totally gross!

    By Tony on 05.26.2008

  29. I consider many things a plus or a positive. It reminds me of a friend who once said ” PMA… The Power of a positive mental attitude”. The power of the plus is is to add, to increase.

    By Poor Rickshaw on 05.26.2008

  30. A supplement. Plus is a good thing. It reminds me of addition which was always the easiest part of algebra for me. I was terrible at algebra. I had a really ugly class. The room was ugly. The teacher was bleh…. The students weren’t easy on the eyes. It’s just ugly….maybe plus isn’t so great….

    By Mitch on 05.26.2008

  31. Plus.

    Good thing, bad thing?

    Plus-sized clothes. Destroyed self-esteem, baggy fabric, avoiding mirrors.

    Plus. Optimism. Another thing to look forward to.

    By eva on 05.26.2008

  32. plus. the number which you attach this one singular simple will bind you and that number forever. sticking together like nothing could ever break you apart. you become one with that other number and it makes you something completely different. something one, singular,…whole

    By Travis on 05.26.2008

  33. one plus one is two. two plus two is four.
    these are even numbers.
    but every once in a while you’re asked to do the impossible.
    one plus 2. you get three..
    three… oh so stable but WICKED uneven….
    like a random wheel on a bicycle that’s not a tricycle.
    the third wheel. but not completely third. it’s possible to have fun with all three… ^.^

    By Red Rosaleigh on 05.26.2008

  34. plus is the sign used when adding up figures in maths. It means to increase what you already have. I have a skirt plus a top. It also goes with the compilation of outfits. A skirt plus a top, plus jewellery, plus a bag equals an outfit!

    By Teri on 05.26.2008

  35. this word is driving me crazy,
    plus or minus?
    all i can think of is “luster”

    By t on 05.26.2008

  36. mathematics, ever my nemesis.

    By Jason on 05.26.2008

  37. Plus one, a great band for a period of time, until the boy band fad wore down to a minimal group who was not ashamed to be the followers of trends. Speaking of trends have you seen peoples baggy pants, yeah i think its back again. Oh why oh why am i cursed, but then again there are people cursed worse than me, think about cancer, it sucks ass.

    By Joshua Gault on 05.26.2008

  38. adding is a good thing. lonely numbers become accompanied. lonely people become content.

    By Catrien on 05.27.2008