May 27th, 2008 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “aisle”

  1. As I walked down the aisle of the store, I searched for the item I had come for. I realized, after a few moments, that I wasn’t only in the wrong aisle, but the wrong section of the store- the opposite end! Trudging down the aisle, I eventually made my way to the right place, finding my wanted item.

    By krys on 05.28.2008

  2. I can walk through the blankness
    (white. it’s always white. what’s sterile to you?)
    the screaming product, produced, packet, packaged
    (why elsewhere? why not here? we’ve got all we need, right?)
    a dull face or
    choking child
    (MUM- oh what did you want? never mind then)
    a static beep or
    impulse wild
    (a chorus of them, why don’t you release a CD?)
    (oh, my favourite song!)
    can we PLEASE just get out of here
    (would you like a free sample?)
    oh no?

    By anonymous on 05.28.2008

  3. I guest got a great idea to swim in a place called arpalia. The ocean blue and crystally. The people all wear white and smile alot. When I got here I didn’t smile that much.

    By V on 05.28.2008

  4. No, no. I wasn’t supposed to be here. Here on the sidelines. Here on the audience. I wasn’t supposed to be a watcher. I was supposed to be there with the performers, the beautiful people. I was supposed to have lights on me and make up. I was supposed to be somebody. The one that people waited for after the show and proclaimed silly adorations. No. No. No. Somebody stop this nightmare now.

    By Mr. Bitter on 05.28.2008

  5. the asile looked suspiciously straight and neat i will run down the twisted path.

    By t on 05.28.2008

  6. It interesting how we the human race were able to study nature as we did. We are nature, but we do not see it like that. Aisle is not just a word, it’s more than that. It represents t

    By caivs on 05.28.2008

  7. I don’t want to get married and feel trapped. Aisle makes me think of marrige. Dont think just write. You could live without marrige. That is the truth.

    By Catwoman on 05.28.2008

  8. aisle is not as most people think the path taken by bride’n’groom to their wedding vows, its the pathways at either side of the ‘audience’ that are the ‘AISLES’. The pathway thro’ the middle is the pathway thro’ the middle!
    I can’t think of anything more interesting to say other than i’ve not been in a church for so long, i wonder if they still sound as bored by it all?

    By tim on 05.28.2008

  9. the one word is in black color one is in lighter and word is darker only half part is there below part is missing.. one wor

    By nivaz on 05.28.2008

  10. the aisle where i found myself arguing with an unknown power became overwrought with destruction and madness. maybe it was I who was going mad and not the others? answers to questions about the aisle that never before came to my mind.

    the aisle is narrow and getting narrower and it beckons me to arrive closer.

    By Marc on 05.28.2008

  11. There are houses, so very man houses. They line up–an aisle cuts through the middle like a blade. Between them, clash spirits and hearts of old. Those who dwell lash fury across the aisle, they are different people, yet human. War is an aisle, evil widens the gap.

    By Mark on 05.28.2008

  12. The aisle of the train was crowded, because the train was in Hong Kong. Trains in Hong Kong are second only to Tokyo

    By Ingrid on 05.28.2008

  13. in the church we sat silently for the priest was giving a very angry cermon.
    it was about the lack of commitment to the church these days

    By brenda on 05.28.2008

  14. Aisle is hard to spell, but I like the way it looks. I like the aisles of a grocery store better than I like the aisle in a church. Grocery stores are less threatening than churches in a lot of ways. They do not try to save you from hell.

    By Callie on 05.28.2008

  15. The narrow aisle on the airplane made for some gentle booty bopping with more than a few unsavoury characters.

    By Ilva on 05.28.2008

  16. and with the shot the race began. he pushed on the gas pedal and sped past the other racers. he had only one shot at the prize. he was going faster than ever before. ha had to. he can feel the tension. the pressure. the crave for victory.

    almost there.

    just a few more feet.


    “yes, mom?”

    “don’t run in the supermarket!”


    and the race was over.

    By francis on 05.28.2008

  17. Shopping. What a panic. Always, “I want this and I want that! Gimmi! Gimmia!” What ever happened to, “Let’s buy this for the sick and ill.” What ever happened to being kind and genorous? This current generation is runing our world.

    By Ashley on 05.28.2008

  18. I stood in the aisle and waited for the fat lump of a woman to finish putting her things in the overhead compartment…the line of folks behind me expressing distaste and annoyance…it turns out I was sitting right next to her. oh joy.

    By Me Here on 05.28.2008