May 24th, 2008 | 109 Entries

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109 Entries for “driven”

  1. you are said that you have aplace to go, you are DRIVEN to that place. Things, people, emotions DRIVE you to go somewhere, be something, do something.
    You are driven to become someone special.

    BE driven to do what you want. NOW..

    By haneia on 05.24.2008

  2. keep on driving into the only place that still exists and all i want is hamburgers and tostata chips on a sougherdough bun… with sprinkles.

    By JayDoze on 05.24.2008

  3. I own a car and I’m determined to drive myself past all fears and drive my car without paying high gas prices but I’m about to bike to my friends house so I guess it ain’t too big a deal. I feel bad when I drive but I am driven to succeed against society’s implications.

    By Jay Frydenlund on 05.24.2008

  4. what will life bring me what will i take. what has been taken what is left.

    mine is me and to change is good
    change is needed and here present

    so why is it so hard to change

    By b on 05.24.2008

  5. around the block several times in an old bentley that was owned by my great grandfather and my great grand mother who was very slim. I wanted to be driven around the block but in stead I was driven round the bend.

    By Stan on 05.24.2008

  6. i am a very driven person, fueled by desire, tenacity and voracious will. to be driven takes courage and strength. i a proud to be a driven woman, so that my children can learn from me.

    By cwa on 05.24.2008

  7. I am driven to write about the word ‘driven’ because i have just been told to not think but to just write. however, does this mean that i have no mental powers of my own, that i am simply being controlled by a machine? am i falling victim to other people’s whims and in doing so losing any sense of my own identity? is being truly driven to not write this, but to be my own master and say no I will not do your bidding?

    By Eric Sluyter on 05.24.2008

  8. It’s a complete falacy to say you can’t smoke weed and be driven…be able to sustain your compusure in public, in the real world…Go to work, have a kid, run a business maybe, and still come home and get high.

    We have a drive to prove the world wrong…

    By morozco420 on 05.25.2008

  9. he was driven by urgency to produce money to free his house from being auctioned

    By shreya on 05.25.2008

  10. we say this about somone, a person who is motivated beyond remorse; yet endorsed, limited and persecuted by progress.

    By Ryan Suchocki on 05.25.2008

  11. forward momentum towards a goal in the hopes of attaining something great something more always pushing farther faster stronger doing more than before. hope is the idea that what you have now is not good enough and what you have in the future will be better. it is what drives humans forward, one can never lose hope for one then slips into despair. hope for love hope for live hope for the future.

    By Yosef Mahmood on 05.25.2008

  12. I have been driven over the edge. There is no going back. We are totally going to go off that cliff. This sucks.

    By Jolene on 05.25.2008

  13. car driver driven my honda city.
    i driven a bicyle which no longer exists with me

    By shreshtha on 05.25.2008

  14. A amn was walking along a busy highway when he came across two old women. “Help us” they both shouted, but the man paid them no attention. He carried on his way until he reached the old ladies home where he was working. One man had seen him not help them and he said “I didn’t help them because i had to come to work”.

    By Joseph Blackburn on 05.25.2008

  15. What does it feel like to be driven? to have that passion for something. it coulds be anything: writing, sports, music, etc. the one thing that remains true is that if that thing is taken away, there is a void in your life tht cannot be filled, probably not even with time.

    By Doug on 05.25.2008

  16. i went for a drive with my mother. The result was fatal and in the end her life ended. It was her fault for arguing with me, looking at me, whilst trying to drive. Her manners always seemed to let her down, no matter what.

    By Steph. on 05.25.2008

  17. everyone is driven by love. It takes us to the evolution of mankind until we walk into the heaven we can finally see. so, in a way, we humans aren’t as frewilled as we say we are. but still, we have the freedom to choose if we follow the flow or not. This is who we are and where we’re going: heaven.

    By Charbel on 05.25.2008

  18. the ultimate solution

    By dhyan on 05.25.2008

  19. is a lack of freedom because you have to be driven everywhere you go. get a damn car you idiot, you cant rely on me all the time. petrol is expensive stuff. this is all i could think about?

    By chris on 05.25.2008

  20. remember when we were driving for 8 9 10 15 hours in a row. remember when i moved and you moved in the same way – what were we? we were driven. driven to be recognized as iconoclasts, driven to find love, driven for more do more.

    By s on 05.25.2008

  21. you could say she was driven,
    something inside her
    saying how she could do it,
    would do it better than most,
    but time ran out
    and now she is driven
    to that tree, that piece of
    real estate,
    her final one.

    By sambpoet on 05.25.2008

  22. He couldn’t sleep. He laid there in bed, tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable. He needed a good night’s rest if he was going to be at his best. Everyone was counting on him, but really he wanted to be the best. He was driven to be the best. Nothing else would be good enough.

    By cray on 05.25.2008

  23. Oh what a wonderful song that was. Driven me to the brink of happiness and back again.Like coal on a stove….red and hot when next to mother fire…

    By Jigga Man on 05.25.2008

  24. I drive myself to the dept of my ability. I wish I could have conceived such a notion in my youth. I would be so much more than I am today. I will/want/aspire to be great. I will drive on my abilities, and my dreams mixed with Hope.

    By Mel on 05.25.2008

  25. I am driven. I am driven to make my life happy, driven to live in a good way, driven to keep the house clean, to love unconditionally and to be a nicer person.

    By Darlynn on 05.25.2008

  26. I was driven by a near unreachable child, disguised and distinguished by a yellow and red beret.

    By Mat on 05.25.2008

  27. i am driven to the brink of craziness because you have left me with no choice. what must i do to get your reciprocation? to hear your approval? to know that you love me back? it’s all frustrating and tiring and exhilarating all at once, this suspense, and i can’t imagine living without it.

    By mich on 05.25.2008

  28. i am a man. a man with desire. and passion. i have all of my pieces in place. and what’s more…. i have nothing to fear. i work hard. and i go places.

    and everywhere i go…. you are there.

    now…. if only you were there.

    By frances on 05.25.2008

  29. a car , a sense of adventure, discovery, ambition, burning, desire, passive, would rather be the the driver than the driven, would rather be passtionate than driven because it sounds less obsessive.

    By Rose on 05.25.2008