January 4th, 2011 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “phrase”

  1. i have no idea what to write about a phrase. so i will just keep writing until the 60 seconds are up.

    By Bennett E URL on 01.05.2011

  2. i am writing about a phrase but a phrase is hard to write about so that is why i am writing this. i am going to keep writing till my time is up.

    By cooper URL on 01.05.2011

  3. Every company has a slogan or a catch phrase, that is what gets people to buy their products. I think personally the catch phrases are annoying because they get stuck in your head and you can’t get them out.

    By haley h URL on 01.05.2011

  4. phrase makes me cringe. it reminds me of school and grammar and green chalkboards that people labeled blackboards. when they were greeener than could be. it reminds me of metal chairs that hurt your butt and maybe a few bullies that no one spoke about. or maybe not. maybe we did. i don’t know.

    By faiqa URL on 01.05.2011

  5. Phrase. I don’t get this entry at all. Like am I supposed to write a phrase because Im writing one know. It’s odd.

    By Jackson URL on 01.05.2011

  6. There are many famous sayings throughout the world. There’s “Shake and Bake” from Ricky Bobby and Cal Martin Jr.

    By Joe on 01.05.2011

  7. catch phrase! tee hee! dont fall in a hole! jiggle muffin! laugh laugh! be happy! good times, good times! have fun! jiggle-te-jiggle! i hope you liked my most used catch phrases!!! :D HEEHEE!

    By KK S URL on 01.05.2011

  8. catch phrase is fun to play. In my family, we can never think of the words to say. we start to make random motions like waving our hands around when the rest of my team still can’t pull the clues together and time is going to run out.

    By Jacob URL on 01.05.2011

  9. there are lots of phrase in a lot of animals and peoples lifes.

    By brandon on 01.05.2011

  10. The phrase she used stopped me in my tracks. “Uranus is a gas giant.” It was love at first sight.

    By dennis s. URL on 01.05.2011

  11. A catch phrase catches the attention of someone, and leaves them wanting more. Television hosts have catch phrases or a signature sign, but sometimes its just a “And that’s our show” or “That’s all folks.” Now those kind of things actually draws attention away from this show or person. Some people may not know this but sometimes even writers have a phrase. But not all ways. That’s how I see it! (that’s my catch phrase.

    By Jessie3 URL on 01.05.2011

  12. A phrase could be a musical sentence. or just a phrase or motto for a store. a phrase could be “stay safe, or die” i think. maybe its something different. im really not smart. so i wouldnt know. so if you want to know something dont ask me. and this is really off topic whoopsies.

    By Brandi Dickinson URL on 01.05.2011

  13. Is the word phrase? Oh, i thought it was an indicator for the spot in which the phrase would appear momentarily. But then I saw a timer ticking relentlessly away at the bottom of the page as I forfeited precious seconds. Oh the folly of the untrained one-worder!

    By AshleyE on 01.05.2011

  14. I’m drawing a complete blank right now. What’s that phrase I’m looking for? The one that he used when she burnt the house down? I wish I could remember it.

    By ShayLynn URL on 01.05.2011

  15. when i think of phrase, i think of writing and grammar and spanish class. phrases are usually parts of sentences or whole sentences. sometimes they are long. rhetorical phrases are my favorite.

    By Meredith on 01.05.2011

  16. a phrase is a sentence, such as “if you want win em, join em” or “blonde’s have more fun” or something like that. Its a typical saying,

    By Cory on 01.05.2011

  17. Phrase the love you have for me if you can and I will phrase the passion we both can share. A phrase that is boundless in so few words, a phrase encompassing my love.

    By mindwhisperer URL on 01.05.2011

  18. The phrase escapes me…The last thing Jenny said on the phone last night: the phrase that brought about a sickness quelling within my stomach. Only a couple days ago had I suspected her infidelity, but I could never have guessed this would happen.

    By Smoe on 01.05.2011

  19. In a mistaken moment I find myself saying it. Those three words. You know them as well as I. Three little words that just fall from my lips, but so much changes. I try to take them back, but they fly free. Damn! What is the deal? It is just a phrase.

    By Geejay URL on 01.05.2011

  20. that phrase that you uttered changed my world.

    ‘i won’t be coming back’ is what you said.

    I lay down on my bed that night and cried until even the stars turned away, feeling embarrassed at seeing my sorrow.

    By lulu URL on 01.05.2011

  21. phrase.

    By bob bobo on 01.05.2011

  22. we coexist in the same universe yet we seek different horizons

    By littlemisswallflower URL on 01.05.2011

  23. There’s something about the name Amelia that evokes a sense of class and elegance. It’s lovely and romantic, something that should be shared with everyone and kept sacred and secret all the same. lololololololsw21sw12

    By Ray URL on 01.05.2011

  24. This phrase is about to be interrupted by my husband who just walked in
    Now he breaths a laugh in my ear
    and kisses me on the back of the neck (hint hint)
    and leaves because I’m soooooooooooooooooooooo busy here!

    Not really. Hope he stays so we can make out.

    By Sharp Little Pencil URL on 01.05.2011

  25. More likely a woman will stand by with her man, but is very that men stood by these women

    By littlemisswallflower URL on 01.05.2011

  26. She used that phrase all the time, “You’re enough to drive a person to drink.” I hated when she used that phrase. It made me so angry, made me want to run away, made me want to scream back all the things she made me feel like doing.

    By Emily on 01.05.2011