January 3rd, 2011 | 344 Entries

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344 Entries for “success”

  1. I always think that success is in the mind of the beholder…..after all, it may be that you feeel success is having made a lot of money. Other people think that success is having helped people in their lives. Or is it that success is winning that race, winning that argument, or winning the lottery? A reasonable assumption would be that success is having made the sort of life which means that you are a memorable person, and that you did all you could for your family, your friends, your neighbour.

    By Helen Barrett on 01.04.2011

  2. if you fail to fail is it a success or a fail

    By AndrewM URL on 01.04.2011

  3. Success is like winning the lottery and if you win the lottery then you just got a lot of money witch is success.

    By joey URL on 01.04.2011

  4. What’s the meaning of success. Like an accomplishment of course. Like This Volcano project was a great success. Or like. This test was a success. So there are a lot of meanings for success.

    By Jackson URL on 01.04.2011

  5. You cant succeed if you don’t start trying. Success is about trying and not giving up. you cant succeed if you don’t try.

    By Brandi Dickinson URL on 01.04.2011

  6. there are many people in this world that are successful.

    By cooper URL on 01.04.2011

  7. the things i can succeed at have very large ranges. sure, i can’t make kool-aid correctly (long story), but that doesn’t mean i can’t succeed at SOMETHING in this world. i have good grades, i am creative, im amazing at soccer… just remember, though, success is not ALWAYS the key to a happy place… you never know! ;)

    By KK S URL on 01.04.2011

  8. In life you always want to be successful but life isn’t perfect and that is just how it is going to be. You will always make mistakes in life but hopefully you learn things from them.

    By haley h URL on 01.04.2011

  9. Success is very important in life. If you do have success you will live happy.

    By Zachary URL on 01.04.2011

  10. i’ve already had success and i don’t feel like writing about it anymore, i thought that they would jumble these up instead of getting the same thing 2 times in a row! maybe that’s punishment for not submitting my e-mail and just trying it out. you may win this time i may cave and give you my e-mail just so i don’t have to have success stare me down again!

    By Ro on 01.04.2011

  11. success can be good and bad. it could be good if a doctor succeeds at creating a new medicine.

    By Jacob URL on 01.04.2011

  12. in order to reach success the truth is you have to start at the bottom. If you want to be the CEO of a chain restaurant, you have to work as burger flipper first, if you want to be a doctor, you have to start out as an EMT. You have to work your way up and never forget to focus on the long term goal :)

    By abra URL on 01.04.2011

  13. life

    By brandon on 01.04.2011

  14. Success is always just beyond your reach. As soon as you think you have reached a goal and can say you are successful you realize the goal can be readjusted. When that happens success is once more just beyone your reach.

    By Mrs. Heymann URL on 01.04.2011

  15. Success is relative. What the world deems succesfull is more often than not a person who has lost his soul trying to make more money than he has. I think success is finding your self, knowing exactly what you want from life, and getting it…even if it is something as unambitious as being an amazing librarian…so get out there & live your own success story!

    By Lea URL on 01.04.2011

  16. Her sister was the success of the family. Married to a hardworking Christian man, 3 children and just the cutest dog you ever did see. And she baked, a lot and well. Jane was the younger sister and had never quite been able to pull her shit together. She wasn’t exceptionally smart or pretty and her baking left something to be desired. Even her dog was a misfit.

    By Julie URL on 01.04.2011

  17. success is relative.
    some think money equals success.
    but what if you have no one in life to share it with?
    does it still count?
    success means having good people around you

    By Luvlylici URL on 01.04.2011

  18. It’s the way things work. Hard work, and then you succeed. It’s only sccess without u. It’s only sccess… Without…
    Damn. I didn’t want to remember.
    But I can’t seem to get the poster out of my head, and the stories that came with it, from the break room in Price Chopper, where all the kids gathered together to throw stories together from words that wouldn’t have meant anything otherwise. There was just nothing but pieces, and suddenly stories, and from there a joke that just kept going, like the Energizer Bunny –
    “It’s only SCCESS without U.”

    By Thirteen URL on 01.04.2011

  19. succes is something you have to get yourself no one can make success happen for you you have to work hard in order to get successful in life. it may be hard to reach that goal but in the end it will be worth it.

    By danielle on 01.04.2011

  20. She’d had a life long relationship with food and it’s colors–it defined her moods, her place in the world, her status with life. Joy was something covered in chocolate, a taste of which she’d never grown fond. Golden roast chicken, cooked long and slow, heralded a time of prosperity and luck. Ah, but, it was white food that she cooked the most, where she found success in creating dishes…awake deep in the night, knowing proportions by heart, using the light of the gas flame to boil and stir and bake. Cream of wheat, rice in every version, tapioca pudding, grits with butter….potatoes, baked until they burst, rich with sour cream and swiss cheese; these things held off the black that lurked. When cooked, it gave her the control of it’s painful qualities…the hours she’d spent as a child, made to kneel on uncooked rice or grits, for transgressions real or imagined. On occasion, she’d absently scratch a rough patch on her knee, and find a small grain of rice or a speck of corn grain had worked it’s way to the surface–she put them aside, in a special jar, planning the pudding she’d make one day….full of old rice, sugar, cream and hate.

    By Quin Browne URL on 01.04.2011

  21. If i finish University will success follow me? Does success follow you, is it in your shadow?
    Are you your own success? Is it measured, can it be tamed?

    Goodness I hope it follows me like a lost puppy looking for a new home. I’ll house you.

    By Jenny URL on 01.04.2011

  22. que alegria que linda la vida yo quiero vivir con ese exito profundo del alma y no con ese exito comercial que habla de solamente ser exitoso cuando tenes plata, tenes dinero, tenes el super trabajo. Yo quiero ser exitoso en el amor, en la vida como ser vivo, como humano, como hombre. Ese es el verdadero exito, he ahí la verdadera felicidad

    By Jp URL on 01.04.2011

  23. Success is a hard thing for me to write about, as I rarely ever feel the sensation of it. Maybe I’m too self absorbed to allow myself to feel the relief of success. Maybe I’m too depressed.

    By CB_Radio URL on 01.04.2011

  24. success is winning or finishing something that you have been working on for a long time or just you’ve been working on it. success is a good thing. :) congragulations!

    By Jade URL on 01.04.2011