January 5th, 2011 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “fiction”

  1. Fiction is fake not real . it could be something real to someone else but to us its not

    By Remington URL on 01.06.2011

  2. Fiction is something made up. The opposite of fiction is non fiction. Fiction is more creative than non fiction, and lets your mind be creative.

    By Remington URL on 01.06.2011

  3. Fiction is cool and I like reading fiction i get entertained. I also like writing fiction because it is cool and i enjoy writing fiction.

    By guadalupe.r URL on 01.06.2011

  4. fiction is something that is not true. Most children story books are fiction. There are also non fiction books. I like fiction books better than non fiction books.

    By Remington URL on 01.06.2011

  5. not real, like twilight or a fantasy book. a fiction book would maybe have magic powers or unicorns or elfs or santa claus haha other magical tings that probably would happen in real life

    By Jade URL on 01.06.2011

  6. fiction what a creation or can it be called as such.did or can someone conceive,i mean truly conceive fiction?

    By brian callan on 01.06.2011

  7. Fiction, I love to read fiction books, My parents cant stand it I mean I love non fiction too but theres something magical about being able to suck yourself into a whole nother worl, Like photography does the same thing, you can freeze a moment and see it forever, That makes me think of winter I despise being cold but I love the beauty of the season, I dont really care for it in Louisianna, But when it does occassionally snow its pretty beautiful

    By JadeBronte URL on 01.06.2011

  8. fiction is real life stories it takes place and is told by people detailing what has either happened in their lives memoirs etc those who read fiction generally prefer it over non fiction for it is more interesting

    By mariah URL on 01.06.2011

  9. Fiction is the name of my favorite night club in Jamaica. It was the birth place of my romance. It will forever hold an indelible place in my heart

    By kberry876 on 01.06.2011

  10. The art of fiction – a great book, by David Lodge I think, though – in the urgency of writing this I have a sudden flurry of forgetfulness, maybe it was someone else. interesting that I suddenly want to arm myself with a fact when prompted to write fiction.

    By joey URL on 01.06.2011

  11. this isn’t real. this is a lot of pressure to write something about nothing. this reminds me that my dad hates reading fiction. this is a lot of open space. its intimidating.

    By sandi on 01.06.2011

  12. I like reading no fiction. But i will read fiction if it is recommended to me. The last book was World War Z. Two nights ago I dreamed all night long of the Zombie Apocalypse. It was so intense yet I kicked ass in my knee high black boots. Those zombies don’t have anything on me.

    By Amber Rene URL on 01.06.2011

  13. I don’t really know any fiction. I’ve been all about the times we saw and the things we was, but the not-was ain’t had no what with me. Can’t. I’m too real and I’ll be damned when the day is what wasn’t what was.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 01.06.2011

  14. It isn’t real it is in your own imagination. Fiction can take you to another world. It can help you escape into places you could not even dream of on your own. Fiction is a powerful drug that more people should become addicted too.

    By Sarah on 01.06.2011

  15. We all create fiction. It is the way we communicate. The human condition is that memory simply fails us. We don’t have all the details so we fill in the gaps with our imaginations. Thus, we are all writers. We are all tellers of tales.

    By Mitch Holmes URL on 01.06.2011

  16. harry potter world or wars not really fake aliens space ships space monsters aliens the movie james bond

    By justin shultz on 01.06.2011

  17. Fiction novels serve as an escape from reality. You can let yourself disappear into far off lands and go on dangerous adventures that you could never achieve in your average life.

    By Cojo on 01.06.2011

  18. fiction is something that is fake like a fairy tale. or a magic animal.

    By Anna on 01.06.2011

  19. the fiction of my words
    by the truth in my eyes

    By Chinemenma URL on 01.06.2011

  20. I’m supposed to write fiction. But, how do I do that when he’s so real to me, so deep? I can’t make things up. But he wants me to weave him into a world that isn’t his. I don’t know what to do but keep trying.

    By sariaru URL on 01.06.2011

  21. once upon a time there was a frog named froggy who used to be a prine but an evil witch turned him into a frog because she got on her bad side. then one da

    By Tamara on 01.06.2011

  22. once upon a time there was a frog named froggy who used to be a prince but an evil witch turned him into a frog because she got on her bad side. then one day he found her and pushed her down a well and found the antadoet

    By Tamara on 01.06.2011

  23. fun to read. love to imagine. make believe. character, setting, make believe, imaginative, creative, happy, laughter, sucked in, having fun at the beach comprehension predicting picture books what fun

    By Carmen on 01.06.2011

  24. donts know much justis disappointing and i am boring pfff gooo finish 60 monuitsssssssss gooooooooooo
    science and it is very fake dont know what excactly to write it okzz now stop

    By lena on 01.06.2011

  25. fiction fiction fiction not real fiction is fiction books are fictions sometimes but sometimes they r not fiction that is how it is because fiction is fiction. fiction. yes. fiction. reminds me on function but its not its fiction. thats what it is. meatballs. wait thats not about fiction. damn it. where am i going with this. i have no idea. but im almost done with this. fiction

    By Lily on 01.06.2011

  26. I enjoy the act of writing fiction. It is a means to express my feelings without putting a spotlight on them. It’s fiction! It’s not real, but the inspirations are.

    By CB_Radio URL on 01.06.2011

  27. what the hell i just did this word why wont it give me a new one. fiction. diction. miction. this isn’t working. why can’t a get a new freaking word i already did this one of course im gonna be thinking about it there is nothing left 2 do besides rant about how stupid it is that they THEY WONT GIVE ME A NEW FREAKING WORD!! well at least time is almost up. bye world! :D

    By Lily on 01.06.2011

  28. A word that means make believe, whatever you want it to be, an escape. I love to read fiction — more when I was younger. As a woman, it also means luxury–who has time? It seems less important now that nonfiction, information.

    By Windy on 01.06.2011

  29. There were five characters in the fiction of Ms. Cantebury. There was Lyla, the brunette from the Bronx. Arthur was a man with a fedora hat from Brooklyn that sang in his spare time. Elizabeth was a mother of two from Queens that sold empanadas for a living.

    By Marc URL on 01.06.2011

  30. Fiction is a big lie. It’s untruth told in the best way. Sometimes I feel like my life is fiction but sadly it isn’t it’s just plain and boring. I would love to live in fiction, it might be fun.

    By tig6 URL on 01.06.2011

  31. “what a load of pure crap! I’ve never heard so much lies and untruthes! Are you aiming to be the fiction writer of the year or something?”
    His daughter looked up with red rimmed eyes, and a helpless expression, as if to say “what’s the point?”
    It seemed to make him madder.
    “Get out of my sight, how I ever came to bring up a daughter like you, I’ll never know!”

    By mariesdaly on 01.06.2011

  32. Fiction is pretty interesting, not because of the insane and crazy stories themselves, but that fact that someone was able to dig deep into their own imagination and pull out this completely original ideas. I think that is what amazes me most about fiction, the fact that someone actually was able to create an entire world out of just their own thoughts that no one has ever seen before.

    By Stephen on 01.06.2011

  33. fictional fears plagued
    her child’s mind-
    mother had never told her
    that the monster in her closet
    was really the arm of a sweater
    peeking out from the mess,
    and father had never made her feel safe.
    so she lay in bed, covers pulled over her head,
    trembling and eyes tearing,
    consumed in her child’s fear.

    By Coral URL on 01.06.2011

  34. I am sooo tired, i just got back from my triple marathon, i cannot wait to go hang out with the pope later he is the best at yahtzee, we don’t bet though, you know “religion”. its okay though he makes a good pumpkin pie when i beat him, if he wins i usually just make a pile of bumblebee pillows appear using my magic statue of Christmas.

    By Stephen Veith URL on 01.06.2011

  35. fiction is the heart of small men in paper hats with tiny lungs. It embodies the small villages that noone has ever seen from small. I am proof that fiction is not a hoax constructed by the zombies. Love is based on fiction. Fiction bombed at the box office.

    By daveit ferris on 01.06.2011

  36. we always are thinking about what is going to happen with us, with our world, with the humanity itself. The most important thing about fiction is that we have the power to change it.

    By Laura on 01.06.2011

  37. I used to want to be a writer. Writing isn’t necessarily hard for me, but the creative process is. I can’t seem to just make up stories. Just like I can’t seem to just draw drawings – I can only draw from life. Maybe I’ll be a biographer.

    By Chelsea on 01.06.2011

  38. An escape from the everyday. Fiction can take us to places we have never even imagined. It can make us consider the most menial aspects of life in an entirely new light.

    By Lizzy URL on 01.06.2011

  39. Is that all we ever were? Did I create you solely in mind, to fill me up and give my emptiness a name? You existed as ghost. Left an indentation in my bed, but in my life you are only ever meant to be a story. Nothing real, no substance. Just the wind in my curtains, a figment of an imagination that needed desperately a tale to tell.

    By Beth URL on 01.06.2011

  40. I was scanning the fiction aisle in the public library. Little did I know that soon a very mysterious and scruffy man would approach me and seduce me. I never expected a total stranger to lightly stroke the edge of a Dickens novel against the back of my skin tight jeans; furthermore, I never expected to enjoy every bit of it, and reciprocate with great fervor.

    By Rachel Elizabeth URL on 01.06.2011