January 4th, 2011 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “phrase”

  1. structure

    By didem on 01.05.2011

  2. How do I phrase this? It’s the constant dilemma of my life. Others, who simply cruise through language without a care for diction or syntax, are not plagued with this perpetual confusion, the endless doubt about which arrangement of which words will create the perfectly-phrased statement to communicate my thoughts.

    By vish URL on 01.05.2011

  3. A phrase can be good because we can learn a lot of things from a phrase because some of them can be inspiring but some of them can just be fun got kids.

    By ruffthe on 01.05.2011

  4. a phrase could be something in math or reading like a phrase coucld be like “i went tp the mall and bought a x box 360.”

    By bailey on 01.05.2011

  5. A phrase is a group of words. It could ryme or not. They could be corny or they could be sweet. I like phrases. They are

    By Madison G URL on 01.05.2011

  6. My dad has many phrases but, i can never come up with a phrase. I wish i can come up with a phrase.

    By Nick on 01.05.2011

  7. Phrase. Phrases are everywhere in the world! Right now i am typing a phrase.Phrases are sometimes sad or happy. There all kinds of different emotions in different phrases and that is how we know what people are telling us.

    By Kennedi on 01.05.2011

  8. The word phrase originates from the word frase which means clean in some language i dont know.

    By EliTheGreat URL on 01.05.2011

  9. Phrase. Phrases are used a lot. They can be used by people. There is also a musical phrase you have to learn about in choir.

    By Kaitlin on 01.05.2011

  10. Phrase

    By Avery on 01.05.2011

  11. Phrases are weird. A phrase would be like they’re walking down the path. That’s a phrase.

    By robert URL on 01.05.2011

  12. I’m coming up with nothing for pharse. I cannot even paraphrase a quote. The more I look at this word the more it doesn’t even look like a real word. Is there a phrase for that?

    By tig6 URL on 01.05.2011

  13. She says that phrase. Inside you falter, but you don’t say anything. So instead you decide to walk away from it all. The words, the actions, the feelings, the memories. All because you know, and she knows that that phrase means all too much to be mentioned once more between you both.

    By Ekilow on 01.05.2011

  14. The phrase most often heard from young lovers to their soon to be ex’s is “We can still be friends.” Really? I say, “Fuck that.” There is always sexual tension, if there was any real attraction to begin with. Your bodies pulled toward one another through space and time. Sometimes only in dreams, but more often than not nowadays through Facebook and internet dalliances.

    By Sheila Mo on 01.05.2011

  15. People use the phrase in many ways. I’ve seen it written on street signs, bathroom stalls, bedroom floors and ceilings. What really gets to my nerves about the phrase is the fact that I never actually know what it means or even how to say it. All I know is that some people think the world may never change.

    By Drew Mo on 01.05.2011

  16. love was a phrase that i did not understand. i love the phrase live or let die. what exactly is a phrase. i hate when people make up phrase. is it just me or did this phrase suck.

    By Alfreda on 01.05.2011

  17. a word that can mean many things and always be interpreted in different ways. it is a thought of someone who lived centuries ago, or a meaning muttered by the senseless person sitting next to you on the el. anyone can have a phrase and think of one.

    By marlena on 01.05.2011

  18. “One phrase?” He asked.
    “How hard can it be?” Replied his companion.
    They then looked at each other and couldn’t stifle their laughter.
    Neither of the giraffes had uttered a single phrase in their lives.

    By kate on 01.05.2011

  19. a phrase is the perfect way to start any opinion. It is in my opinion the base of any good thought. You use them all the time when you are refereing to objects ideas, thought, feeling and such. Phrases are filling this space and my head all the time.

    By julien on 01.05.2011

  20. A phrase is just a string of words meant to imply something or state it directly.

    By JamieSWalden on 01.05.2011

  21. i just wrote about that one, but i guess theres always something to say about phrases. i mean if it wasnt for phrases, how would we communicate or even get ideas accross. The thing is i just wrote about it so theres not much left to say…

    By Julien URL on 01.05.2011

  22. um…………………………………………………………………… i have no clue what to write about. I mean what is there to write about with a word like “phrase”. That makes me :(.

    By Ali on 01.05.2011

  23. phrse

    By Zach URL on 01.05.2011

  24. i do not know

    By pochbry16 on 01.05.2011

  25. phrase
    you snooze you lose
    the early bird catches the worm
    an apple a day keeps the doctor away

    By Marqus B. URL on 01.05.2011

  26. greece is my favorite character on hetalia he is very tall with green eyes and dusty brown hair usually wears a dusty green jacket and pants he is awesome!

    By miranda on 01.05.2011

  27. When people have heard of a phrase, most of the time they end up always saying the phrase like…”Up, Up and Away!” that is what most of the little kids say because they like Superman and that is what Superman would always say!

    By JJ URL on 01.05.2011

  28. A phrase
    A phras
    A phra
    A phr
    A ph
    A p

    By Broke825 URL on 01.05.2011

  29. “Duhna na na na duhna na na na BATMAN!!!” is the first thing that pops into my head when you say phrase why you might ask? BECAUSE BATMAN’S AWESOME!!! seriously though the only reason it does is because when I was younger I use to always watch Batman and it was my favorite show and movie.

    By Jose URL on 01.05.2011

  30. One phrase begets another. A single turn of phrase can change the world. Or maybe it can’t. A wordsmith makes phrases out of words. This is the craft of a writer. A phrase is the basic building block of the writer’s craft.

    By Mitch Holmes URL on 01.05.2011

  31. I wonder what a great phrase would look like to get a good grade. I think a phrase can be cool and at the same time boring if there isn’t enough detail.

    By guadalupe.r URL on 01.05.2011

  32. A phrase can be as damaging as a full sentence when it’s uttered with contempt or disrespect. A phrase can be as lovely as a sonnet when whispered with passion. A phrase can turn your head and make you smile when spoken with love.

    By Andie on 01.05.2011

  33. somthing you say like … ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    By Jade URL on 01.05.2011

  34. What is phrase? a phrase is a short sentence not even a sentence really cause it is just words put together with your thoughts without action words and an end — a phrase is choppy thoughts running together

    By Bobbi Weldy on 01.05.2011

  35. To be or not to be i phrase people use, they use when they think they are being clever. They use it to sounds as if they love Shakesphere. Sadly I bet they couldnt recite the next line or even say which play the phrase is from

    By dana on 01.05.2011

  36. Phrase – goodness, that’s a hard one. Takes me back to English lessons, the tyranny of grammar, or so I thought at the time. Though now I am a grammar pedant so I must have learned something. miss edmunds would be pleased!

    By joey URL on 01.05.2011

  37. It’s a phase to write this phrase in these crazed and hazy ways.

    By h.a.r. URL on 01.05.2011

  38. Don’t you just love a delicate turn of phrase? Whether it be spoken or the written word. We do not just tell stories as facts, writers weave words to paint pictures, just as an artist with a brush and paint does.

    By peaceable URL on 01.05.2011

  39. Phrase is something that means something to someone. ha ha! that’s dumb. But a phrase can be powerful, like “i love you” or it can be demeaning “you’re stupid” or it can be indifferent “whatever”. Phrases aren’t just short, some are long and usually are taken from movies or from people like the dali lama.

    By heather on 01.05.2011

  40. a Phrase is like a phrase of time in between something that you can remember very well

    By joey URL on 01.05.2011