December 13th, 2012 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “patient”

  1. Patients is a delicate thing. Who knows where the tipping point is. Sometimes you have the most patients with the ones that are closer to you but sometimes its the exact opposite. You never know. You need to trust yourself and take a dive into the vast unknown.

    By Sarvesen on 12.13.2012

  2. Something really nice, something i wish i had. something which everybody has but gets on your never because you just don’t understand anything that is happening. Sometimes ruins everything because you want it something at that very moment and not later. irritates me so much its not even funny.

    By Sakshi on 12.13.2012

  3. oh, what a word. so unlike what my father is; what i am. my mother was once patirent, but thats changed. i can’t figure out what it is about time that bothers dad, but he cant sit still for a second of time. maybe its the war? the fact the time was stolen from the men he lost? or maybe it’s how the war stole his time.

    By Sara-Kiyo on 12.13.2012

  4. The actual benefits of bieng patient come with time, dont hustle, dont panic, sit back and wait for the wisdom to flow.

    By Flavio on 12.14.2012

  5. I quit
    I should be getting credit
    For writing anything on the internet
    Chris Storrer

    By Chris Storrer (@chrisstorrer) URL on 12.14.2012

  6. I had to laugh at the words running through my mind. I saw his patience unravel; he wanted me to feel sorry for leaving our relationship unanswered. He wanted me to reconcile. But I knew how to manipulate and twist words to my advantage. It was harsh, but it was needed. He got the message.

    Because he didn’t reply.

    By Marissa URL on 12.14.2012

  7. You wait. You listen. You breathe. You take in. You let me throw my blows, all because you know that love isn’t easy and love is worth it.

    By Pip on 12.14.2012

  8. Patience, a virtue, is something that people seem hard to find. This is unfortunate. If you are patient, you are relaxed. You are able to take things as they come. There is calmness in the mind. Being patient, you are able to think more clearly.

    By Jamie on 12.14.2012

  9. Love is patient, love is kind. But they never talk about how much being patient can hurt. Because it leads to overthinking and overthinking is what really just fucks your mind over. All of a sudden you have all these distorted images that are maybe similar to what you started with. So being patient? Patient my ass.

    By Shelby Bodine on 12.14.2012

  10. “Be patient,” my mother said.
    I tried to, I really did, but I couldn’t. I fidgeted and I didn’t want to wait any minute longer than I already have. I have been waiting my entire life for this. For getting the letter.
    I fidgeted while I ate, while I dressed, even rolled around more often in my sleep than I normally would.
    And then, Monday- the twelfth- it came. My letter. The one I have been waiting for my entire life.
    And I can’t open it.

    By Zoë on 12.14.2012

  11. It couldn’t be said that she was impatient, she could do the waiting-for-things-to-happen thing pretty easily. She just wasn’t that good at the waiting-for-full-information-before-reaching-a-conclusion thing. Or, she was almost too good at that other, reaching-instant-conclusions thing. So while it couln’t be said that she was impatient, it also couldn’t be said that she wasn’t some kind of a prejudiced bitch. Life is a lady who works in mysterious ways.

    By meep? on 12.14.2012

  12. simple pleasures can be found
    when you walk around your home town
    a flower blooming
    a child’s smile
    a stray cat howl

    but some times
    if you squint hard enough
    some times
    if you’re patient
    your home town
    transports you back to a home
    before you thought of it as your home
    that warm time
    when it was all there was.

    By Matty M. on 12.14.2012

  13. I was once a patient. i’d had a terrible fall off my skateboard at age 15 and I required many stitches in numerous places. I still have many scars, some which haven’t even discolored.

    By William Orr-Walker on 12.14.2012

  14. I am very patient… honestly. I once waited 3 hours just for a pack of cookies. I just lied! I am not very patient…. after all,, impatience is the new thing, right? Well, I don’t know, but it’s nice..

    By shrik on 12.14.2012

  15. “Doctor?” She quivered, awaiting the answer. She inhaled deeply, wiping her sweaty palms on the white gown she had been given to wear while she stayed.

    By A on 12.14.2012

  16. He is not a patient boy.
    Feet tapping on the ground.
    Fingers ticking out a beat on his knee.
    Fidgeting like a mad man.
    Flickering eyes that can’t stop on anything.
    “AGH!” he finally exploded, jumping to his feet, “I can’t take it anymore! Where is he? Is he okay?”
    The nurse was still a bit shocked and took a moment to compose herself. “Who is the he that you are referring?”
    “George Daeydrl. D-a-e-y-d-r-l.” said Nes quickly rushing over at the pained impatience she saw on his face.
    “Oh. He’s in Room 402. Its–it’s just down that hallway.” she pointed.
    Nes nodded, “Thank you.” and pulled James down the hallway with her.
    He soon moved ahead and started pulling her along into almost a run.
    “396. 398. 400. 40-” he stopped.
    Nes looked up at him. “Well go on then.”
    He continued to stare at the closed door.
    She sighed and took hold of his hand. He started at the touch only slightly.
    “Come on.” she murmured. “It’s okay to be nervous. But let’s go see him, okay? I’m sure it’ll back him feel much better.”
    He nodded and she opened the door, entering first.
    In the bed closest to them was an older man reading a book. They smiled politely and he back. The next bed had a white curtain pulled all around it.
    “Ge-george?” she called, now a bit nervous herself. But she felt the hand in hers squeeze and Nes knew she needed to be the strong one. “George, sweetie, we’ve come to see you. But only if you feel ready.”
    She heard rustling.
    “Nes? Is that you?”
    “Yes George, it’s me and James.”
    “Come in!” his voice was cheery but weak and cracking.
    She tentatively gripped the curtain, before pulling it to the side.
    What lay before them was only a wisp of George.
    He lay on the bed with casts on his arm and both legs and there were bandages wrapping their way up most of his body.
    She took a little intake of breath, “Oh George.” she quickly tried to change the subject as James’ hand tightened even more. “—Oh George we’ve missed you!” She sat in the chair next to the bed and tried to reach out to touch him but her hand couldn’t find a good place to do so. He suddenly caught her hand in his unbroken one.
    “I’ve missed you all too.”
    Nes felt the prick of water in her eyes but tried to shake it away, “James has been going completely mad without you.”
    “Can’t live without me, eh man?”
    James tsked. “Can’t say that I could.” he walked closer. “How are you mate?”
    “Been better, I s’pose.” he tried to manage a laugh but it ended in a grunt of pain.
    “Do you need anything?”
    “Some less crappy television wouldn’t go amiss. Honestly. Soaps and reality television. What is the world coming to.”
    Nes couldn’t help but smile. He was going to be okay, it was going to be okay.
    “We’re sorry we couldn’t get here earlier. But we knew it would be suspicious if we just showed up halfway around the globe.”
    “How’s it cleaning up?”
    James spoke up, “Well it’s definitely not just going to be shoved under the carpet. No matter what, we’re going to have conspiracy theorists up the yin yang. But the real trouble is if the government gets wind of us. You were technically found quite far from the site and the fact that you told them you couldn’t remember is going to help us a lot. I can’t believe you still had your wits about you.” His face became concerned.
    “Yeah.” George mused, rubbing his thumb on Nes’ hand. “It all felt like a dream. I’m pretty sure my body went into shock. It tried to deal with the pain and just couldn’t. So it just blocked it out.”
    James sat on the arm of the chair next to Nes.

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 12.14.2012

  17. “She’ll see you now.” The nurse said solemnly, although he could tell she was trying not to portray any emotion.
    He nodded, and stood to follow her to the room. Inside, Amelia was sitting up on the cot she had been given, her eyes looked weary. “Sam!” She cried with excitement, she made a motion to get up.
    “Stop.” said Sam softly, sitting on the cot across from her. He didn’t say anything else for a while, just sat in silence.

    By A on 12.14.2012

  18. Slumbered wall dried silvery dust; crust, staged lust, hasty business, unlikely endeavour of 15 slithery pies

    By Liliya on 12.14.2012

  19. To think that you had some
    I doubt it
    The idea never pertains to you
    Though I wish it did
    This moment escapes the most of us
    Though we wish it lingered
    I hope it stays
    Though I know it won’t.
    Tis is goodbye
    Tis is done.

    By Jason Pan URL on 12.14.2012

  20. Be patient that is all we were hearing as we waited nearly an hour for our luggage at the port, after we had landed from our cruise that we went on to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. All I wanted to do was to get home and sleep for the whole day.

    By victor URL on 12.14.2012

  21. i have just written about patient. who’s got the patient to write another entry on patient? tick tick tick tock tock tock waiting for the 60 seconds to pass. it’s 5:44 am. i’m not one bit sleepy.

    By anh on 12.14.2012

  22. Patiently I sit with my back to the window, the snow falling down behind me. He tells me to smile and I do so hesitantly. I don’t really know what he wants my pictures for; this is his new apartment, and I’m really happy for him but I don’t want to take pictures right now. I don’t feel very well about myself for now, and besides, this is his apartment – why aren’t we taking pictures of him? I’m pretty sure I can hear the snow falling as I sit awkwardly, stiffly in front of him with this fake plastic smile on my face.

    By Andrea on 12.14.2012

  23. Stand still adorned with belt of mightiest courage;
    The rays we shine are harmless,
    So they claim,
    But I know better, though subject of their aim,
    For I am mangled and misshapen
    Worn and torn from filial rage,
    Borne to bear a duty’s stress,
    Fill tasks that remain
    Edge all energies until with traitorous eye
    I ope myself the box and bring death nigh;
    Yet knowing this,
    I might remiss,
    If I can but outstay than else repent
    My own right human want to be patient.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 12.14.2012

  24. “Be patient,” came the mother. “You’ll see soon enough.”
    “Be patient,” said her son. “Nothing will stop you.”
    “Be patient,” said the hunter. “Or you’ll never get the catch.”
    And I was patient and I was patient but nothing came of the curling leaves.
    Nothing came of the shadows.
    Nothing came of the tall, blooming trees.
    They had run from me

    By violet URL on 12.14.2012

  25. The sound of beeping echoed through the hospital hallways. People talking quietly, reassuring one another. A man in a white coat stepped out of a door. I stood up, waiting to hear the news.
    “she’s fine, but you have to patient,” he said, a small smile appearing on his face.

    By Asma on 12.14.2012

  26. She was nice, and kind, and patient, and forgiving. Quite boring, really, but at the time I thought she was absolutely perfect. I probably should have know. After all, nothing’s more boring than perfect.

    By rina on 12.14.2012

  27. why am i doing this again does it only have one word is it exactly what it says on the tin should hve seent hat coming really

    By wha on 12.14.2012

  28. I need to be patient, all of these bullshits happening in camp. Assumptions. Politics, Fed up. Annoyed. But i’m still keeping my cool. Surprisingly. Just hope everything will end well for me.

    By MHFZ URL on 12.14.2012

  29. The patient waited patiently in the waiting room with the other patients. The nurse poked her head from behind the door and called, “Mr. Johnson!” I looked around and saw no one move, so I jumped up. Turns out I was hard of hearing and didn’t know it.

    By Joe Carey on 12.14.2012

  30. If she was patient, it would be alright. If she waited long enough, he would return. But she started to wonder how long would be long enough, and if, when he returned, he would even recognize her. Time never went anywhere for Amos, not like it did for the rest of us. Patience was a virtue, but he never was any great shakes of virtuosity.

    By Hannahey on 12.14.2012

  31. “it’s a virtue!” I heard this growing up, from almost everyone around me. It was probably my own fault to be fair, because I was just too damn excited to wait for anything ever. I miss being that kind of excited though, being impressionable and childlike.

    By piper on 12.14.2012

  32. The patient was quiet now. Sedated. Drowned out with Haldol until she became nothing but a puddle of drool. What a life, one tech said, how sad. The other didn’t care.

    By ewelina r on 12.14.2012

  33. While I sit my foot begins to tap. My eyes are darting furtively around thee room, picking up every single detail. If there was a way out I could find it. He has said to wait patiently for him to come back… Like heck that was going to happen. Sense of security… Non-existent. Patience… Even less than that.

    By Charlie on 12.14.2012

  34. kind, slow listen, sick, hospital, doctor, learn, willing, scrubs, gown
    bed, smiling, helpful,

    By rita on 12.14.2012

  35. “You need to learn some patience, little Miss Instant Gratification!” my editor scolded me as I paced back and forth in the news room, waiting for a contact to call me back. The story couldn’t move forward without the information and the news cycle wasn’t about being slow and patient. Damn it!

    By Ara on 12.14.2012

  36. I’ve been patient for the past few years, but it seems like being patient pained me to the core of my bones. Wait patiently, patient in facing you, everything seems so difficult and distant. Being patient is torturous.

    By Irene on 12.14.2012

  37. She’s always been waiting, right here. You may never find her, but I hope you do. You’d love her. She’d love you. She already does. She just…waits. And hopes. And crosses her fingers that you’re real and prays to Gods in which she doesn’t believe that you’ll find her soon.

    By pdj on 12.14.2012

  38. always relaxed in hospitals

    By Juno Rebel on 12.14.2012

  39. we ran away
    as if the sun was to never
    rise again
    we’re on pills
    yet we’re not patients

    By Lunas on 12.14.2012

  40. I am a rebellious patient with a healthy attitude.
    I want out of this sling, I want to dance and to drive my car again,
    Don’t let the situation get you down, You do your exercises and get out there
    and take on the world. Show your true colors. You’re a touch broad; not some wimp.
    Take on the day.

    By Robin on 12.14.2012