December 13th, 2012 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “patient”

  1. The patient was waiting in the waiting room. Sweat dripping from his brow he never had to deal with this responsibility before. He wasn’t sure if he could do it. What if it wasn;t his kid, he would still love her though, the baby girl.

    By Jireh on 12.13.2012

  2. I was a prodigal patient. I scraped the hair meticulously from the site of the upcoming surgery. I just happened to shave the wrong side of my head.

    By Theresa URL on 12.13.2012

  3. Be patient
    and he’ll notice you;
    Be patient
    and he’ll talk to you;
    Be patient
    and he’ll say you’re pretty;
    Be patient
    And maybe you’ll hang out;
    Be patient
    And he’ll show interest;
    Be patient
    and he’ll promise you everything;
    Be patient
    and he’ll send you signs;
    Be patient
    and he’ll listen one day;
    Be patient
    and he’ll break those promises;
    Be patient
    and he’ll turn away from you;
    Be patient
    and he’ll leave you;
    Be patient
    and he’ll come back;
    be patient
    and he’ll love you;
    Be patient
    and you’ll love him again;

    You’ll see, just be patient.

    By AngelDuCiel on 12.13.2012

  4. Patience struck me down hard. Waiting is always the hardest part. Impatience swirls through my brain like a smoothie in a blender. Hurry up I scream on the inside, you’re going far too long.

    By Maddie on 12.13.2012

  5. the characteristic of mothers and teachers.

    By Christy on 12.13.2012

  6. how ive waited for you, it feels like a million seconds dancing on grains of sand emptying from an hour glass, endless

    By Zak on 12.13.2012

  7. Patient is the hand steadied for the blow
    Waiting to deliver what is intended
    Nothing more, nothing less
    And yet all that has been waited on for so long

    By Intuition on 12.13.2012

  8. Assad sorts through the clothes in the Goodwill donation bags. He opens them carefully, unlike his coworkers, who rip into the black plastic with great disdain, and pours the clothes from the bags with great care onto the floor. Assad has been given asylum form Syria, and he spends his days in the United States, in Macon, Georgia, spreading clothes across the floor of the 34th street Goodwill, where he is sometimes called “A-man” by his kinder coworkers, “Ass-Hat,” by those less informed. Still. He is patient with them. He goes about his work and tries not to think about the travesties taking place across the globe. But this is impossible, and he knows it. As he picks through the clothes he imagines they belong to the dead back in Syria. The holes he finds in t-shirts are not from wear but from gunfire, stains not from condiments but the righteous blood spilled by his unknown brothers and sisters. Sometimes when he sees the empty shirts and pants strewn across the spotted tile of the back room he imagines it’s like this back home; people he could have loved simply evaporated, separated from their bodies to be identified by a handwritten price tag and some sad, menial, arbitrary value.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 12.13.2012

  9. Distraction?

    Even when I’m patient, I can’t stop

    So my many little thoughts
    Are becoming numerous one-offs

    By Intuition on 12.13.2012

  10. I have to be patient, for my birthday is this Saturday. One more week of finals, and I’m done for the year! Success is never rushed, unless if you are a fat monkey like some artists out there in the entertainment world who jump start careers through auto-tune and bribery.

    By Leo Angulo URL on 12.13.2012

  11. Our plum tree waits, its colorless limbs in repose for fifty-one fruitless weeks every year. As her neighbors swoon with flowers in May and ignite fiery hues in October, our plum tree dresses plainly, not even flinching under the March barricade of rain. She gazes at the quiet cul-de-sac until that elusive late-August evening when she comes alive amongst the night-blooming jasmine. The air is warm and thick with her scent. Rushing to catch her windfall before the squirrels do, we gather the plums in laundry baskets and retreat to the cool, tile-floor kitchen. The plums taste like patience.

    By Neelvar on 12.13.2012

  12. Not I Said the little red hen; somewhat feeling put-a-upon to do EVERYBODIES dirty work! You do it ALL BY YOUR SELF

    By KarrieBHappy on 12.13.2012

  13. The act/art of waiting for a particular event to happen. Usually involves some form of self distraction to take your mind off the upcoming event. May just be dealing reasonably with the necessary passing of time .

    By Blip on 12.13.2012

  14. Patience is not a word im used to, life for me is take and not give i cant be stuck waiting for the dreary world to catch up and play the notes of the final sounding. I cant wait for the end credits because there will come a time that the credits wont be there anymore.

    By Lovely on 12.13.2012

  15. Patients patiently wait for a cure for in-patient impatience.

    By Brian on 12.13.2012

  16. i have no patience, i want to be patient with my thoughts and my emotions and i don’t act enough on them. my dad has patience and my mmom gets annoyed sometimes, but her patience with my aunt is incredible. i really want to help her and bring her family to our christmas celebrations. i know chrismas doesn’t ake it more special but it should .be a time we all come together

    By Olivia on 12.13.2012

  17. a waiting room. a sterile building filled with other sick people. needles, lab coats, no emotion. you’re being treated because there is something wrong with you. you scream that you’re okay but no one believes you.

    By lily on 12.13.2012

  18. i am not a patient person, but when it comes to people i love, i force myself to be one.

    By lilyberry on 12.13.2012

  19. it was harder, in some ways–the waiting, rather than the doing. to let the time pass like the shadow of clouds over the green fields, far distant from the city. to let the rain erase the evidence of the passing days. peace did not become her.

    By inciannomati URL on 12.13.2012

  20. I’m waiting for the right moment to get to my point, i’m not in any hurry, neither should you be. Why rush?

    By dacen on 12.13.2012

  21. the boy so patient at the toilet in the bathroom and so smelly like a poop . the end.

    By darwisy on 12.13.2012

  22. Patient. Patience is a virtue. Is an opera. -Retta. G and S and ampersands and failure to categorize. Lies to you, to me, to my voice. Voices ringing, not singing. A- doesn’t mean failure.

    By Candice Kight URL on 12.13.2012

  23. To be patient is to understand the circumstances of what is happening, and to wait, instead of being stubborn and persistent. Being patient is a great quality, because it eases stress and makes other people feel calm around you. If everyone in the world was patient, things would go by smoothly and not rushed. Another type of patient is one submitted in a hospital in need of medical care. Even though both meanings are very different, both serve a important and purposeful meaning in life. So yeah.

    By Yumna on 12.13.2012

  24. be patient be quiet be understood be loved

    By Eligia V. A. on 12.13.2012

  25. i think being patient is very important. everything in life takes patience. waiting for a promotion, waiting on someone. we’re always waiting.

    By Taylor Elaine on 12.13.2012

  26. she laid there with a pensive look on her face.

    “i am dying.”

    white lab coats looked at her with sadness, with horror, with pity, with regret.

    the shock of red cascading from her wrists made her hair look dull and lifeless.

    a voice came from the doctor to the right of her head.

    “yes, my child, you are.”

    By rachel. URL on 12.13.2012

  27. I’ve been so patient with my love
    So selfless, though no one would ever believe
    I’ve let it go now that I’ve gotten it
    It’s for the greater good
    They’re better off, I’m desperately not
    I’ve set you free as I sink

    By Tarryn on 12.13.2012

  28. She was patient. She sat and waited as people walked in and out, just waiting, waiting. She was to kind for her own good. One of those people who would never raise a finger or their voice in defiance. She should have just gone in. But she was too kind.

    By M on 12.13.2012

  29. being a great person who can wait. A trait I have. Helps me. Good things come to those who wait. I also think more people need to be this. I believe it is something that others need to acknowledge.

    By james on 12.13.2012

  30. we must not block our blessings
    jump at chances
    jog instead of walk
    hell u can run if need be
    if you trip fall its ok, get back up and dust yourself off
    don’t act like you’ve never felt the ground before
    God knows you have, just don’t forget to take a deep breath
    look back
    remember how He gave you the power to run into to newly opened doors
    you must know He’s the only thing worth being patient for

    By dshanai on 12.13.2012

  31. love is patient, love is kind
    doctors take on patients
    I wish I were a patient of patience
    I’m not a patient person naturally
    I like to seize life by the horns and run with it
    rolling with the punches
    I suck at waiting
    I’m just not that patient.

    By Natalie on 12.13.2012

  32. Patient is someone a doctor helps when they are not in the right condition of health. They can be in any bad condition, they will go to a doctor, and the doctor will call them his or her patient.

    By Izba URL on 12.13.2012

  33. If patience is a virtue then why is it that we don’t seem to get much back from it
    We waste so much time
    playing the waiting game
    Looking for a better tomorrow with better days
    clearer oceans and brighter skies
    Possibly better known as the game of life
    But don’t’ wait too long
    Missing out on the greater things
    Accompanied by complications and compromises
    We must not block our blessings
    Jump at chances
    Jog instead of walk
    Hell u can run if need be
    if you trip fall its ok, get back up and dust yourself off
    Don’t act like you’ve never felt the ground before
    God knows you have, just don’t forget to take a deep breath
    Look back
    Remember how He gave you the power to run into to newly opened doors
    You must know He’s the only thing worth being patient for

    By dshanai on 12.13.2012

  34. There is a lot to think about in the short moments where patience is enforced. My mind regularly becomes exhausted of small talk and giggle fits with friends. I find it drifting off into many different lands involving real life Salvador Dali paintings and the twisting of words my mind does. I love my mind, it allows me to imagine physically holding each word and turning it around as you would a cube to examine it’s every possibility. I couldn’t do this without the patience I’ve earned in each passing year.

    By masked habit on 12.13.2012

  35. It’s a merit.
    If one has patient, one can do anything, can be anyone.

    By Offrampq on 12.13.2012

  36. One of the hardest lessons life will inevitably teach all of us, is patience.

    By Geri on 12.13.2012

  37. He lined up the shot. The scope put the distance at 1,618 meters. A one mile plug. He adjusted for the drop of the bullet, and waited for a lull in the winds.

    By Chris Clow on 12.13.2012

  38. I think maybe that I’m sort of patient when it comes to certain things… I don’t necessarily get angry while waiting in lines for things. At the same time, I don’t really get angry ever… I don’t even know.

    By Madison Hite on 12.13.2012

  39. Is patience really a virtue? I think patience is having no phone. I think we’d all be much better off without phones. Far more patient than we are, and we’d probably also be much more interesting people. More social, less awkward. I wouldn’t have to walk around pretending like I’m doing something on my phone, or maybe I wouldn’t have to depend on it so much. Talk to people more or something.

    By Aya Zain URL on 12.13.2012

  40. patients is a delicate thing. Where is the tipping point? When will you crack? Sometimes you are more patient with the ones that are close to you but other times it is the exact opposite. There is no sure way to know, you just have to try and hope everything works out.

    By Sara on 12.13.2012