December 14th, 2012 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “living”

  1. Living is the delusion that to breathe is to be alive.

    By alyssa on 12.15.2012

  2. This is a living hell. I’m on edge all the time, always waiting, always fearful. I don’t even have to do anything wrong, he just hits me when he feels like it. The sick bastard gets so much enjoyment out of it. I can’t wait for karma to get a hold of him.

    By Jessica on 12.15.2012

  3. Stepping out of the house,
    The brisk winter air
    At once assaults my bare skin,
    An airy wake, ethereal.
    I leap against their constrict,
    Tearing through the boundaries
    They reinforce, espoused
    Silently, unconsciously;
    Superegoic limitations,
    Societal falsifications.
    The only sounds:
    The gentle patterned pitter patter
    Of the rain, and my
    Feet landing soft and brusque
    On the damp, black pavement;
    My breath, noiseless to
    The surrounding world, deaf,
    Dumb, like the roar of ocean’s
    Tide in my own ears,
    Gathering, crashing, ebbing,
    Repeating, seeming lacking
    End, until the last wave
    Falls, and calm
    Settles in, and lives
    Beyond a notion.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 12.15.2012