December 13th, 2012 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “patient”

  1. How can I be patient.
    The seconds
    are tick
    tick ticking away
    I sit in silence with the door staring at me
    It hasn’t opened yet.
    I look at my watch.
    Its only been a few seconds
    Feels like hours.
    Will she live?

    By Breezeway URL on 12.14.2012

  2. He whined a bit, wriggling anticipation as I set the treat down carefully in front of him. His tail wagged. It was fairly clear that it was all he could do to restrain himself – that he wanted nothing more than to rush forward and eat the dog treat in one big gulp.

    I almost laughed, and couldn’t help but marvel how patient he was being. In his shoes, I don’t think I would’ve held up nearly as well.

    By hannah URL on 12.14.2012

  3. life is pretty long… it helps to be more and more patient with the process.

    By lorraine on 12.14.2012

  4. Love is patient. What does that mean? It means waiting for others to speak and listening. Being patient enough to fully see the person in front of you or around you. Being patient enough to put their needs in front of your own. Love

    By Amber Garrison Duncan URL on 12.14.2012

  5. Para ser paciente hay que aprender como tolerar ciertas situaciones. Cultivar la paciencia es un arte y un habito…debe hacerse diariamente, conscientemente y perseverar.
    Es una virtud que reporta muchos beneficios y nos ayuda a ser mejores personas.
    Ser pacientes nos ayuda a no pre-juzgar

    By Matias URL on 12.14.2012

  6. I want to be more patient. But I struggle with the difference between patience and assumed submission. I want to be me, who isn’t always patient because I need to acknowledge my emotional reactions to things.

    By Annie on 12.14.2012

  7. In a day like today, it is time to slow down, to rest, to take a moment and experience peace. Let the cursor blink. One. Two. Three. Let the rest of the minute pass. Provide the same opportunity for others.

    By StevenYeagley URL on 12.14.2012

  8. Is someone who still manages to smile despite the tension, the pressure and not-so-favorable conditions. Someone who sips her coffee, wasting time finishing a book she doesn’t even like. Someone who carries grace, a calmness anyone could easily mistaken for indifference.

    By maldita URL on 12.14.2012

  9. If I were to reach my dreams I got to be patient and not look down or look back as I need focus to keep on my track. I know I can do this, with a little patient heart.

    By Joyce! Wong on 12.14.2012

  10. “Her name is Alexandra Joy!” I exclaimed in delight. My husband, so patient through the whole ordeal, came over and a smile of rapture took over his handsome features.
    “Perfect.” he said.

    By Emma on 12.14.2012

  11. The patient left the clinic, not wanting to believe the news he’d just heard. His hands were shaking as he hailed a cab. The cold city streets began to seem more threatening than ever before. His neck sweat. He began to instinctively cough. Two days ago he believed he could run a marathon, today he could barely cross the street. As he sat in the back of the cab, not wanting to get to his destination, he cried. He had never felt so alone.

    By Matt Burke on 12.14.2012

  12. someone who goes to see a doctor or a quality that someone possesses: patience. being patient means you are kind and willing to listen to people even if it may not be what you want. you are able to tolerate nuisances or excesses from people without tempers flaring etc.

    By Ash on 12.14.2012

  13. Kindness. Why did this word pop into my head? Must be the Bible verse. And next, love. The greatest of the three great virtues: Patience, Kindness, Love. Holiday gifts we can all give.

    By Chre on 12.14.2012

  14. Shit… Lately I’ve been like a Badger in a closet. I can’t explain why. I really hope that I get things under control because it’s really not cute . I think I’ll take a long walk to nowhere today.

    By Gilliam Martin on 12.14.2012

  15. Ha! It’s funny that this is the word for the day. Foremost, if we’re talking about the ‘patient’ noun, I’ve dealt with many of ’em last week which tested the ‘patient’ adjective I have

    By Alyssa Marie Ysabel Y.A. on 12.14.2012

  16. To be patient with myself…not an easy activity when I know I am capable of more, when I know that this does not reflect what I know I can produce. I wish I could be more impatient at other times, to kick myself into gear when I should. And then to be patient with myself when I don’t need perfection, I just need good work.

    By Niki on 12.14.2012

  17. I am no longer patient enough to continue this charade.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 12.14.2012

  18. Patience. Patience is stupid. Patience is for smart people, who don’t procrastinate. God, I love procrastinating. Life is so much better when you’re not patient. When you don’t wait. When you just live, and go and god, the moment just feels good. Like life. Being patient just sucks. It’s boring. It’s not life. Life is being free.

    By Charlee URL on 12.14.2012

  19. Be patient please
    I am a young soul
    My journey is long
    And hard to control
    I may seem together
    But inside I’m scared
    The world can be lonely
    And I don’t feel prepared

    By recogirl URL on 12.14.2012

  20. I am patient. I love this idea. I am not sure that it is a virtue though. A doctor can have a patient. I do not like that meaning of the word. When you are patient good things come to you. What happens at the end of this, let’s see what happens. I want to use this to blog with. It does not have to be a long blog post.

    By Peter Vicente URL on 12.14.2012

  21. The patient waited quietly while the doctors discussed the prognosis. Their comments to one another while not making eye contact spelled it all out. The patient continued to pray, knowing that the end/beginning may be near.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 12.14.2012

  22. I have to be patient with my little brother because he can be annoying sometimes. :)

    By Madison on 12.14.2012

  23. snow suits are very patient to keep people warm.

    By ccv1999 on 12.14.2012

  24. the doctors patient had a foot problem. the doctor had to be patient with him, he would not sit still or cooperate.

    By Sloane on 12.14.2012

  25. I try to by patient with my goat but when will not go into her pen or runs away ,then I get very mad.

    By karen on 12.14.2012

  26. Patient is when you have time to wait.

    By Destiny on 12.14.2012

  27. I can be a very patient person sometimes. Other times i am not a patient at all.

    By Sierra on 12.14.2012

  28. When I get home from school I have to be patient with my mom. Sometimes I just want to yell at her. She is sometimes mean but that one thing they teach is working is important and life isn’t fare.

    By amberp on 12.14.2012

  29. he thought he had it right there. his face is beyond rage. much less he wouldn’t survive to see another day for he had almost lost his patient. almost.

    By qie URL on 12.14.2012

  30. The man looked down at his child, enveloped in a shroud of beautiful innocence and mud. The smile on her face melted any chance of anger, and told him that virtues hold true.

    By Trevor on 12.14.2012

  31. It is within one’s head that the psychotic dreams await; the patient, unwittingly caries the details of the darkness to the light of day, troubled with clarity.

    By Gina on 12.14.2012

  32. Your patient of eternity
    just waiting
    for it…
    to fall…
    I can live forever
    ever and ever
    over and over
    born and there and dead (and not)
    an yours and mine, and only really…
    ever mine
    only the witness to your eternity
    and the one who waits
    as we all wait
    as we all stir
    and lean in and whisper…
    and cower…
    and stalk…
    as we all cry over others’ misfortune
    and our own regret
    we are here
    Patients of eternity.

    By Saudade on 12.14.2012

  33. I am patient sometimes. I was also a patient at a hospital once.

    By Cody URL on 12.14.2012

  34. Patient young one you will receive the force soon.

    By trystanasselstine on 12.14.2012

  35. patience is a virtue we are all uselessly impatient beings that are like cows bashing everywher ei think of crushed potatoes when one is impatient because when you don’t allow a potato to simmer, you don’t allow it to become a good potato. i lack patience and therefor i am not a good baker or a potato patisserie or a potato chef in general. potatoes are henceforth more patient than me

    By Ollie on 12.14.2012

  36. While i sit the next to the tree and watch the rain drop down my face i become very patient…

    By katlynnt on 12.14.2012

  37. If you want to accomplish some thing great , you have to be patient.

    By Pamela URL on 12.14.2012

  38. I am sick and tired of waiting. I’m dying over here.

    By Omi Miself on 12.14.2012

  39. waiting until something you were waiting for happens or gets to you. or its someone or something in desperate need of attention. of medical need. waiting your turn. doing something to later be happy you took the time to do it. someone who is in need of a doctor. Sometimes when you do things with others you must be patient. wait your turn. do something that takes time and effort. a person that is hurt or dying. all of these things can be considered a patient. like a dog rabbit or cat. person baby ect.

    By lucy URL on 12.14.2012

  40. I am an inpatient person!

    By Sammi on 12.14.2012