September 17th, 2009 | 310 Entries

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310 Entries for “paintbrush”

  1. paintbrush. Looking for water color brushes was an eye opener. Synthetic and real were all very costly. Very surprised camel hair paintbrush was a beauty but so expensive

    By Chris G on 09.18.2009

  2. A paintbrush is a little brush used for painting pictures, usually made out of animal hairs. Biblical people used camel hairs. Some people used mouse hairs too.

    By paintbrush on 09.18.2009

  3. paintbrush

    By brittany on 09.18.2009

  4. Sweet and soft. Lyrical. Paintbrush, the art of the stroke. Little flecks of paint splatter my shirt and freckle my face. I don’t mind. Even the blue needs a home; even the red should be put somewhere. I love the smell

    By Lisa on 09.18.2009

  5. A paint brush is the tool the unleashes your feeling from you mind to your body to your hand to the brush and to the canvas. The final result is a combination off all the wonders combined. The strokes, the colors, the mood, the touch, the brush, the final picture, all is a result of a millions of decisions. Not just one.

    By Scott on 09.18.2009

  6. a tool used to paint. it is usually used in art class. used by famous painters. watercolor or regular painting.

    By sk8rgirl541 on 09.18.2009

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    By pppaaaiiinnntttbbbrrruuussshhh on 09.18.2009

  8. You use a paintbrush to paint images in paint. There are various types of paint including oils, watercolours and gouache. A paint brush could also be used as an amusing tickle device.

    By Becky on 09.18.2009

  9. the paintbrush was vibrant with the color of red, as the brush was stroked across the canvas. The artist stared at the painting, pondering his next stroke. He would sigh lightly in thought but without prevail he kept to his work, wondering how this piece of junk could become his next masterpiece.

    By Bob on 09.18.2009

  10. Somebody please write an answer to this. I will be looking for it.

    By lonely on 09.18.2009

  11. paintbrushs r rally coll bcuz they have certain charcteristics about them that i like myselve. i like 2 paint bcuz it is fun 2 watch the brush paint itself.!!! =)


    By Xxyungboiballer2k4xX on 09.18.2009

  12. The written letter is to the poet what a paintbrush is to a visual artist.

    By QuahBL on 09.18.2009

  13. Oh my frickin’ gosh, are you kidding me? All you need to do is give us one word per day to stimulate the literary inkling in me and all you can do is give me paintbrush each day for the past two days?

    By Rory Fox on 09.18.2009

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    By sad on 09.18.2009

  15. The art of showing what you can create. It’s beautiful!!! Show the world with a paintbrush how you express yourself in art.

    By Mike on 09.18.2009

  16. Can you raed tihs? It’s beuacse the hmuan bdoy deos not raed ervey ltetr but the wrod as a wohle!

    By wnt a rply on 09.18.2009

  17. painting. strokes. brush strokes carefully, gently, with affection. the color follows, it just sort of appears where the brush was. the bristles add texture, it isn’t perfectly smooth but it looks so from afar.

    By caitlyn on 09.18.2009

  18. art and drawing and pain and emotion and love. using this tool to express everything ….i wish i had one whaaaa. i like to paint and be free.

    By yurei on 09.18.2009

  19. A paintbrush is something you can use to draw with, an artistic tool with powerful abilities, especially to people who are bored or have a disability like deafness, or no legs.
    A paintbrush needs colors to work with, and using a paintbrush you can do anything and draw almost every single thing that exists

    By Igal T on 09.18.2009

  20. The paintbrush was left hard and stiff beside a water can left in the fornt lawn. Tyler was thoughtful when he offered to paint the picket fence with the extra lime green paint leftover fromhis sister’s bedroom. Too bad the neon green was awash along the lawn as well.

    By bobo on 09.18.2009

  21. life creating fun painting your life stroke brush hair soft languid in butter writing pens living aloud fresh moving fun squelching joy my hair in a bun i love to point to paint to love to paint hello i’m here

    By Anonymous on 09.18.2009

  22. well my girlfriend paints and it looks like a lot of fun! I totally wish i could but i am not very good at it! She just finished this block print and she painted the interior with a paintbrush and it looks super good! looks like fun!

    By Tom on 09.18.2009

  23. paint me a picture?

    By Helen on 09.18.2009

  24. I couldn’t figure what it was that I was doing that day. Standing in my room, the deep green shade was drip drip dripping right onto my toes, but all I could do was mutter to myself. All I could do was start over.
    It wasn’t all that difficult to realise where things might just have been headed, but I had never intended on sticking around long enough to sit down to dinner with the consequences of my actions.

    By Aisling on 09.18.2009

  25. my pen is like my paintbrush, because i haven’t really painted since middle school…or my friend cara’s birthday party. she did this great thing where all of her friends painted something for her on this big piece of paper and now it’s hanging in her room. i painted hearts and lines and stuff.

    By leah on 09.18.2009

  26. my paint brush is dry, the water was turned off last week. The only way to get it back on is by sleeping with the labor man. I don’t like the labor man, he smells of eggs and babies. He seems to like hanging around me.

    By Sarah Jack on 09.18.2009

  27. it has the potential to paint a picture of the mind and the mind articulates what it is thinking and the paintbrush has the power to paint. Paintbrushes are instruments of the soul that brushes and brushes. Paintbrushes are resourceful paintbrushes are the poets potential.

    By Myron on 09.18.2009

  28. She lifted the paintbrush carefully, but still managed to get a few flecks of the red ink on her paper. Marika sighed, and crumpled it up before throwing it in the bin, movie-style. For this to work the paper had to be completely blank at the start…

    By Finn on 09.18.2009

  29. hello my name is alice and i don’t lnow why i’m here but i’m here. and? so…argh!

    By Alice on 09.18.2009

  30. I faboulus invention to express ones greatest thoughts.

    By Anonymous on 09.18.2009