September 18th, 2009 | 432 Entries

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432 Entries for “guided”

  1. it felt like i was being guided. but if i wasnt going to discover it myself i didnt want it at all. so i grabbed onto the nearest solid object and held with all my might. and by the time i realized you were the right thing you had gotten so far away i couldnt even see you. now i cant be guided toward anything but you.

    By B on 09.19.2009

  2. So i was wandering down this path, unsure of where to go. There were path’s diverging into other’s but i kept going straight, thinking it would get me where i needed to go. But as i continued this unchanging path i realized that i had lost and that i had guided myself into a state of static unchange.

    By kasyn on 09.19.2009

  3. followed….lead further than you want to go…further than who you want to be.walk faster…

    By tanuja on 09.19.2009

  4. one word can define you, it can make you or break you. it is up to you how you would like to see the one word and how to define yourself.
    one word can

    By Jiten on 09.19.2009

  5. life is meant to be guided by rules. rules guide us, motivate us and builds us.
    people are required to be guided by their principles and how they follow it.

    By Jiten on 09.19.2009

  6. by light by thought by intuition, we follow that wich we choose its up to you

    By Malani on 09.19.2009

  7. guided is an amazing word since it defines what i require. I need some sort of entity that would show me the way, I need to be guided, I’m not really the proactive type at the moment. I wish I was, but I’m not. It would be nice if I was guided towards some sort of goal.

    Some sort of purpose, I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.

    By Satya on 09.19.2009

  8. I was immediately guided home after being lost around australia It took me only 3 hours to get back to melbourne!

    By matthew on 09.19.2009

  9. i like guides, is fun, even though I dont go to it. It looks fun cuz you tie knots and cook and stuff. I planted a tree at guides and I named it Gumby. Gumby is a gumtree. He likes rain. NOT FIRE!

    By beeeeeee on 09.19.2009

  10. to the light by some strange being.I was thinking about you and i got there.Yet i was alone.Nothing but me.not even air

    By george on 09.19.2009

  11. it has been a long time since i have felt guided… just a hand at the small of my back, a gentle nudge, even a point in the general direction would be nice. I just want to have some idea. some. idea.

    By Corey P on 09.19.2009

  12. the light was guided by a hand that was atached to a body sometime the light shines brighter than other i like light i dont like dark never have thats why i always have to a flashlight to guide with my hand

    By Anonymous on 09.19.2009

  13. i was never guided

    By gyro on 09.19.2009

  14. travel siteseeing
    lonliless faith

    By Anonymous on 09.19.2009

  15. he was guided into the abyss with this came his emotional state and wisdom, the dark pathway shows beyond his comprehension and really shows what it is to be a man

    By andrew on 09.19.2009

  16. we are always guided by god .if the most famous guide of the world . guide need to be of good humour

    By Anonymous on 09.19.2009

  17. ma simt ghidat de viata intr-un pelerinaj abscons la templul femeilor ce imi bantuie neanturile gandirii. ma port tamp si timid, gandind ca viata e o bomboana deja supta de un urias cu diabet, pentru care zaharul este substituentul pentru insulina

    By Arhi on 09.19.2009

  18. He had often laughed at her notion of an invisible power that told her which direction to take or what action to avoid. He would not embrace the idea of a larger plan, and the image of some celestial file drawer full of approved blueprints and annotated fates made him giggle as he stared at her certainty, but his face hurt a little after each prearranged HA!

    By Brian Slusher on 09.19.2009

  19. A guided journey is not m kind, i like to be free.
    As the birds in the trees, as the wind and the breeze.

    By NK on 09.19.2009

  20. she always laughed at him telling her what to do. She would just run her fingers through his curly black hair and laugh, showing her beautiful smile. She was a freer spirit than he was, she went everywhere barefoot, played guitar where she wanted, and compared herself to the wind (the most freest thing out there, as you know). He would be puzzled, but usually wouldn’t care. For he knew he couldn’t talk her into anything. She was too free.

    By Cooper on 09.19.2009

  21. he held my hand gently

    guided me through the fields

    past the daisies

    under the sun

    into a future unknown

    but hoped for with great anticipation

    yes he held my hand


    By la on 09.19.2009

  22. single son

    By shanu on 09.19.2009

  23. Well, when you ride a skateboard, then you have to guide it to keep from crashing!

    By Luke Skywalker on 09.19.2009

  24. She walked aimlessly amongst the crowded room. The air was thick and warm from the heat of dancing human bodies. A warm hand settled against her lower back, and as she turned she saw the eyes of one she loved. Comfort guided her to the exit, where she belonged.

    By janelotus on 09.19.2009

  25. Guided. Anyone want to Google it?? Because I don’t know the technical definition!!!!!

    By Luke Skywalker on 09.19.2009

  26. guided when i first see this word i don’t know what exactly the word mean because i have a vague idea about guided.honestly i am confused about my future

    By Anonymous on 09.19.2009

  27. without glasses everything is a blur once they are on its like a light comes on and I can see everything clearly as though I had a guide to help me find my way of course it is lonely and empty without a guide and the wonderful colour and life that is exuded by the co

    By jeanette on 09.19.2009

  28. once there was a man that killed everyone every one else was dead after he killed them. it was beautiful cause he was a peace at last. it was like he was with zen. haha.

    By nick on 09.19.2009

  29. i never thought i had a path in life. But i still wouldnt say I was lost. I just needed someone to… help me along. And that person came to me in March. I was searching for a new TV in the electronics section of Sears. I’m not a technology junkie, and was basing all my reactions on what looked the best. Then a man stepped near me.

    By Emily on 09.19.2009

  30. He guided me towards the light. he was guided by the dog to the edge of the cliff. But I guess I never guided anyone anywhere – I was never even a guide not after the Brownies fiasco – it’s a wierd thing really and not easier for being constantly interupted by the need for pizza.

    By Charlie B on 09.19.2009

  31. Nobody can go back AnD sTaRrt a New BeGinNiNg ,. . . bUt, aNyOnE cAN sTaRT TodAy and MaKe a NEW EnDiNg . . . . .

    By vivek on 09.19.2009

  32. to some place, by the hand of someone, tranquility, peace, segurity, a place you belong to, calm in your soul, jus… a place where you always wanted to be, with the certainty you are where you must be

    By Pam on 09.19.2009