September 16th, 2009 | 437 Entries

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437 Entries for “penny”

  1. A penny for your thoughs,
    they say,
    a penny for your thoughts.
    My thoughts are worth more than a
    a lucky penny?
    But not a regular penny.

    By Jessica on 09.17.2009

  2. a penny is a great thing because it is made of copper, not gold. you see, a penny was made in the past when people needed currencies, and to this day they still use them. yes, pennies are a wonderful thing. i wish pennies could be used for more things. i don’t know what things they could be used for, but at the same time i’m sure you’re very imaginative.

    By vokinburt on 09.17.2009

  3. A small but very lucky piece of currency bearing the image of a very important president. ONe is worthless but banded together to make amazing things happen.

    By Avi Mark Molder on 09.17.2009

  4. i found a pennyh on the street they are always so dirty why do ppl throw them away like they are nothing they are moeny money is money so i wish i had all the pennys in the world that are on the ground i bet i would be a millionaire…. so if u ever see a penny send it to me :) just kidding but pick it up and use it

    By aiko on 09.17.2009

  5. If I had a penny for every time I heard someone tell me how much I look just like my mother. “Your smile!” “Your eyes!”

    I get it. I look just like her. But, trust me, we are completely different people with unique personalities.

    For example, she loves cheese pizza. I love pepperoni.

    By Gina on 09.17.2009

  6. A penny for your thoughts
    will compensate you for your time
    A dollar for you hour will pay in kind
    but when common sense isn’t so common,
    a penny might be what you seek,
    even if you can’t get much

    By Kevin on 09.17.2009

  7. i like pennies. abe is on it, which is pretty cool. I don’t know much about the penny, but the colour of it is copper. is it copper? I don’t know.

    Penny is also the subject of a Hanson song, and I really like it because Taylor Hanson is one hot man. He has lots of kids. there’s so much more time left, my stream of conscious

    By Liz on 09.17.2009

  8. At the restaurant last night, someone left a penny on the table.

    It’s happened before.

    Why do people leave pennies? Perhaps they think it’s a form of good luck.

    By sm on 09.17.2009

  9. I once found a penny and it was worth a dime. I picked it up and looked at it. Later, I found that if I hadn’t picked it up and stopped to do so, a car would have hit and consequently hurt me. You know, it was even more worth than a dime, I reckon. =)

    By Dennis on 09.17.2009

  10. Pennies are good for one thing. I throw them out of my penthouse window. I’m on floor 20. So far I haven’t hit anybody. To be perfectly honest I would prefer not to, but its nice to put the option out there.

    By evan on 09.17.2009

  11. pennyless. a penny isnt worth much today. ive got nothing. the end.

    By Jen on 09.17.2009

  12. oh just a penny, wish it was more. What can I do with a penny? could possibly jam the vending machine and try and get something for nothing.or is it a name of a girl? penny, Penny that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? as long as I have pennies I could possibly run the world. And also life. The first penny is the most crucial and then everthing else flows from it. The invention of the penny or basic unit of money to be represented by a piece of metal is mind boggling.

    By on 09.17.2009

  13. The penny is becoming essentially worthless in today’s society. Think about it. How many times have you been cleaning and found a penny and, instead of setting it aside, threw it into the garbage along with your other trash? Read more at

    By One Word Experience on 09.17.2009

  14. i dropped a penny on the ground and it fell through a grid onto a tube line where an old tramp was sitting. he picked up the old penny and rubbed it clean and took it away for luck but a strong wind blew it out of his hand as he was leaving the station.

    By karen on 09.17.2009

  15. a penny for your thoughts…
    brass object
    made out of the same stuff the statue of liberty is made out of. worth 1 cent and one cent only. shiny, cold usually, lonly #1

    By ryang on 09.17.2009

  16. I have a little penny made out of copper. On it it says “In God we Trust”. I pick up every penny I see. It reminds me of God and also I think I get good luck.Sometimes I give them to my daugher. Sometimes I leave them on the ground but always “In God We Trust”.

    By Karen B on 09.17.2009

  17. Give me a penny, and I will tell you a story worth gold; or rather, you shall hear two or three; for one brings to mind another. I hae a penny to spend, there, thanks to naebody; I hae naething to lend, I’ll borrow frae naebody. Ah, you are a piece of work, Septitius; you shall reimburse me to the very last penny. My own exclusive breakfast of a penny loaf and a pennyworth of milk, I shall provide myself.

    By чэιιο on 09.17.2009

  18. “Zack, if I had a penny for every single time someone told me that, you know how rich I’d be?” She asked. Without hesitation, I answer.

    “Richer than London?”


    “Than her dad?”

    She shakes her head and I stare at her like she’s absolutely crazy, which part of me believes to be true by the way. “The truth is, if you weren’t counting the many times it’s happened on stage and just counted the times when a guy’s really meant it” She explains “I’d be broke as smoke”

    OK, she really is crazy. “You’re joking”

    “Nope” She replies, I can see the honesty in her eyes. “I’m not exactly the catch of the day to most guys back in the U.S”


    “Swear on Isabelle Junior” She chuckles, pressing her precious iPod Touch to her chest.

    By Hann on 09.17.2009

  19. So insignificant and worthless. But everyone still likes you, and when the big bad White House was threatening to end you, the people stood up against oppression and spoke out for the poor brown coin that looked the other way.

    By Y on 09.17.2009

  20. l like the song penny lane by the beatles. it’s a very nice sounding song, and it makes me think of a girl more than a road, but l guess that was the original point of the song. i mean, who would write a song about a road without some kind of imagery going on there?

    By alex on 09.17.2009


    By Ө on 09.17.2009

  22. Pennies for thoughts. The idle shrinkage of original ideas, and we think creative plans can be stolen for pennies. It’s true. Poe sold his Raven for fourteen dollars. Pennies. Pure originality pawned off for a couple days of full bellies.

    By Jesse on 09.17.2009

  23. It was a penny that was all it had been a penny. I hated that man with his ridiculous antics. I had just spent a week trying to track down a priceless antique but all it was was a penny.

    By Caleb Hairston on 09.17.2009

  24. The openny is a small cooper coin in the US and a penny saved is a penny earned is a famous saying by Ben Franklin one of the founding father’s of the country. Penny’s are the smallest denomination coin the the US. The have a image of President Abraham Lincoln on one side and the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse.

    By Scott Laurent on 09.17.2009

  25. red penny copper was a hair color that served me well for half my life. Now it is Raven Black, a reflection of my heart

    By alisa haller on 09.17.2009

  26. a small coin. bronze. sometimes clean, sometimes covered in grime. considered lucky, which doesnt make sense to me. how can the lowest form of currency be considered lucky?

    By on 09.17.2009

  27. Suddenly a littel penny rolled inbetween my legs. Wondering where it could have come from i picked it mup. To my demise i knew my cat was chasing after it. As kittens was in the air with his claws unleashed haeding twords my face a laughed. This what what i got for finding a lucky penny.

    By Amy Williams on 09.17.2009

  28. I picked it up from the gutter carefully, so that it didn’t touch too much of my hand. I didn’t want to be responsible for the spread of a terrible disease. I put the penny in the small outside pocket of my school bag and promptly forgot about it, continuing on my walk home.

    By Finn on 09.17.2009

  29. Penny Lane was a good song by the Beatles. Probably one of their best. Penny Marshall comes to mind, Laverne and Shirley was a pretty good show. I am pretty cultured to be only 19. At least I think so. I look a good bit like Marcia Brady too, so that’s cool. Flipped out when m

    By kayla on 09.17.2009

  30. In a matter of speaking i have picked up and put down lots of pennies over time. I wish i could meet a girl named Penny who had the similar qualities of a copper penny. Put her down pick her up, lucky, unlucky, shinny or possible ugly. Spends time in my pockets.

    By Christian Filardo on 09.17.2009

  31. i can’t think of anything, bawwwww.

    By Anonymous on 09.17.2009

  32. i have a penny in my pcket…pennies are good luck, but worth nothing….seems silly to me. Maybe thats why, its worth nothing but luck!

    By Anonymous on 09.17.2009

  33. I hate pennies that build up in coffee holders. Often, coffee spills all over them. They become filthy, they stink, not to mention they stain your hands when handling them. Tim Horton’s practically gains all profits through charging 1.99 for a coffee and no body EVER wants that damn penny back!

    By Joe Blow on 09.17.2009

  34. if i was a penny i’d undoubtedly be face down in a muddy puddle made of fecal matter and random rubbish. the only person who’d pick me up would probably be a kid or a homeless man, which share an amazingly large amount of traits. homeless people don’t have jobs, neither do kids, they also share a common love of dirt and pocket change.

    By Joe on 09.17.2009

  35. penny from heaven, penny lancaster. I wish I had a penny for every time I had to write about a penny. How many pennies are there in Leeds? Is that time up yet, nope one more penny. must be a farthing

    By AndyD on 09.17.2009

  36. A penny for your thoughts, dear. A careful gesture of humility and grace. Special, yet not quite special in the action. A saying to show concern, to ignore triviality, and to convey heartfulness.

    By Darren on 09.17.2009

  37. is the money that i have in music but i need a lot of pennies to pay my school bill and i have none and 60 seconds is about to leave me really really soon and i havent put a single punctuation in this really long sentence but thats cool i hope so thats all i have to say about penny so b

    By timbo on 09.17.2009