April 12th, 2011 | 478 Entries

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478 Entries for “obsolete”

  1. He stared at the mask, now arguably obsolete after Jay had re-discovered his identity. He sat and mulled over it for a few moments, not really having much else to do after having his leg smashed with a rather large block of cement.

    By Totheark on 04.12.2011

  2. He made it clear I was obsolete – disguarded in the recycling bin of our iife together along with the other symbols of his life in Devon – the car, the house, the job, all consigned to the scrap heap as the sacrifice for his big escape

    By debbie k on 04.12.2011

  3. So many tapes I can’t play anymore. Darn! A small fortune. Is it just me or are we constantly being forced to buy more expensive mediums every 10 years to play our favourite music. Records to tapes to CD’s to iPod and iStore. Hrrrummph!

    By mariesdaly on 04.12.2011

  4. am I? I would say no, but the world I live in tells me we suffer from. I am in the mountains walking loving being one with and I can’t be obsolete.

    By Ashton M. on 04.12.2011

  5. No longer made anymore. Gone for good. Obsolete non- existing

    By beanie URL on 04.12.2011

  6. Floppy disks were obsolete when they came out. I have almost never had a positive experience with them. My parents are too! JK! That was mean. Our stuff will be obsolete when we are parents, and our kids will give us the same crap we give them.

    By Kolton URL on 04.12.2011

  7. Obsolete means that it is out of style and is less used.

    By devin21 URL on 04.12.2011

  8. What was the point of it,.. i tried so hard to gain this. I worked and worked for this and now it was obsolete! My whole life’s work…

    By Sayge URL on 04.12.2011

  9. Rendered obsolete, sir. That’s what they told me. We’ve moved on, made improvements, now we’re unstoppable. They told me they would always appreciate my work, but I knew it was bullshit. They would never look bak, never talk to me, never acknowledge the work that brought them there. Obsolete.

    By kait on 04.12.2011

  10. Devin is obsolete in our dvd production. I am the one who knows whats going on in this thing.

    By Ian URL on 04.12.2011

  11. no more. pizza. clouds. thin air. yoga ball. pregnancy. reminiscence.

    By Ashley Childress on 04.12.2011

  12. Obsolete mean no longer made or existing. Sort of like PlayStation Games. Well maybe some are sold but not many.

    By lizzy:) URL on 04.12.2011

  13. Obsolete has many different means. It can mean that it doesn’t exist, or that something is stupid or difficult. Obsolete is a hard word to write about because it isn’t a very fun word.

    By nikki URL on 04.12.2011

  14. Obsolete, what a strange word, don’t you think? I do.

    By Autumn The Great Wilson(: URL on 04.12.2011

  15. i am obsolete. sayign that makes me happy. content. makes me feel free to know that i do not matter.it makes me feel more solid in the reality that i am real and tht i can accomplish anything. if i am obsolete i cannot fail. but i feel that i can still have an effect. obsolete as a thought, somehtign that you think doesn’t exist outside of the mind, but it is obsolete.

    By Carly on 04.12.2011

  16. Obsolete, is the floppy disk, the cassette, the records. All of theses things are gone or forgotten. As technology advances forward, things get left behind or replaced. Sadly we cant do anything about yet. But some things that are gone should stay gone.

    By Alison URL on 04.12.2011

  17. I remember when we had a black and white television when I was little, now they seem to be obsolete.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.12.2011

  18. in the comertiol stating tecnology moves fast the guy on the stage says that everything ells is obsoleate

    By tylllet URL on 04.12.2011

  19. The librarian pulls the last book down from the shelf and places it gently on the cart. In a moment she has crossed the unusually empty room and entered the elevator. Now they will use the library for something else she thinks sadly. The books retire to the basement. If only it wasn’t for those kindles.

    By Sarah URL on 04.12.2011

  20. i know wat obsolete means its just really hard to explain its hard to explain a lot of things im not very good at explaining things.

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 04.12.2011

  21. Obsolete means that something is out of date or not used anymore! Like out of style!

    By Morgan Hatch URL on 04.12.2011

  22. i am not sure what this crazy word means.

    By Awesome URL on 04.12.2011

  23. The whole thing blew up
    and nothing was left to stand
    All the words were obsolete
    though they once were grand.
    Broken, scattered, left for dead
    is now all that remains
    because all the words are obsolete.
    But wait, what of Love pertains?

    By Addie URL on 04.12.2011

  24. Obsolete is some thing that I don t now what it means………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????

    By Brandon URL on 04.12.2011

  25. obsolete. Obsolete means out of date. The milk was obsolete.

    By ;) Heather <3 URL on 04.12.2011

  26. Hobos money is obsolete. What do you expect…. they dont have a job and ask for spare change on the highway.

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 04.12.2011

  27. no longer used…. i think.

    By alena URL on 04.12.2011

  28. Is something considered obsolete when it no longer benefits one or when it has reached its end or even when it no longer defines one…? Am I obsolete…?

    By Emily on 04.12.2011

  29. I don’t know what obsolete is . I think it means when something is completely gone . Not very sure but i think it’s wrong. I think I’m close to it’s to the actual meaning.

    By Yadi.M URL on 04.12.2011

  30. Everything is becoming obsolete. As soon as I buy a fucking cellphone, the next thing you know I’m sitting down and watching a commercial about all the latest features and gadgets and what-nots in the even newer cellphone, and it’s all such bullshit. I wonder when the curve will finally level out? It’s exponential, you know, and there has to be a time when it finally levels out. Or when it is applied to practical, natural things. I can’t wait.

    By Ashe URL on 04.12.2011

  31. His thinking about the world was obsolete. Indeed, the whole world has become obsolete. He trudged past the open door and kept walking staring into the horizon at the future with no meaning.

    By chole URL on 04.12.2011

  32. obsolete bags of nothing swinging from nowhere like a lost piglet in a strip club. blinking unwhittingly with black eyes that seem to look nowhere and everywhere at the same time. obviously the piglet has come to the wrong place. this is not mummys barn . mummy is naughty. the stripper squeels. a piggy noise if ever i’v heard one. the piggy turns and leaves. the stripper is left feeling absoloutly obsolete.

    By joobenhoover URL on 04.12.2011

  33. What gets lost and thrown away. What was useful, like a mother’s love, but isn’t now, ‘cos you’re all grown, and inside you the child is crying out but can’t be heard. An ear trumpet for example, or a mangle?

    By Elsie on 04.12.2011

  34. what is obsolete? there must be a mispelling or something like that. maybe someone writing that wanted to say obsolute instead of obsolete. anyway, what does it have to do with writing? i think they should’ve come up with something more interesting to write about. i cannot even think what the fuck could
    be obsolete. never heard of it.

    By mariam nazgaidze URL on 04.12.2011

  35. Something that is no longer valid is obsolete. I would assume an obsolete person to be one who’s ideas are much too old fashion to be considered as relevant in the working world. Anything and anyone can be obsolete; but very few things are actually invalid at all levels of reality.

    By Bri on 04.12.2011

  36. We return to obsolete methods, twisting them and combining them with what new technology we still have. It’s difficult, trying to work in a situation we are completely unprepared for. But we get through, step by step, day by day. We can only hope it will be enough in the end.

    By Veerin URL on 04.12.2011

  37. Inspiration
    personal development
    financial freedom
    How to create work that feels like play

    By Anna URL on 04.12.2011

  38. Nothing is obsolete during the era in which it was first produced unless it was the Zune. Too bad the iPod was already ruling the music world.

    By CT URL on 04.12.2011

  39. no longer the trend. i would say that the horse drawn buggy is obsolete in a modern city. i wish i could make my flaws obsolete. obsolete comes with time. life is short, and some day i shall be obsolete- my thoughts, my memories, and my feelings will hopefully live on though.

    By jk URL on 04.12.2011

  40. Obsolete…as in old people’s views about things – as in what your parents think is right for you – as in boring?
    Have you ever thought that maybe obsolete, old-fashioned views, are not that useless after all? After all, your parents have lived a whole life already, maybe their views, being obsolete, are just built up on experience, and are not that wrong after all?

    By Kat on 04.12.2011