August 1st, 2010 | 267 Entries

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267 Entries for “nun”

  1. i always wonder if nuns are always thinking about god and stuff of that nature or if their mind wonders every now and then

    By HatManTC URL on 08.01.2010

  2. la sor. sor juana. black habits, rulers, kind eyes, the sound of music! THE HILLS ARE ALIVE THE HILLS HAVE EYES. scary scary spiders breaking my nose and losing my teeth miirrors.

    By veronica on 08.01.2010

  3. As a nun, you devote your life to God, and spend every day doing good and making a brighter future. A requirement is given up sex, and marriage.

    By Lauren on 08.01.2010

  4. Religious woman who often inflicts herself upon the clergy. Simply listens but does not matter, she is one with God in her own eyes, for God does not exist in the deepest of terms. A nun is no less than a man and a man no more than a nun, for they do not really exist in this life’s nature.

    By Deege Williams on 08.01.2010

  5. Nun’s devote their lives to the Christian faith and God. In order to become a nun, one becomes abstinent, and cannot marry. They work daily to better the world, and become one with God.

    By Lauren on 08.01.2010

  6. Nun is a palindrome. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. Also, they believe strongly in something that I don’t agree with, and I know they have the best of intentions, and they often do much good in the world. Just, it’s possible to do good without having a religion.

    By wobster109 URL on 08.01.2010

  7. nuns…reminds me The Sound of Music. “Maria makes me laugh!” I love that part in the movie, I love that movie in general but I dont think real nuns are like those ones

    By Dana on 08.01.2010

  8. Nuns are old. They have no sex. Their clothes are black. Their favorite book is the bible. They are probably unhappy with their choices in life. Woopie Goldberg played a nun. Being a nun for halloween is over done. There was a slutty nun in the show Californication.

    By Tiffany URL on 08.01.2010

  9. none of the nuns have any milk to drink for breakfast. how many nuns will get the bread in the basket? I have 12 nun friends, but they all fell asleep in my car last night. how many times wil that happen? it gets old.

    By courtney on 08.01.2010

  10. Bitches.
    Years of guilt based religion and strict codes and rules based upon faith have produced these monsters. Best course of action? Exile them to the far reaches of Antarctica.

    By Sam on 08.01.2010

  11. dressed in black, hidden from the world.
    saving herself for the lord.

    By Lindsay Rae URL on 08.01.2010

  12. god. priests. good. peace. against evil. vows. prayers. bondad. entrega. inconditional love. happines. giiving.

    By mariana on 08.01.2010

  13. Patience and sacrifice.

    By Lana on 08.01.2010

  14. I looked over at the nun across the sqaure. I shifted uncomforable against my boyfriend as his hands rubbed usually comforting circles on my stomach. Right then, with her accusing and almost witsful look it just made me feel bad.

    By jules URL on 08.01.2010

  15. joined at 16, mission from God or just getting away from home. Standing in the computer room watching a man

    By Jules on 08.01.2010

  16. i dont understand why im writeing about a nun, it makes me think about woopie goldberg in that movie i cant even remember the name of and ive just realized what a horrible speller i am. gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    By Faith on 08.01.2010

  17. nun… none??
    what is nun?
    like the chicks with the habits?
    habits arnt good.. i used to smoke, glad i quit

    By Alexander on 08.01.2010

  18. Dark, cold and clammy. Wet. Mossy growth creeping up the walls. A great wooden crucifix nailed to the wall. Sun shining in through slanted windows, small and narrow. Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply. You smell rain, mold, flowers. Open your eyes. An old woman looking at her feet.

    By Holly Watson on 08.01.2010

  19. her headdress, like an indian warrior.
    her unflinching determination, sense of responsibility, of determination.
    her face, without emotion.

    By Ali URL on 08.01.2010

  20. Virtuous, rule snapping, rosary wearing, godblessme AMEN. Those wrinkle face nuns. >.<

    By Jackie URL on 08.01.2010

  21. penguin walking down the street wearing a tuxedo in the rain passing a garbage can and eating a popsicle running into telephone poles and tripping on his shoelaces. passes a bank and realiezes that he has no money for dinner.

    By Keely on 08.01.2010

  22. docile, quiet. woman of god. some pure others not so pure but loving and understanding

    By Indhie on 08.01.2010

  23. My mom told me this story one about how she got smacked with rulers by the nuns. She said they used to spank her. And one day she was wearing holey underwear and everyone saw.

    By Amy on 08.01.2010

  24. nun like the nun that i saw in europe when we visited italy and i was sick and you were sick and we were all sick with happiness and fear and being together in each others arms for seconds throughout the days that waned and waxed like the moon that shone for you.

    By hannah on 08.01.2010

  25. A hot, young, women you want to do it with but cant, or an old woman you wouldn’t want to do.

    By Ezra on 08.02.2010

  26. Gabrielle opened the door to the church. It was empty but for a single nun, garbed modestly in black and white. She had a matronly face and looked as the door opened. Gabrielle looked down, embarrassed, not sure how to go about this.

    By Narumi L. Compson URL on 08.02.2010

  27. nun is all i have,

    By Flyderkov URL on 08.02.2010

  28. A nun is someone who wears a lot of black. They are religious, usually elder women. Nuns are very sweet and devote their selves to the Lord only. They are completely celibate.

    By Lindsey on 08.02.2010

  29. nuns. when i think of nuns i think of that one korean drama, the one in which the girl is training to be a nun but eventually changes her mind. she replaces her twin brother in a band and i just cant seem to remember teh name of that drama, sigh. nuns are.. amazing, because they’re just so dedicated to their religion and

    By Tiffany K URL on 08.02.2010


    By reem on 08.02.2010

  31. I sometimes flirt with the idea of being a nun. Yet that’s the problem itself–I’m a flirt. How can someone so sexual devote themselves to modesty?

    Even so, I find it quite nice. Having a life without the ties and confusion of sex and sexuality. A life of devotion and thoughts that are for myself and the God within my–my personal temple.

    By cosmiclay URL on 08.02.2010

  32. keep away from the sprawling filth
    the unorganized chaos of society
    mind erasing machines
    be blind to the propaganda
    see between the subliminal messages
    reach for the truth and your self
    delve not in to lust but truth
    accept imperfection
    and sense life with all five

    By quantum Suicide URL on 08.02.2010

  33. I found myself thinking about the nun I saw outside the schoolyard today. She stared at me in a most appetizing way. Was she admiring me? Was she captured by my beauty?

    By Michael on 08.02.2010

  34. I read that Jain nuns walk barefoot all the time today. They sweep the ground in front of them as they walk so as to prevent stepping on insects or any other living thing on the ground. A dedication and passion for a lifestyle that one truly believes in, I need that.

    By Daniel Oh URL on 08.02.2010

  35. I passed a nun on the street this afternoon and instantly froze up. Something about something so pure and innocent to everything, just made me feel like I was doing something wrong or committing a sin every time my foot touched the ground…

    By Ashlee on 08.02.2010

  36. christian, one of those chicks who never have a man in their life, who are married to god or something. too bad they can never have sex, which is what god intened on people to do. oh well. poor nuns. hahahahahah sex is fun.

    By Alexis on 08.02.2010

  37. Nun nun
    rhymes with a bun
    black clothes
    white soul
    lined in rows
    run little nun

    By LW URL on 08.02.2010

  38. nun. i dont know much about nuns. that nun in The Departed was cool i guess. she was sort of scared of jack nicholson.

    By Anthony on 08.02.2010

  39. Nun, sitting, quietly,
    thinking this is
    she pictured it to be
    this is not
    how she pictured
    it would be.

    By Rinka Sycip URL on 08.02.2010

  40. Being a nun doesn’t personally appeal to me.
    You have to admit, though, the simplicity and loyalty behind such a life is staggering. Some would disagree, but nuns have an interesting way of life. Hell, I’m not a religious and I’ll say that.

    By Tyto URL on 08.02.2010