August 1st, 2010 | 267 Entries

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267 Entries for “nun”

  1. conservatively appropriate. tidy in her belongings. comfortably constrained but maybe it’s a unselfish gain or maybe even self-disdain? a flock with the feathers, not to question the why’s or the if’s. to follow stiff regulations, slamming her stick on your desk. these are just stereotypes of course, of what the media chooses to display, what they only have of interest to convey. to the masses, because secretly and entirely we are all flocks of a feather, except with different colors and tints. we just don’t realize our similarities because we only interest in our differences. our differences are what makes us intriguiing and our similarities are what we have been ignorant to in seeing

    By jessica chuan URL on 08.02.2010

  2. There was a black nun who lived in a white community. every day, the sisters would come to her room and rap softly on the door. they would all then laugh and run away. the black nun hated them. the end.

    By Heather URL on 08.02.2010

  3. I see a nun sitting on a park bench. She is sobbing. I ask her why. She says, “Because of all the terrible things in the world.” I sit down quietly next to her for a moment. I realise even the greatest worshippers of God have their doubts.

    By Amanda on 08.02.2010

  4. HI! I really don’t know what to write about. However, I have logged in to this page to find out what they have to offer. I want to know if it is really cool and unique or its a part of spam.

    By Adesh on 08.02.2010

  5. “Sister Mary, wait up,” Melissa cried as she sped towards the three women in wimples and habits. “I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye.” The steel-gray eyes surveyed Melissa as the nun’s face creased into a wide smile. “You never leave here, child,” she admonished lightly. “You simply go visit elsewhere for a time.”

    By Izolda on 08.02.2010

  6. There was a nun, she wore black and she had a hat. She was in a band. Wait it’s a man. A man in a hat? A man that is a nun? What world is this?
    Earth. The nun is a pedophile. God damn, batman.

    By Gabriella on 08.02.2010

  7. Beautiful underneath and ugly on the outside. It’s what her soul calls and her soul doesn’t call this faith. Beauty in the soul

    By Gabriella URL on 08.02.2010

  8. I dont want to be a nun. I love what i am and i thank God for what He has made me become. I thank Him and only Him. i dont like nuns that much. They ussually dress in black and i dont like black as much.

    By Ella on 08.02.2010

  9. The nun hardly lifted the ruler that struck her hand, as Louisa was already contemplating her next challenge. She would show them how to insist on her good behavior. She would show them!

    By Em URL on 08.02.2010

  10. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. Not only did I doubt that Father had it in him to do such a thing, but I was beginning to suspect that that nun was a lying bitch.

    By miruscopia URL on 08.02.2010

  11. i walked home in the rain tonight. i used my cardigan to shelter my face from the wet. i looked like a nun. less holy.

    By sallysix URL on 08.02.2010

  12. i walked home in the rain tonight. i used my cardigan to shelter my face from the wet. i draped it around my head and let the sleeves fall over my chest. i looked like a nun. sanctified from the rain.

    By sallysix URL on 08.02.2010

  13. A woman in black who submitted herself to a lifelong slavery to someone or somethng that doesn’t exist.

    By Aleksandra on 08.02.2010

  14. was something I wrote about yesterday. How did I fall into this loop? where was my life heading? backwards? inwards? not forwards apparently…

    By WaysoftheForce URL on 08.02.2010

  15. nun. my favourite word that looks as though it should be ambigrammic but unfortunately, unu doesn’t mean anything.

    By fox URL on 08.02.2010

  16. Nun? as in the nuns that slap you with rulers when you swear? They’re quite terrifying. In fact, one of my good friends went to a catholic school. Apparently she didn’t last very long there. I would have joined her, but she told me not to.I would be “fresh meat” to the rest of them

    By RayRay on 08.02.2010

  17. In Africa, it was the nuns who took care of the villages, who really knew the communities, their members and their needs. These were women who could move the world with a word, and who were not going to be stopped by the pious, but faulted consciences of men thousands of miles away who had no sense of the trials of this part of the earth.

    By h.a.r. URL on 08.02.2010

  18. You could be a monk, or a nun, and live in a convent — but that doesn’t make you a better believer. We are all flawed, even clergy. When you realize that, THAT’s when you are a better believer.

    By Manata URL on 08.02.2010

  19. since im danish, im not completely sure what it is. u and n are similar, funny. maybe it’s a christian woman??

    By Per URL on 08.02.2010

  20. nun. mum. mummy. mommy. money. honey. hone. tone. moan. loan. lawn. gone.

    By rapunzel URL on 08.02.2010

  21. black clothes she’s flying I lll never see her naked do i wnat to? kind of scary but pretty friendly foreign really nun exposure have i been deprived. only know them from tv

    By Chrisco on 08.02.2010

  22. i would love to be a nun to serve god and even the people of the world. This would be a sacrifice from my part to god to change this world to a better place.

    By nitya on 08.02.2010

  23. God loves masochists, or so she’s led herself to believe.

    By rapunzel URL on 08.02.2010

  24. purity, virginity, sanctity.

    a nun is wholly holy. she is untouched, so sacred, free and pure and oh so innocent.

    but she is not free. there are wonders and joys she does not know, she will never know.

    the joys of intimacy she is denied – the cruelty of purity.

    By guoshe URL on 08.02.2010

  25. Nun. As in, I’ll be having NUN of it, I’m a little cross today! Nuns are very strict. I’d rather be a part of a religions whose disciples are called ‘sums’ or perhaps even ‘fulls’, ‘fulls of life!’. Or ‘luvs’. It seems a shame to have people dressed in black safeguard spiritual gates and customs. I’m going to start a convent of ‘luvs’.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 08.02.2010

  26. Nuns are so weird they wear those headdresses but whats the point are they bald i wonder i wanna strip a nun now haha i wonder if nuns can be strippers doubt it oh well itd be coolxD bai! Um..okay…it gave me more time…okay….weird…NUNS!!!!!!!! Bahahahahahahaha this thing is weird why did it give me more time okay oh well BAI!~

    By Jennifer on 08.02.2010

  27. She wanted me to be a nun. To stay humble and a virgin. Not to look any man in the eyes. To devote my life to religion. But I’m not like that. I yearn for men, for women. I want intimacy, heat. I can’t be a nun.

    By Marie URL on 08.02.2010

  28. She was a pretty young nun, he noted. He must have been staring, for his teacher nudged him and whispered angrily, ‘You are the head of the church, may I remind you. Nuns are off limits.’

    By Raiya Moon URL on 08.02.2010

  29. virginity virtue none penguin noun sister cat mary commitment

    By Nichole on 08.02.2010

  30. The nun pressed a loaf of bread into my trembling, dirty hands. I looked up into a severe, yet kind face, shadowed by the black wimple. Her eyes were sparkling, and suddenly she smiled. It was too much.

    By Tori L. Ridgewood URL on 08.02.2010

  31. She clothed herself in bundles of fabric, layer upon layer upon layer. No one could see what was under, no one could see her skin. The blemishes, the faults. She was perfect to them, pure, clean. Did anyone really know what lay beneath?

    By Katherine on 08.02.2010

  32. The nun was found on the floor of the cathedral. A bullet hole through her skull splattered her brains across the floor. Brian McClain stood over the dead body holding a handkerchief over his mouth to block the smell of eroding flesh.

    By Melanie on 08.02.2010

  33. Bound by ritual and order
    tightly by the ropes that bind her
    tear apart their every fibre
    become the one she had to hide from.

    By shona louise URL on 08.02.2010

  34. once upon a time there was a nun. she lived in a convent with many other nuns her age but often wondered why she was there. she was never a religious lady, but her parents had passed away tragically at a young age, and by default, she had ended up in a orphanage.

    By clang on 08.02.2010

  35. She was an ex-nun, tough as nuns come but with tattoos and a crucifix that may have just been inverted if you looked close enough. How does someone go from one to the other? From piety to sacrilege, from serving the ineffable to having the mundane tattooed on her flesh?

    By Jon URL on 08.02.2010

  36. one of my ex’s fantasies, never really understood it, but i guess i can see the fascination of having being with someone thats forbidden fruit, bad as it may sound yes i agree, but isnt that human nature, and for some reason black and white in my opinion are the best combination you could ever find.

    By devotion on 08.02.2010

  37. they go to church a lot because they wear hats which are really like capes around your head….yeah idk much about nuns lol im not one! Why am i still writing about nuns. They arent that cool. I don’t think i could ever be a nun mainly because their rules are too strict.

    By Austin on 08.02.2010

  38. ‘nun’ is a nano of fun. A little bit of a smidget of a smile. For a little while. A slight tip of a stranger’s hat. A lick from a cat. ‘Nun’ is part of the particles of the sun.

    By Charl Diener on 08.02.2010

  39. Those girls with there black capes that rule schools. They walk around with their rulers and their stern faces and you best hide from them in the hallways because if your skirt is not exactly two inches below the knee then your in for it.

    By Marianne on 08.02.2010

  40. I once met a nun when I was very young and thought thats,what I want to be it seemed so mysterious and strange. I wanted to be different.

    By Hyacynth Baker on 08.02.2010