August 2nd, 2010 | 220 Entries

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220 Entries for “none”

  1. over analyzing the vagaries of existence, eggs over medium with salt and pepper and cheese. the race to finish the fruit before its gone makes for summer anxieties.

    By eponymous URL on 08.03.2010

  2. None of them were left. Wisps of past lives floated through the smokey breeze as the smell of fire still lingered in the air.

    By Ashley<3 URL on 08.03.2010

  3. Nobody ever thought I could do it.
    Not one person.

    But I did — do you see it?
    I did it!

    Oh, no, you can’t.
    Because I’m gone.

    See, being gone is the thing they didn’t think I could do.

    But nobody can see it.
    Not one person.

    By Manata URL on 08.03.2010

  4. none. not a one. all gone. fifty cakes to start with, now nothing on the plate. someone was in big trouble when they got home. i sadly licked up the crumbs

    By sea minor URL on 08.03.2010

  5. None of my friends are smart enough to understand that I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time. Not that they look up to me in any substantial way, really. But if they knew what was really going on in my head most of the time, they probably wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore.

    By Dan on 08.03.2010

  6. You look into the mirror looking for all those characteristics that the world claims as the ones you want to have to be normal, to succeed. and you realize you see none.

    By Chardonnay URL on 08.03.2010

  7. there are no words to describe how i’m feeling right now, none. if only there was more time i would let you know everything, but as it is, well, just enjoy what time you have left while you can.

    By hyp on 08.03.2010

  8. None of us have any idea how this is going to end. Bang, whimper, fire, or ice, perhaps it’ll be nothingness, as the version I prefer. It’s a numerical concept quite like the number zero.

    By Chloe on 08.03.2010

  9. None is all timely beings who respond properly to friendship. Don’t ask none, be simply available. You should always be primed for this appearance; it is unique and special.

    By Richardton T. Slump on 08.03.2010

  10. I have nothing to show for all the work that I’ve done. I’ve toiled for years, decades, huge chunks of my life for a little bit of nothing. Nothing, it was all for nothing. I could have been so much more, and I’ve tried so, so hard. But it was all for naught. I have nothing to show for it. Not one thing. None.

    By Stef URL on 08.03.2010

  11. None of us have a place inside his heart. face it.

    By msfrenchnavy URL on 08.03.2010

  12. Already wrote about none yesterday. Why didn’t the word change? Stupid Internet.

    By Chuck URL on 08.03.2010

  13. How empty. All of the resources and are there too many for us to keep track of? Can we focus on any? Go deeper? Should we blog about it? Is it wit

    By Wendy on 08.03.2010

  14. “We never had none of those books in my house. My ma didn’t think there was a reason for ’em.” I cringed and smiled outwardly.

    By meredith70 URL on 08.03.2010

  15. The simple elegance
    of four words
    boils down to
    the miniscule point,
    how many can you have?

    By causemanot URL on 08.03.2010

  16. (and then there were none.)

    the stillness of a void – of the existence of none.
    the almost forced peacefulness is distilling –

    quiet, thoughts slipping away surreptitiously
    like they never existed, like they were


    By guoshe URL on 08.03.2010

  17. Yesterday I went to the supermarket looking for cherries and they had none. So I went to another supermarket and found they had none either. i was left wanting cherries and with none in me belly

    By mady on 08.03.2010

  18. None.

    That’s how much of a chance she told him he’d have with her.

    But of course that was before the lottery balls were pulled. Then it was just the opposite she couldn’t get enough of him.

    He liked her better when her answer was ‘None’.

    By JamesXavier on 08.03.2010

  19. None are left. After spending the week with sixty something people who all share my love of the classics, there are none left. I am alone.

    By Samantha URL on 08.03.2010

  20. None. That was it. That was all that was left. How am I supposed to do it when there are none left? Didn’t they set it up so this wouldn’t happen? Shouldn’t there have been someone to go to about this?

    By Nyxtrisk URL on 08.03.2010