May 29th, 2013 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “neon”

  1. The light was indescribable, there were lights from my hands, my feet and my heart. All the people just looked at me, did not laughed, did not say anything, they just observed my power.

    By Santiago on 05.29.2013

  2. The sign flickered.
    This place is pretty shady I said to myself. Hesitating before reaching out for the doorknob my friend quickly jumped right in front of me to head in. She was excited to head into the building, hoping for a night of adventure. I on the other hand was scared but I didn’t let it show.

    By Sarah on 05.29.2013

  3. Neon
    Bright, Red, Yellow
    Green Purple and Pink
    An explosion of colors
    The voice of all colors
    Loud Color

    By Mustacheese on 05.29.2013

  4. Bright. Blinding, lightning. The sign in the dark that welcomes you in. Night owl’s north star. Dangerous, extreme, chemically radiation spitting into the tube frontways and longways. A manipulated tube of danger.

    By Katy Smaz on 05.29.2013

  5. Trapped in my car,I watched my hand go up like neon and screamed .

    By A False Terl on 05.29.2013

  6. My first time in NYC the night time was the best.

    By A False Terl on 05.29.2013

  7. It’s bright and burns a bit. Can’t be ignored, it’s like pride. Others shy away, muttering about it being too loud to be flattering. Why can’t our loudness and pride be flattering? Why not take pride in our pride and shout out to the entire world, ‘Here I am!’?

    By MiMi on 05.29.2013

  8. I have a neon shirt. Its one of my favorite shirts, but i have never worn it to school. its a good summer shirt. its almost summer so i can wear it soon.

    By Erin on 05.29.2013

  9. Why is it that every store in Viewmont Mall considers May to be the time of month necessary to blind all of its customers with NEON adversitements, NEON clothing sales, NEON ice cream stands?

    By Aaron Matis on 05.29.2013

  10. Her heart is neon. It glows with the florescence of time.

    By DeeJay on 05.29.2013

  11. Pink and green and bright yellow! Wild colors, summer colors, bright and beautiful just like my daughters. Colors that make me happy and tha

    By Dawn on 05.29.2013

  12. He stalked over to me, cautiously peering around him. A shadow moved behind some rocks, and a look of relief fell over his face. He arrived in front of me, his phosphorescent neon-blue eyes worked their way up my body, seductively. His eyes finally met mine, and another tongue’s words slipped through my mind. Non nocte , they said. It sounded like Latin, but I wasn’t sure. I didn’t feel frightened, just curious. I felt, rather than heard, more Latin words. Nullum timore. This time, they weren’t a threat. They sounded comforting, like words of encouragement. Like a daredevil, I looked at him in a dreamy way, then when he wasn’t expecting it, I threw punch right into his lower jaw. He screamed in frustration, and pain.

    By TheWritingGiraffe on 05.29.2013

  13. When I went to see Spring Breakers all I could think about what Vampire Weekend singing about Balaclavas and my friend Diane and porn stars and who I was in middle school. Where are all the pictures of me from my youth? Am I not supposed to be reflecting on that time yet? On the years where I wore neon sleeveless hoodies from wet seal and enjoyed the music of the Penfifteen Club?

    By Camille on 05.29.2013

  14. I already wrote something, but I needed to get back to this page. :3 SO MUCH TIME! Life is of the essence.
    Never question a compliment; just be glad you got one.

    By TheWritingGiraffe on 05.29.2013

  15. Last year during cross country, my friends and I had a neon day where we would just wear neon everything! These days were the best. We looked like nerds but we had a blast doing it. My favorite was the long, bright yellow socks we would wear.

    By Gabriella Marrufo on 05.29.2013

  16. neon space jeans!
    for proper space action
    get yours today!

    By Aley on 05.29.2013

  17. The bright, fuzzy lights nearly blinded her as she stood, so she quickly placed her cup on the table and ran outside, the quiet, unheard voice of the world whirring in her ear.

    By mary on 05.29.2013

  18. The 80’s were a fantastic era– neon lights drenching the arcade with their luscious light. Never since have the beeps, boops, and ta-das been matched — and never since has a location had so much gorgeous neon light.

    By Hans on 05.29.2013

  19. the neon lights were huge. or at least they were as they grew closer and closer to my face. i guess i shouldn’t say they were exacly neon but it was close enough. the crash came as quiclkl as the lights came. and the bus hit our car. everything hurt. everything was black. i couldn’t breathe, much less. all i could see was the neon green light. the green light that was ours, and not the buses. i never saw his red neon light. after long i didn’t see anything except the darkness, and those two neon headlights.

    By hayden pruett on 05.29.2013

  20. Neon lights glitter the streets, not unlike the world of chaos all around his mind. Neon everywhere, a bundle of confusion and light. Home.

    By Erin on 05.29.2013

  21. Neon lights flash up and down the strip. Layla gazes at them, trying to take it all in. She hasn’t felt like this since Hal left her. Enraptured, awed, and totally alive. She relished the feeling, but the nostalg

    By Brittany on 05.29.2013

  22. the trees pulsed with LED display as the rivers flowed with light in the enchanted forest, jaxon was running through the illuminated woods as he searched for his prey. a spotted aquarian leopard panda was lurking in the nearby glimmerbrush.

    By Joel B on 05.29.2013

  23. most people have faces of stone. someone once told me that mine was like a neon sign, flashing for the world to see. I try to be mysterious, but my mask is cheap and from the corner store. i’m more than see through.

    By rosemary on 05.29.2013

  24. Neon lights, which blur when driven by at full speed. They exist for sight, not to produce it. What weird lights, filled with gas. Smash them! See what happens? The gas leaks out and the light disappears into the once weird dark night.

    By Jack on 05.29.2013

  25. The neon sign lit the night like the green, toxic sewer steam wafting out of the rusted grates below the sidewalks. The buzzing pinks and bruising blues spilled out onto the pavement and made the few sad individuals st

    By Jones on 05.29.2013

  26. The neon sign lit the night like the green, toxic sewer steam wafting out of the rusted grates below the sidewalks. The buzzing pinks and bruising blues spilled out onto the pavement and made the few sad individuals st

    By Jones on 05.29.2013

  27. I closed my eyes to let the neon colors dance about in them. Nothing. I couldn’t feel anything. Her presence was gone. Her smell was gone.

    I jolted and opened my eyes, immediately blinded by the florescent light. I struggled to regain my vision. She wasn’t there. She was nowhere to be found. I gripped my chest, trembling from the fear.

    By Nyan on 05.29.2013

  28. Neon lights were humming as we pulled, lightly and near-soundlessly into the cleared lot. Gravel spat at the tires in distruption. Lights grew clearer and loomed overhead. The five evenly spaced offices were flooded with its glow.

    By Danaé on 05.29.2013

  29. If you wait until sunset, you can see them, a veritable parade of the city’s dispossesed and damned, a cavalcade of misfortune and metal disorders. with all their possessions bundled in their arms. They find salvation, for the night, at least, under the electric glow of the neon cross.

    By Chris Clow on 05.29.2013

  30. Striped socks. She tried to warn me. How many times did she say it? How many times did I fail to listen? And this is where it has landed me. Or rather, this is what it has landed UPON me. Next time I will remember. “When you’re a witch, striped socks are like a neon sign on your back begging for a flying house to fall out of the sky.”

    By Ama Marie URL on 05.29.2013

  31. Neon is a noble gas. Its light creates a red glow, and we see this glow illuminating much of what we see in cities and in entertainment capitals. The other colors may be created by other noble gases, however, But we still refer to these lights as “neon lights”. We are very unspecific in this way.

    By Ariel Rubin on 05.29.2013

  32. Neon lighting is often used by shops for signage.

    Neon is a car.

    Neon has two n’s and a vowel digraph.

    By Melinda on 05.29.2013

  33. Neon is only another way to signal success. Color represents life and there is nothing more pure than that.

    By WriteNashville on 05.29.2013

  34. The neon lights shone throughout the haunted hotel,
    Daring all the ghosts to come out and make their way to the fight.
    The Zombies, as always, were a little late,
    (but that was to be expected),
    And the werewolves had already RSVP’d
    (they’d make the next one).
    As Baron Sunday stepped up to the plate, he smiled.
    There was no way in hell he was going to miss this.

    By Siege URL on 05.29.2013

  35. The neon lights almost blinded her as she awoke. She did not remember how she got to this part of the strip, but Sandra suspected that tequila was involved. And almost certainly a particular fellow with a big cow boy hat had a role to play in this as well.

    By MauriceWilliams on 05.29.2013

  36. I love all neon colors. They are so bright and look fantastic on anyone and everyone that wears them. My favorite neon color is neon green. Today, my best friend and I wrote a thank-you card for a professor who’s moving to California. The card and envelope were neon green! :)

    By Ranjeet Kaur on 05.29.2013

  37. “alll NeeEOn laiike” rang through the room. Toby rocked back and fourth, hugging his knees, sitting on his soft pastel blue carpet. He looked to his leafy plant in it’s little pot and said “I wish i could be you.”

    By Ben on 05.29.2013

  38. Neon why you so leon like a lion. I wish you were less bright- you hurt my eyes when skanky girls wear you as tights. I like you on signs you tell me to watch out. You are so amazing. Please continue to blind me and brighten my day.

    By Devki Bhatt on 05.29.2013

  39. the way he used to play, looking directly at me. and the way i was stupid to pretend i didnt see. how stupid was i to ignore and laugh at what people would say…

    By Bibiana on 05.29.2013

  40. Neon lights. Flickering. Dancing. Movie store entrance. Lures you in. Condescending artificial lights, buzzing at you, hissing. You enter. “ID, please?” You hand it over, innocent yet daring, shy yet bold. Your first sexual experience awaits…

    By coco on 05.29.2013