May 29th, 2013 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “neon”

  1. She cranked the old Neon into second gear and it scraaaatched up onto the concrete.

    “What are you waiting for? Go! Go!” She wailed at Jerry, who was just sitting there, still buckled in, as if nothing was happening.

    By Les URL on 05.29.2013

  2. It was bright. It never even thought about dulling aas it changed colors of green blue pink and maybe even the ocassional red. It burned with a passion that hurt the normal human eye until it came to a point it wasnted to dull. It was so bright, so strong it hurt itself in it’s own power. It’s destruction became it’s self-destruction.

    By CoolNeptune on 05.29.2013

  3. color explosion
    brilliance implosion
    unwritten, unspoken commotion
    blinding potion

    By Liz on 05.29.2013

  4. She added white dots to her blue neon nails, as she kept imagining her pale hands touching his soft skin and how he’d smile while watching them.

    By Mariko21 on 05.29.2013

  5. she submerged herself in a sea of neon and emerged immersed in a whirl wind of light

    By liz on 05.29.2013

  6. The neon lights looked like shooting stars as the car drove through the city that awakes only at night. He could hear the bass line of songs erupting from speakers, and the laughs of the drunk. Some men and women stood in line, anxious to get into the club their friends talked so much about. Others came out with toothy grins and sweaty foreheads.

    He stopped his car, closed his eyes and breathed in. The girl he met a few days ago was waiting for him on the other side of town.

    His heart was beginning to skips a beat the more he thought of her.

    By Tani on 05.29.2013

  7. Dark night, brick walls, lit up on the night by neon. Assaulting your eyes delightfully. Electrifying your heart. Passion burning up in you. Adventure.

    By Maddie on 05.29.2013

  8. The neon lights flickered. As per any noir detective agency novel. Should the light actually land on a living being, that’s where the story’ll actually start.

    By Lucy on 05.29.2013

  9. Neon is a very bright vibrant color. I like the color “Neon Pink”. It is a nice color. Neon is used to be seen at night, like what crossing guards where or whoever. A girl at my school wears that. It looks stupid on her though.

    By Hannah on 05.29.2013

  10. The neon lights, now half hanging off their frames, seemed dangerously close to the dance-floor, although the gyrating dancers beneath it seemed to take no notice. Every thick base chord seemed to make it tremble with a strange fury, and I knew I wanted to be nowhere near it when it decided to claim its victim.

    By A.C. Rooks on 05.29.2013

  11. The neon sign in front of the cellar door flickered “Ha Sum” instead of “Half Summer,” so that’s what we called our hideout: Ha Sum. We drank sake in Ha Sum, flicking poppers at the door, making enough noises to disturb our father but never get him storming downstairs. When we got hungry, we stored candy bars, and they were still good and tasty six months after being in the war chest.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.29.2013

  12. Oh boy. Neon. What to say? What to say? I really don’t know. Boy-o-boy. Wait. Let’s just roll with it. Let’s just try to roll with it. Okey, breathe. Breathe and go. 1. 2. 3. There we go. Okey. There we go. Neon makes me feel that I’m about to

    By Joseph Brian Huxley on 05.29.2013

  13. You are just wandering around small, god forgotten streets in Amsterdam, watching neons flashing above your head – new age epitome of stars. Beause in this millenium, there is no space left for stars. Stars are relics of medieval age. There is only place left for neons, to remind us the bright future we are about to have. Future where you are too blinded by vanity to see what’s truly valuabe.

    By Cydoniac on 05.29.2013

  14. the flash of neon green right at the end of the sunset stuck in the back of my head ours after i left my picnic blanket behind. days and months after actually. when it came time to paint the storefront for the grand opening, it was the obvious choice.

    By hannah on 05.29.2013

  15. An element in the noble gases in the Periodic Table. Neon lights can come in many colors. Green comes to mind. Also an adjective to describe bright colors. Neon is an awesome word. Reminiscent of science.

    By anon on 05.29.2013

  16. it’s the color you find in the summer, on girls who spend the day in the sun without worries about their insecurities. It’s the color of a party, with wild dancers showing their primal sides. It’s the color of life.

    By Brenna on 05.29.2013

  17. Neon lights glow in the darkness. They are the only known source of light in this dark distant realm. Blues and Greens in the darkness, lighting the path ahead. The path I do not dare to take

    By Hitesh on 05.29.2013

  18. Despite the early hour, the neon lights of the ward still pulsed brightly, settling the whole square ablaze in washes of red and blue and green. It wasn’t a pretty sight, not in the conventional sense, but it was a familiar one. After all, I’d grown up on these streets, danced across its roofs and slept in it’s alleys.
    Telon came up behind me, grinning from ear to ear. “It’s good ta be home, eh Seriah?”
    I looked over at him, my face cold and impassive. “No, it’s really not.”
    He blinked, as though my answer shocked him. Maybe it did. It had been years since I’d seen my baby brother, since he’d seen me. I was a different person. And, hopefully, so was he.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.29.2013

  19. N – night time,
    E – every
    O – one
    N – neighs

    By lc on 05.29.2013

  20. I imagine a neon sign, flickering in the distance as the last light of the town goes out. I’m so sorry.

    By Jason on 05.29.2013

  21. bright. las vegas. drinking and poker and bouncers. 80’s. drugs. buzz buzz buzz. bad acid trip. scared scared buzz

    By Carrie on 05.29.2013

  22. The neon lights from the sign stung her eyes. She had promised hersellf she wouldn’t come back. but she did everytime. the money was just to good and what was dignity if she couldn’t feed herself or pay the electricity. there was no dignity in stealing toilet paper from public rest rooms or dumpster diving. so she was back in her clear plastic. her customers where the weak ones. they where the ones who paid to see her dance. Society is broken not her.

    By Michelle on 05.29.2013

  23. The bright neon lights on Broadway may attract those who want to make a big name for themselves by performing before thousands.As for me I would just as soon enjoy the moon shining its bright light on the water as I row away with my beloved by my side.

    By Tracey on 05.29.2013

  24. I saw the neon lights screaming “Open!” What should I do? There is was, an open invitation, but in the back of my mind all I could was the warning from my brother.

    By Mrs. Porter on 05.29.2013

  25. Life rarely gave neon signs showing the way to go, it rarely let Destiny out to deliver the call personally, instead, Life preferred to watch the wallowing and floundering as people failed to find their way, as people gave up hope and abandoned their paths for fear of the pitfalls set upon them. It made the few who managed to overcome the odds that much more impressive.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.29.2013

  26. Into the neon world where the colors outlive the sound. I saw the hot pink as the ink dripped onto the electric green pavement. I smelled like a bad dream.

    By Miami on 05.29.2013

  27. Those red, blue, yellow, purple, pink neon colours in front of those kinky cabaret make me dizzy – it’s time to go home. My tummy can’t contain the cans of cidre – time to give up.

    By buxton on 05.29.2013

  28. Neon colors give me headache. Especially when they are coordinated into every article of clothing in an outfit. A headband is fine. Or even a t-shirt. But when the socks, jacket, pants, shoes, etc are all flashing various neon hues at me it becomes a litte much.

    By Alex elbert on 05.29.2013

  29. Neon lights remind you of nightclubs.

    The kind where nice ladies dance. But of course, you have never been in one of them.

    The nice ladies remind you of selling favors. But of course, no one ever asked you for one.

    Favors remind you of friends, but of course, you have never made one.

    Making reminds you of – what was this about? Yes, neon lights.

    Neon lights remind you of having so much to drink, they create light-designs when you look about around them too fast. They remind you of that last shitty cocktail before you moved on to the heavier stuff. They remind you of that pretty girl sitting two stools away, looking lonely – looking lonely at you, and they remind you of being too paralyzed to make a move.

    But most of all, they remind you of flamingos.

    By THEY_HAVE_EELS on 05.29.2013

  30. Loud music boomed over my quick heart beating. There seemed to be a shadow cast over everything. Like all of what I thought was real was simply put on hold. Flashing neon lights reflected on a slick black dance floor, of which I could hardy see. Too many careless bodies were strewn across it, each mindlessly dancing. It all seemed fake, annoying, unreal, but at the same time, enticing.

    By Annee on 05.29.2013

  31. The lights flickered on in the hot sticky night air. Sweat beaded on foreheads and shimmered in the multicolored glow.

    By Kate URL on 05.29.2013

  32. the bright color that summer is in love with, the thing you aspire to be but you just end up a pastel. the bright city lights around you are neon.

    By Sonja URL on 05.29.2013

  33. any color can be neon, such as orange, green, yellow, etc. I love neon colors, they are so bright.b I love painting my nails all different kinds of neon colors just to help brighten my day. neon colors are awesome it is also an element on the periodic table. It is a noble gas which means it has 8 valence electrons. Isn’t that fascinating.

    By alyssa on 05.29.2013

  34. from simon and garfunkel to the blurry shadows in the early-hours empty street, from the left behind factories to the the hospital dizziness

    By Ran on 05.29.2013

  35. soiled underpants (respect to my preacher)
    nurture spirituality like well-fertilized gardens
    growing vivid harvests. only where we’ll till
    the earth under itself when the bounty’s been collected;
    i’ll be praying
    my neon blue tide
    will remove the stain of a bug caught
    when spreading peace and love
    at sunday’s religious community event.

    By drewd URL on 05.29.2013

  36. Lysende i mørket på pladsen om aftenen. Jeg drejer rundt i rusen, ved ikke hvor jeg vil hen, hvad jeg vil, hvor det skal bære mig. Så jeg bærer mig selv. På tanker af palmeblade i det skandinaviske sommermørke. Lyset blænder mig. Neon i det fjerne, den lyse horisont, solen der står op og den milde vind der varmer mig – lunt på min krop føles det.

    By Aksel Nathan on 05.29.2013

  37. i wore a neon top and shorts to the fluro disco it was cool it glowed.

    By freya on 05.29.2013

  38. Neon were the lights on the street signs as she made her way into the night. Neon was the fire pulsing within her, attempting to break away. And she struggled against it, but the light was overwhelming, and she could not help but feel the zap and pulse that challenged the everyday, that held the quotidian at gunpoint and demanded more. Never was she more terrified, nor more thrilled.

    By Max URL on 05.29.2013

  39. Neon is the color of money. Neon is the color that begs, “come spend your money, life is better in here!” It is bloody, with platelets that glow in the dark and leave puddles of consumers’ life.

    By Noel on 05.29.2013

  40. neon. my walls are neon. there is a song called neon by john mayer. neon sounds like “knee on.”

    By ally on 05.29.2013