May 30th, 2013 | 171 Entries

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171 Entries for “secluded”

  1. He kept his eyes on the locked door. He was alone in the room, he liked it that way, alone. He was feeling the air growing thicker and thicker and the walls getting smaller and smaller. He was a secluded person and most of the time he enjoyed that but this time he was feeling alone. He missed feeling alive. He missed being alive. Somehow, his own nature of being secluded turned against him, somehow trying to kill him, slowly.

    By Tenebrisa URL on 05.31.2013

  2. shot into space to find god

    there was only darkness, emptiness-
    not even cruel in its all consumption,

    so it was mostly the same thing.

    By h. b. URL on 05.31.2013

  3. The secluded area that was on the land next to mines provided a good place for any one to hide and rob an innocent person if they were not careful.

    By victor URL on 05.31.2013

  4. The Moma was secluded from civilization because she would drain the blood of innocent people.

    By kenny URL on 05.31.2013

  5. I don’t know what in the world to write but his is pretty cool? I gues I just type until 60 seconds is done I don’t know. but im in class right now about to go eat lunch yum French fries.

    By jordan ingle on 05.31.2013

  6. In the book Paper Towns, Margo eventaully went to a secluded barn in New York. This was something I admired about her…her ability to leave, break free without looking back.

    By Taylor on 05.31.2013

  7. They stepped away from the crowd, searching for their corner, a place that they could hide away and be apart from the rest. This was an affair that needed the utmost secrecy in order for both parties to remain alive.

    The sandwich cookie industry was not one to be truffled with and they would find themselves in deep molasses if they were seen together.

    But, together, they could change the world.

    By Siege URL on 05.31.2013

  8. Sought by the sniper secluded in the stars, snatched by saint whispering sweet lies.

    By nytrist URL on 05.31.2013

  9. Sought by the sniper secluded in the stars, snatched by the saint whispering such sweet lies.

    By nytrist URL on 05.31.2013

  10. The secluded forest in the middle of the vast scenery was like a lone ranger in the Texan desert. The deadly stillness made it seem like the world has come to an end. The sounds of nature were not audible in this forest. It all seemed like a dream.

    By Neira Jackson on 05.31.2013

  11. However much the three of them moved around and however many people they met, she always felt secluded and separated from the rest of the world either in a motel romm or in the safe insides of Impala.

    By Tacent URL on 05.31.2013