May 28th, 2013 | 164 Entries

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164 Entries for “oblique”

  1. why do I have to have this word in the first place i don’t even know what this means! What the heck! Why does this word have to be so

    By Unsequi on 05.29.2013

  2. i dont know what it means .i guess idont know

    By condob on 05.29.2013

  3. I feel o alone now, I have no idea of what im supossed to do now, everything i do just seems so wrong, im not sure of who i am and that its fucking scary.

    By Iliana on 05.29.2013

  4. Muscles. That was probably one of the most difficult parts of my Human Anatomy class. I even half considered quitting. But I want to be a nurse so bad I can taste it, and no amount of muscle memorization can keep me from doing what I want to do.

    By Samantha Wade on 05.29.2013