May 29th, 2013 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “neon”

  1. There was a strange neon glow around it, a warm, green light. It was welcoming, enchanting, calling to her, but Joanne knew, that this was not what you normally see in a chicken sandwich.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.30.2013

  2. Kafeneon is a cafe downtown, with a name that is genius. If it was neon decorated, it would be even better, a triple pun. But as it is, it’s still cool. Neon meaning new, as it is, and kafeneon being the Greek word for a coffee shop. But it has the worst, black and white decor.

    By Wordgal URL on 05.30.2013

  3. Neon bra´s are the only thing I see when I enter the club. Pink, yellow orange everywhere. The air is thick and filled with smoke and a scent of other people´s sweat. I try to get closer to the bar to get myself a drink.

    By Hana Fogl on 05.30.2013

  4. found eve waiting tables
    she’s got plenty of mouths to feed

    found lilith under neon lights
    all calloused soles on six inch heels

    found sarah old and quiet
    never speaking out against god again

    found rahab avoiding red
    the color of a fallen city and of regret

    found jael with her grin sharp
    hands stained bloody behind steel bars

    found delilah cutting hair
    her dress worth 16 grams of silver

    found bathsheba at a grave
    with hair still wet and eyes afraid

    found jezebel and her scars
    disguised with paint and a curl of lip

    found esther beautiful nd
    replaced, barely ever shows her face

    found mary missing the messiah
    forgetting the names of her other sons

    found magdalene selling perfume
    she always sprays them on too strong

    found the whore of babylon
    begging, and the sign beside her said

    /the word did our stories wrong./

    By h. b. URL on 05.30.2013

  5. Neon is a chemical element which can use to create a kind or light. It can makes phenomenon more beautiful and put people in a good mood. Such as when you have a party or celebration , it can offer fantastic visual enjoyment.

    By Aragon URL on 05.30.2013

  6. last summer,my family and I went t the Singapore for our holiday.we are totally excited that day.

    By nazrin URL on 05.30.2013

  7. It is a useful type of light . It is very convienant because we can use differently.sometime it can be used during studying and also it can be used in tiny housese because of its minimised size.Neon is very important for me for many reasons .

    By Fawziya URL on 05.30.2013

  8. i am gonna talk about neon ,this type of light always be used for showing some girls baby and bad area .the sounds wow !and wow!

    By keng URL on 05.30.2013

  9. I went to ny last weekend and there alot of neons in the street, which made the streets look beautiful and nice. I enjoyed my time looking to these neons.

    By Mohammed URL on 05.30.2013

  10. it is akind of gas used in lightinh . it is very usful ,and it could control over consumption.

    By Manal URL on 05.30.2013

  11. The lights exposed us. It was all over us.
    ” ‘Sat?” said David
    “Glow stick” I said
    “Shit the bed” he said
    “I know. She will know I’ve been out”
    “Well. You’ve come this far”

    By Haydn on 05.30.2013

  12. The lights flash amidst the dark background. Smoke could be smelt from every open door. The ‘dress’ I’m wearing seems to constrict my movement with every step towards the neon- colored establishment. The lights may be bright but my daily life can only hope so.

    By thewasp URL on 05.30.2013

  13. Blue, yellow, red, green. Blue yellow red green. Blueyellowredgreen. The neon lights flickered in their endless pattern through her hotel window. Bet lay quietly, hoping the man next to her would not wake up.

    By mrsmig URL on 05.30.2013

  14. All the neon prints on dark skin, colors so blinding against a cool black. The girl, white and small, is littler and littler beside them in her greyscale socks, skirt, sweater – the ball of dust that is swept away from vibrant light, colorful and alive. The ones wearing neon exist loudly and the noise is beautiful.

    By Aera URL on 05.30.2013

  15. neon? i thought someone who i used to know, she is kind,lovely, samrt. she thought me how to learn chemistry in smarter way. she loves chemistry very mucch

    By wawaaa URL on 05.30.2013

  16. The neon flashing lights assaulted my senses. I could barely concentrate on finding him in the crush of swaying bodies. Somewhere to my left, speakers blared some techno beat, and the crowd swayed to the rhythm. I panicked.

    By Kate Sims on 05.30.2013

  17. When she saw the green neon sign in the window, she should have known the place was a little sketchy. She glanced down at the paper in her hand and cofirmed the address. Yes, this was the place. Meredith took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

    Immediately her senses were assaulted. Flashing neon strobes seemed to be the only source of lighting. As she stumbled deeper into the room she felt a fine mistlike substance gently coating her skin but the light was so sporadic she couldn’t tell what it was. An exotic, far Eastern smell filled her nostrils and made her think of hashish pipes even though she’d never actually seen one before. The techno bass sounds pumping from the speakers seemed to come from all directions at once.

    By Sheila Clay on 05.30.2013

  18. This word is fantastic and grotesque at the same time; it suggests glamour and excitement but also tacky advertising in excess. One is always drawn to neon but often regrets it afterwards…

    By Georgia on 05.30.2013

  19. Growing up I had some neon, glow-in-the dark toys in my room. I would play with them once it was bed time. Also when I was young I always wanted to drive the Neon car.

    By Sims on 05.30.2013

  20. green pink orange blue yellow. nike shoes that i want. glowsticks. glow in the dark. bright. burn your retinas. so much fun. roller skating rink. 90’s.

    By megan on 05.30.2013

  21. there was a bright neon sign. To everyone, it was just a sign. To her, it was the life she lived. It reflected her attitude, whether she was going to be open or if she was going to be closed.

    By Emily on 05.30.2013

  22. Neon is a group 8 element i think it’s pretty damn cool if you use it to like light up stuff you get what I mean right? Also the other day I meant to buy lime green stuff (I’m cosplaying as Markl from Howl’s Moving Castle it’s a good movie you should watch it) but then it was neon green and bright and I’d look like a chav. Not entirely sure if you

    By Sachin URL on 05.30.2013

  23. The neon lights shone brightly in the night, illuminating his hair as he walked quickly and silently down the coblestone street. He looked around the ally and slid in, hiding in the saddows and slipping aound obstacles in his path.
    Pushing greasy strands from his eyes he reached his final destination, cursing the bell on the door that announced his presence. If anyone would ever not need sounds around them, it was him.

    By all4imagination URL on 05.30.2013

  24. “the night lit up like a cheap blue neon street sign”- is one of those lines that I always hate when I read but like when I write. Its frustrating.

    By revscrj URL on 05.30.2013

  25. The lights of Vegas flashed around Katie furiously. She had come here to find some refuge, to get away from everything at home. It had all been so stressful since Fred died. There was no way she could have kept on living normally back in Manhattan. Las Vegas, sadly, wasn’t achieving the desired effect for Katie. the lights of casinos and hotels and restaurants caused her head to spin. Katie sat down on a bench that had been planted in a small patch of Astro-turf and buried her head in her hands, trying to hide from the rest of the world. Katie was surrounded by a sea of neon that she refused to see.

    By Rachel on 05.30.2013

  26. I´m walking down the street. I´m sad and felling lost. I feel dark inside, but the city isn´t. Neon publicity light the streets, everywhere i look is light and invitation, but, ironically, it makes me fell darker.

    By Alexandra on 05.30.2013

  27. a beautiful colour, it can make you high and its fururistsic, and it reminds me of green and sterilized nature. its aggressive and tiresome and I don’t like it.

    By skye on 05.30.2013

  28. A cold night. The city buzzing, the cars speeding through the roads, the neon lights shining as bright as the sun during the day. The heat the emanates from the bright neon colors that scatter through the city equates the heat of two longing hearts that meet for the first time. Under those neon lights, sometimes you glance upon a young couple, enjoying the cold and busy night under the beauty of their relationship.

    By Jem on 05.30.2013

  29. Neon lights shine brightly in this dark room. I’m fascinated that something, besides the sun, can be this bright, this beautiful. The colours have me in awe, and i can’t take my eyes away.

    By Charlene G Fitzgerald on 05.30.2013

  30. the neon lights at the end of the street
    flickered in the middle of the light;
    I could hear the clicks of her heels on the wet pavement
    and I wondered if she was sad,
    like i was.

    By Hannah Joyce URL on 05.30.2013

  31. It’s the hardest color to represent on a computer. When I toured the new workplace of my sister this week, it seemed like neon was always the most frustrating color to work with – the most frustrating thing in her entire job description, actually. The technology of the cameras, she said, hasn’t developed to the point where it can accurately represent neon in an image. So it come up on the computer screen washed out, and the specialists there spend a tedious amount of time fixing the color.

    By Rachel Dean on 05.30.2013

  32. the lights were shining and the music was blaring out of speakers so loud you could hardly hear it.
    the sports game playing in the background was long forgotten as the party roared.

    By kill-the-batterwitch URL on 05.30.2013

  33. The neon lights flickered and buzzed
    in the still air of the night;
    I could hear the click of her heels as
    she walked down the wet pavement
    and I wondered if she was as sad
    as I was.

    By Hannah Joyce URL on 05.30.2013