January 26th, 2010 | 555 Entries

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555 Entries for “mute”

  1. I am not mute. I speak a lot

    By Jose on 01.27.2010

  2. sometimes i want to mute the other people around me so that they CAN HEAR what IM saying instead of just not hearing me. mute your mouth people who cuss i dont want to hear it okay!! geeze not everyone is so foul mouthed

    By Danielle on 01.27.2010

  3. I feel like no one listens. I feel mute like I shouldn’t talk because I’ll say what I shouldn’t or no one will care or understand what I’m saying at all. I want to feel comfortable saying what I want. But its hard.

    By Agnes on 01.27.2010

  4. the man was a mute which made him a very good servant. not only was he mute but he was illiterate. the evil king kept him by his side all the time but the man finally outwitted him.

    By kat on 01.27.2010

  5. mute is quiet. a dog is mute ben invented mute i really dont like sarah i won’t write that down. I can’t remember what i was going to say. I can’t write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts i love stumble i love him. i hope he sees this, but I hope he doesn’t

    By allisa on 01.27.2010

  6. thank god I’m not because then i would never be able to tell you how much i truly love you.

    By Amber on 01.27.2010

  7. Silence, quiet meditation, unable to communicate verbally, introspection, the desire to scream outloud, can I hear you? can you hear me? I’m here, I’m here….listen closely.

    By Jeanine on 01.27.2010

  8. I think of the people that cannot speak. And the terrible silence there is in the world when there is no music around. I also think of mu dog Chevys he doesnt bark at all. He tries but he cant he opens his mouth but nothing comes out.

    By Emily M on 01.27.2010

  9. I looked at the scene in front of me, and it’s as if I’d gone mute. She was there. And she wasn’t breathing. She too had lost any form of a voice that she once had. And this scared me more than anything.

    By Lex on 01.27.2010

  10. not speaking with silence what I press when commercials come on tv. The absence of sound. Someone who cannot speak, only if they were born that wag. Or if something happened, though other people are probably mute as well. Only a couple letters away from smut.

    By ed on 01.27.2010

  11. She couldn’t speak, couldn’t think. She was lost in grief. She cried and made no sound, silent tears and sobs. But they somehow managed to echo, anyway. They watched, at a loss for what to do. For what comfort to give. They could only mourn beside her.

    By V on 01.27.2010

  12. helen keller

    By natalia on 01.27.2010

  13. mute. That’s how I feel sometimes. Like no one can hear me because I’m just a kid. It drives me insane I have opinions too.

    By quiet little shy girl on 01.27.2010

  14. I wish there was a mute button for my mind sometimes. Especially right before I’m about to go to sleep which is when it seems my mind most wants to replay the most embarrassing and terrible moments of my life, rendering sleep impossible.

    By on 01.27.2010

  15. The button on the Tv was working properly. No matter how many times I punched MUTE, that annoying, peppy, Rachael Ray would not stop talking about EVOO. I just wanted to learn to make grilled pizza, okay!

    By mary on 01.27.2010

  16. silence, shut up, no noise, what i wish i sometimes had, sometimes i have too much of it, button my computer, button on my ipod, almost like muse, makes me think of mermaids

    By stewart on 01.27.2010

  17. sometimes i wish i were a mute. or if we were all mutes. life would be so much less complicated. we’d be driven by instinct more i think, yet still at the same time be more thoughtful. and logical.

    By eliza on 01.27.2010

  18. volume on the television. sometimes a joke, like i wish you had a mute button. i wish my dog had a mute button, but thats not true she doesnt really bark much. shes kind of crazy though. i think she need puppy valium. valium sounds like volume. i wish the tv was muted. theres some stupid tv show and all i hear is “tv to talk about.” its really annoying.

    By lindsay on 01.27.2010

  19. The television screams of a 12 year old girl’s rape and murder. It’s too much bare, hearing the details of your sister’s misery. You turn the newscast on mute and put on your buried black clothes to attend her foggy day funeral.

    By Katie on 01.27.2010

  20. Mute is what happens when your parents are cousins or such and do a litttle incest becfauese it’s all fun and silly in a familly, right? It’s also what I get when I plug earphones and the music was at the max vollume. It’s really insane, what music does to you. Personally I enjoy the sensort deprevation it provides.

    By Anonymous on 01.27.2010

  21. makes my ears pop like the window gone suddenly up no no no mute I like sound.

    By jennybock on 01.27.2010

  22. mute is a very difficult subject to write about when it implies the absence of sound. i would say something about it but I wouldn’t be audible, so here I am to write, write, write. not as fun as screaming or stating anything in general. just letters

    By nancy on 01.27.2010

  23. sometimes, no….
    ALL the time i wish my sister had a mute button but, aperetly she doesnt have one she just keeps talking and talking and never stops its like….

    By from an older sister on 01.27.2010

  24. sometimes, no….
    ALL the time i wish my sister had a mute button but, aperetly she doesnt have one she just keeps talking and talking and never stops its like….

    By from an older sister on 01.27.2010

  25. sometimes it feels like my whole life is on mute and i cannot, for the life of me, find the volume knob, much less the button on the remote. that’s the rub, trying to find the remote control for my life, as if someone else has it which would explain a lot.

    By hopey on 01.27.2010

  26. this is the same word as yesterday

    By Anonymous on 01.27.2010

  27. This makes me want to talk more. The word mute makes me sad for those who feel they can’t say what they want. Its really frustrating to be one of those people. I wish people could be more candid.

    By Boogo on 01.27.2010

  28. not being able to talk to you

    By L...are you kira?! on 01.27.2010

  29. The Mute button is helpful during the State of the Union speech going on right now.

    By J Micah on 01.27.2010

  30. i make no sound.

    just thoughts.
    and writing.
    and pantomiming.

    no laughter.
    how sad a thought is that.
    but at least i can hear.

    but make no sound.

    By cait on 01.27.2010

  31. the button on your tv that you press to make it shut up. i wish there wass one for little brothers7uhi.lolol right now32 he’s trying to mess with my keyboard

    By Jack Dallman on 01.27.2010

  32. I wonder what it would be like to be mute, I think I would prefer being deaf to mute… not being able to hear would be better than not being able to speak in a world that’s all about words.

    By ELM on 01.27.2010

  33. Mute? Really? You guys gave me the word mute? And with this I’m supposed to communicate. Well, okay. I wish I was mute. It would probably make life a lot simpler. I mean, no saying stupid things. Everybody will think you are all mysterious. And maybe even peg you for the strong, silent type.

    By Anonymous on 01.27.2010

  34. not talking, not being able to express yourself and it doesnt allow personal freedom. the television. there is no sound, no noise, no emotion. but also, being mute can also make you feel more, see more, hear more, it can make you love more and enjoy more. It will allow you to listen, and express without sound.

    By Autumn on 01.27.2010

  35. silence. the dead sound of pure silence. never breaking, always enduring. never seeming to care if awkwardness comes from it. pure, unadulterated silence.

    By tess on 01.27.2010