January 27th, 2010 | 485 Entries

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485 Entries for “storage”

  1. storage, a place for the memories that life keeps giving us… to collect what we want, and to desire what we don’t need… just store it all… it should eventually come back!

    By jose on 01.28.2010

  2. The Storage shed sat empty, except for the single box. No one had set foor in the space in years, and dust was thick on teh floor. Melanie looked through the crack in the door, at the sunlight peering onto the floor.

    By Julie R. on 01.28.2010

  3. pack rats, too much material things…too much importance on stuff. it’s just shit. things things things. filling the void with things.

    By Alicia on 01.28.2010

  4. cabinets and pots
    towels and metal tins
    texas and the jet skis
    not enough room
    superfluous materials and overstock

    By Alexandra on 01.28.2010

  5. casa, guardado, piano, telegraph canon, papa, escuela, carrito, negros,

    By gene on 01.28.2010