July 1st, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “motion”

  1. es moverse por algo o por alguien es no quedarse en tu lugar…es ir mas alla..buscar eliminar esa inercia romperla destruirla…y esa motion puede ser por algo que te gusta o por alguien que te guste

    By Isaac on 07.01.2012

  2. The movement of the sailboat slapping against the nearby dock is calming in a strange way. One would think that one would get sea sick in such heavy waves, but I see them as a link to the sea, my home.

    By Hannah URL on 07.01.2012

  3. It’s like going through the motions nowadays, not living really. I’m like a shell, a robot, a body without a soul or a heart. Even the motions I’m trained to do seem dull and lifeless.

    By BellaBella URL on 07.01.2012

  4. the fluid movement of a feather. rushing though traffic. the rustling leaves in a park that make a light sound. the fan in my window, attempting to cool me down. what my heart does when you walk by.

    By Maddie Olson on 07.01.2012

  5. That’s where you are. It’s in the motion. You might know where you’re running to. Chances are that you don’t and won’t mind where you end up, but there are a few to know where that motion is leading.

    By cami on 07.01.2012

  6. she set her mind in motion, the flurry of the world caused her to dizzy as her thoughts swam and she realized it wasn’t just her mind flying at the speed of light but the of light but her life as well. she thought she was alone, always alone until he showed her there was a path to others, and the happiness she didn’t think she could ever get back.

    By Victoria on 07.01.2012

  7. The first thought that came into my mind was ‘boys in motion’. From That’s So Raven. but motion is so much more. it’s simple movement. And it’s purple, which is my favorite color. I like this. I wish I could have more thoughts than this, but it’s like one in the morning and everything I can think of is things someone else already wrote.

    By Manda on 07.01.2012

  8. I am thinking in motion..about the life i never had, about the love i thrown away because a career i want to pursue. Now, still in motion and trying to decide what’s the next step or what comes next.

    By Suci URL on 07.01.2012

  9. fast furious awesome great super man spider man batman after effects premier illustrator movies shows commercials media college awesomeness motion itself me go go girls blue oyster cult exodus movement

    By scell nemesis on 07.01.2012

  10. I have been in motion for so long. Today I was still. I breathed deeply. I thought deeply.

    By Sarah Lee URL on 07.01.2012

  11. Completely motionless, I let Eric lead me back to the hotel where he makes me sit at a dining room table. “Don’t go anywhere,” he says.
    Moving away from my table, Eric starts to talk to the red-head and brunette.
    Reading there lips, I watch the one I called Katie, the brunette, say, “So she is remembering?”
    Eric shakes his head. “She doesn’t remember me at all. The people that had her don’t know what she can and can’t remember yet. They didn’t know how to question her.”
    “It’s her bloody fault that she can’t remember!” Brook, the red-head, glowers. “Running off and not telling anyone where she was going. She didn’t even tell you, Eric. Her boyfriend.” She motions at me. “I don’t know want to talk to her.”
    “Brook, please. She lost her memory and I need to help her get it back.”
    “Whatever, Eric. I don’t think she ever truly cared for us.”
    “Can we talk to her?” Katie asks.
    Eric nods and I’m pretty positive he says, “Sure.”

    By KenzieB19 URL on 07.01.2012

  12. and the motion of it all, the swelling and the movement and nausea is killing you, making you sick. but, you don’t wanna get off the boat, don’t get off the boat because you have too much hope, and you are too far out to stop now.

    By Hunter on 07.01.2012

  13. There is flow and it’s like swish swish swish ISN’T THAT AMAZING? Motion.


    By Alexis on 07.01.2012

  14. Sometimes things in life move fast. You have to try to keep up with what is happening because life is constantly in motion and there is no way to hit the pause button. People, places, ideas, everything is moving, everything is in motion and we just have to try and keep up with it.

    By Katelyn URL on 07.01.2012

  15. When I think of motion I think of the passionate throes of dancing. I think of the dances I’ve learned over time and the dances I’ve seen and the dancers I know in my life, be them from Portland or my new home in Seattle. I think of the toss and turn and the gentle intricate movements of the limbs.

    By Haley Freedlund URL on 07.01.2012

  16. Going through the motions. Everyday, the same mind-numbing routines. Repetitive. Monotonous.

    By Raiine URL on 07.01.2012

  17. The motion of her body was indescribable. The fluidity of her as she danced. The simple stroke of her hand as it caressed mine, her thumb wearing a circular path on the back of my hand that I never could replace. Simply seeing her in motion was enough for me to love her- wholly, unconditionally, with all of myself. I loved her.

    By emily URL on 07.01.2012

  18. In motion the blur the speed the rush the meaning. You’re flying You’re diving, You’re the air You’re the birds. You’re to much, You’re never enough, You’re in motion. motion. motion. And when you blink You miss the moments in between because of the speed racing as you buckle your knees to catch up

    By jho on 07.01.2012

  19. Poetry in motion. The notion of the lotion that lubricates us as we slide through the molecules that make up our world. Gotta be slick, gotta be quick, gotta squeak by with as much elegance as we can. Style. Nothing else matters.

    By Michael Coorlim URL on 07.01.2012

  20. Motion is movement. Motion is always. As soon as motion ceases, the world ceases. Motion creates days and nights. Motion gives us clouds and waves. Motion stirs your drinks and fluffs your pillows. Motion pumps blood through your veins. Motion moves everything through time.

    By melisa on 07.01.2012

  21. Just like he said today, “I don’t want to go through the motion…” I want to give my life to you, oh Lord. Help me see what you have planned for me in this life and that I can help people love you the way that I love you. Show me the path of righteousness, for I will follow you in motion and not go though the same motions but willingly give my life to you. AMEN

    By Aly Fieber URL on 07.01.2012

  22. you have seconds to write. i just realized that. time pass so slow.
    and it gets darker, the color of the line..
    darker and darker. it always get darker.

    By veronicas URL on 07.01.2012

  23. I move every day all day! motion of the ocean! hahaha. Motion pictures, or as americans call it the movies! motion

    By Nate Bartlett URL on 07.01.2012

  24. Motion. Relativity. What is motion. Is it movement, or is it touch? When we move our bodies are in motion, we are moving. But motion relates to emotion. Motion is feeling, it is touch, it is how we move not just what we move. We move others, emotionally. We move others physically. Think about it, those without physical motion have emotional motion, right?

    By Michaela URL on 07.01.2012

  25. The motion is gone from my life. Lost, along with any motivation to find it again.

    By Jade on 07.01.2012

  26. Constantly we are in motion. Even if we don’t think about it. Right now my fingers touching this keyboard . Walking to the kitchen for some water. Running my fingers through my hair, the motion never stops. But even if we think we are completely still we are not because our world, the earth moves constantly.

    By Cindy URL on 07.01.2012

  27. Motion, commotion.
    I can’t do this.
    I can’t keep running.
    I’m tired…
    I’m scared.
    Please don’t make me go back.

    By Cassie URL on 07.01.2012

  28. The act of motion is just flow, it flows from one person to another. It’s like a dancer, moving across the stage whilst a dolphin glides through the air on top of a cowboy. Well, I drum so I use lots of motion, it’s very cool. Go laws of physics.

    By Christian B-H on 07.01.2012

  29. cars wind speed fireworks love. he kissed me under the fire works. The journalist hung by her wrists. Camera long discarded into a corner. Prisoners of war. the night of capture. walking quickly under the dimly lit street. looking for that story. help wasn’t coming. until the door was broken down and he walked in

    By gabrielle on 07.01.2012

  30. A cat-burgler’s sitting, waiting for the hawk to swoop by. What will become of the mouse, under the cat and the bird. Where will this end? This cat and mouse game. A game of winner keep all, and loser takes the ball. #Cestlavie

    By Freya on 07.01.2012

  31. To leave I think would be the thing to do. But not to leave in the traditional sense, no, already I’ve done that. This time, I think, to put my personal plans in motion, it takes to leave, for real, to be gone, you can’t reach me.

    By monroe2go URL on 07.02.2012

  32. i hate balloons with a passion. every once in a while i’ll see one in motion and i’ll get this burning desire to pop it. that would be easy but as of last thursday pointed objects have a restraining order against me. long story. anyway i know you might not be comfortable with me telling you this seeing as how you’re a balloon salesman but i don’t have any friends.

    By Estevan URL on 07.02.2012

  33. everything is always in motion.. it never stops.. the world goes round and round.. time goes on and on.. sometimes i wish it could all freeze.. but everything is always in motion.. as we plan our life passes by.. breath by breath.. every color, every breeze.. every feeling.. everything is always in motion.. it never stops.

    By sam URL on 07.02.2012

  34. It didn’t take much for everything to go wrong. I suppose everything was already on the edge, at breaking point, ready to fall out of place. I remember just standing there, watching as everything fell apart, in slow motion, right before my eyes. Not a single tear stained my cheek. I think the shock kept the sadness away. It was just so…impossible. I could have laughed. It wasn’t real to me. But then, everything stopped. Chaos had played itself out, and all I was left with were the broken shards of what once was.

    By Isabelline on 07.02.2012

  35. fast, racing by, an ephemeral glimpse of beauty, i was paralyzed by my fears, it was too much movement.

    By Stefan URL on 07.02.2012

  36. i keep moving, swaying rubbishing things on either side with my arms and clumsy hands everything is broken in every direction about me. so i jump and see if i can hit the ceiling lamp

    By Christian on 07.02.2012

  37. I’m not who I was. Each footstep takes me farther and deeper into an trench I’ve dug for myself. There is no end, no beginning or finite point in time. You can only move forward.

    By Mandy URL on 07.02.2012

  38. Movement in its finest form the human body muscles working together to form action and words through movement feeling your stomach do flip flops wueasiness holding someone’s hand the motion of flight feeling like you’re soaring through the air not thinking feeling…

    By Jennifer on 07.02.2012

  39. Motion is movement. It’s limbs and air, together. Fighting against one another. But if you get it right, there’s a moment when everything just feels natural. It’s not fighting, it’s just perfect. The right movement can be simply beautiful.

    By Nicole on 07.02.2012

  40. I can’t seem to start. I know I can stop. But my thoughts move too fast. My hands write too slow. I’m moving these fingers in familiar ways but with unfamiliar thoughts. I can’t organize. No compartments. Nothing. I just need to get through this. I want to.

    By DesirelyD on 07.02.2012